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2.19.04  So now it is 2004, and ?I have yet again for a long period of time neglected to update this site. However in my defence I blame "Gunbound" an incredably addictive online game that has eaten away any free time I have had at my CPU. Anyways I have been accused of not having a picture of the always loveable "Mump" on this website. So thanks to a helpful Undergrads fan in this update I have added his picture. Also in this update expect to see a few new songs to sample as well as a new update system that will supposively make access to update notes easy (btw it just makes things more complicated). I have also added this site, Undergradznet as my homepage so that i will in future (theoretically) update more often. Finally I have again resubmitted my site to the undergrads homepage in hopes that my voice will be heard and I will be added to their list of third party site. Thats about it for now, peace out, and keep those hits coming almost at 1k :p.

11.20.03 Yo yo yo. So here's the deal, I was surfing the net... checking out some sites when I decided to check back at my site here Undergradznet. Then much to my surprise I find this site has a "following" if you will. As small as it is this comes as a shock with me not even remembering that this site even existed. Then when I scrolled down and saw the 300 some odd hits I was surprised. For just about 6 months ago when I last updated I felt discouraged with my whole 14 hits 10 of which was my friends and family. I know, I know 300 hits your thinking thats what a normal site gets a day. But I think thats not bad for a site with no publicity. N.E. ways I'm rambling, about the update its not a big one just a little more content, a handful of new pictures. Well whateva, I just got one more thing to say off the record "Steve Sux!". Just forget the last part well I'll be sure to update soon.

So I have updated this site again... YAY! Don't you all feel so special, I feel SPECIAL! I am SO TOTTALY SPECIAL! I shouldn't say things like that, thats the type of talk that gets me put into the class with the kid that eats paste. Anyways thats not the point. About this update, I have updated a little more content into the episode summaries. It has also come to my attention that there has been some broken links on my polls and quizes so I am attemping to do my best to clear up this problem.Also about those downloads it doesn't look like I am going to get any on anytime soon, but hey who cares? Please note I am trying. Dont forget to give nitz your support at Any questions??? Email me at in an email titled "undergradznet concern".

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