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My gaming rig recently had an upgrade, an Athlon M 2600+ has replaced the 1700+.
The  M 2600+ is an incredible performer, especially when you can have one delivered to your door for less than a $100 dollar bill.
It is simply an Over Clockers dream, I've had it run stable as high as 2.8Ghz. with it liquid cooled.

On the 400c I replaced the Celeron 600 in favor of a PIII 800EB. Nice boost of performance, with very little extra increase in voltage..  Low noise, low power and low heat, great for a 24/7 computer.

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Well I finnally won a bid on eBay for a new Asus TUSI-M motherboard and now have it installed in my Gateway 400c case, with the Celeron 600 that failed to work on the factory Intel Freeman ZX board a few months back.
Although the TUSI-M board will fit the 400c case without any modifications, you will need to do some light cutting on the I/O pannel of the case to be able to use the TUSI's onboard 10/100 NIC.
One other thing you will need to do should you want to replace you Freeman motherboard with an aftermarket board , is replace the plug that controls the power L.E.D., the HDD L.E.D., power button, and the reset button. You may be able to find these more standardized connectors from an old case, or your local PC shop may have an old junker case and will often let you have these small parts off of them for free. Unfortunatly there are no local PC shops in my area so I want to thank Mysterium for the hook-up on these parts.

If anyone else has heavily modded a Gateway PC or any other factory PC I would like to see & hear about your modds.

Old news:
I recieved my Celeron 600 and my Zalman CNPS3100-Plus. Like a kid at Christmas, I was eager to install my new toys.
I set the jumper, and begain installing the Celeron 600. After I had everything installed, it was time to turn it on (a deep breath). A push of the butten and nothing not even a post, even after I double checked everything.

Well I did some research to find out that the Celeron 600 is a coppermine part and will not work on the Intel Freeman ZX systemboard. I suppose I could have researched this first and saved some time and money, but thats not how we do things around here (hehe). So anyone with an Intel Freeman ZX motherboard wanting to upgrade the CPU, don't go over a Celeron 500. Unless you don't mind it not booting.

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This was the first PC I bought, some may reconize it as a modified Gateway 400c.

Still Standard:
What is left of the case

Asus TUSI-M motherboard
StarTech 145watt PSU
Intel PIII 800EB
1 stick of Corsair PC133 512Mb.
Western Digital 400JB (40Gig w/8Mb cache)
Hitachi DVD-ROM GD-8000
Iomega Zip 100
Zalman CNPS3100-Plus "heatsink"
ATi USB Remote Wonder
(1) 120mm "intake" & (2) 80mm "exaust"
Antec Blue L.E.D. fans
Windows XP home w/ SP2

PCI cards:
ATi 9250 PCI
ATi TV Wonder
USR 5417 Wireless network adater

Although it doesn't sound impressive, it is the most evil 400c ever created...err nevermind. I use this  PC for  most all my Web surfing, watching  TV, DVDs, & listening to MP3s. Connected to a mini home stereo, it makes a great little entertainment PC.
This is my primary system, I will try to get a better pic in the next few days.

SC195 case w/ (2) 120mm fans
Asus A7V880 Motherboard
AMD Athlon Mobile 2600+ @ 2.5Ghz.
Water cooled
2x1Gb Corsair Dual Channel PC3200 memory
ATi 9800 Pro w/ 128Mb.
Maxtor 200Gb. SATA HD
N.E.C. 48x CDrom
Iomega Zip 250
N.E.C. 1.44 floppy
Vantec Nexus 205 fan controller
Antec Neo 480 power supply
Windows XP Pro w/ SP2

PCI cards:
USR 5610B  5.6K* v.92 Performace Pro modem
USR 5417 Wireless network adapter
Additional info on the Freeman ZX board can be found here.