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Wings March 6th
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Wings has been moved back to Tuesdays! For one week. This
coming wing night, tuesday the 28th, we will eat wings and
play after. The very next week, we are moving wings to
Monday nights. Most likely for a few months. We also are
going to want to start up Ultimate next month so make some
new friends and get them to come!
If you haden't noticed, I have a more infromation about Hoe under
Profiles. When I get around to it, you will have something there
as well. It is up to you to tell me what to put or I'm just going
to put whatever I want or whatever was going around about you
back in the day. So email me something. Or the next time you
come to this site seaking some sweet, all you will find is some
juicy info about yourself! Or i'll  block you from this site. HA!
Find out what the weather
is going to be like tonight.
Ultimate Players Association!!
What we do:  play ultimate frisbee at Potter's feild
                     eat wings at
CR Brew
When we do:  ultimate - 5:30 Mondays
                      wings - 6:00 tuesdays
Questions, coments, suggestions - email hoe at