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Welcome to Michael's website. This is an ever growing site that shows my life in a nutshell. One day I found that I could no longer put off studying for finals. I had finished EVERYTHING else. Then it came to me. I could build my very own webpage. That way I could avoid doing any actual work. It started out a very small web page but has grown to include a car gallary, games, and friends of mine.  So sit back, get a cup of coffee, and enjoy.
My names Michael, if you haven't guessed already.  I live in Springfield MO (Missouri for those of you who don't know your abbreviations yet...shame on you) anyways I currently attend  Missouri State University; where I am majoring in General Business. I enjoy films, making films(not porn), modding my car (and computer), and watching anything with Winnie Cooper(Danica McKellar) in it. For those of you who know me the information might be a little interesting for you. Either way at least pretend to enjoy my site.  For those of you who don't know me...uhh what are you doing here, you scare me. Below is some info on my friends like Ryan B. and Heather S..  Also I have included a nice list of web sites so there will be some reason this site is here.

List of Mike's Friends and comments (just a mention of a few people who made me who I am today!)
Ryan B: Well at least you didn't join the Navy,whow.
Alejandro: Jeffany, Cat, Christy, Le'Roy, all miss you. Up yours, the butt, w/a hammer
Nicole J:Careful, if you had any more sheep you'd turn into one.
Catherine: You're AWESOME!.
Brad B: The man with the plan overseas.
Sarah C: Well we've been through a lot.
Tony S.: You came back, worked.
Paul H.: The man that never sleeps,...never!
Kevin L: You poor, poor guy.
Heather S: Commitment...commitment,scary
Paul and Mindy: You can cut my hiar anytime.
Jeff Vansickle: Who knew you were going to marry my ex girlfriend..who knew.
Alison: I think you need a vacation...with Brad.
Lee/Ben: There, I added you superman.
Robert C: The man who knows everything about..well nothing.
Jeremy Wells: -PIMP-
Matt S: You could write History of the World Part II if Mel Brooks died.
Jason M: Who knew you'd be married to my ex girl friend, small world.
Becca: Married to my best friend, how could you!
Camille: You own too many (purple) butterflies.
April B:  Oh what would I do without you. 
Nick V: Save me Jebus, save me!!!
Nicole C: I think you're due for a growth spurt anytime!
Robert .: I'll switch you
Last but not least,
Nancy: thanks for raising me and all.

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They seem to be having fun at my site so why can't you!
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Sorry for all the people I didn't mention.  Just bug me or give me money until I do.
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