Underneath~it~All Ranks

When you first join our guild, you will be a Scribe.  Some people like to raise their rank so their username appears farther up on the member list.  People with higher ranks get first dibs on the pets up for adoption.  Because we value our active & helpful members, the rank system is mostly based on the number of posts you have.  (Also, Medra couldn't think of anything else that didn't violate Neopets Terms and Conditions.  If you have any creative ideas to adjust the ranking with, you can neomail Medra.  Just make sure your idea is allowed by Neopets.)

Rank System

Rank Title Your Posts Guild Banner
Adviser 400 yes
Knight 150 yes
Guard 80 yes
Joker 50 no
Scribe None no

Rank Title - Names of the different guild ranks.

Your Posts - Number of posts you need for that rank.

Banner - Whether or not you must have a guild banner in your shop to attain that rank.


Rank Information

We can change the rank system at any time we feel is necessary. If we change the rank system, everyone will have 2 weeks to meet their rank requirements before being moved to a lower rank if they do not meet the new rank requirements.

We used to include an option for members to recruit and donate Neopoints to the guild instead of meeting all of the minimum posting requirements.  These options were removed because they were insanely difficult to keep track of.

You can make your own guild banner if you want.  Otherwise, you can get a guild banner here.

You cannot skip ranks.  You will spend a minimum of 5 days at each rank.


Message Board Rules

Please remember to follow the Neopets terms when posting on our message board.  This means you cannot post chain letters, scams of any type, profanity, adult discussions, spam (short, pointless, and annoying messages), or anything else prohibited by the Neopets Terms and Conditions that is not mentioned here.

If you spam, you will wait longer for your rank upgrade.  You will wait until the guild council is no longer irritated with you, not until you have the proper number of *real* messages.  You will not be notified if you are waiting for your rank upgrade.  If your spamming gets out of hand, you will be asked to stop.  If you do not stop, you will be suspended from the guild.  You will always be warned at least once before you are suspended.  You are probably spamming if you are talking to yourself for 1/2 a page of messages or more and/or your posts aren't about anything.  Also, do not post countdowns of how many posts you need to meet your personal goals or certain rank requirements.

Do not post messages that mention stocks by name, except if you are repeating something posted in the Neopet's news section.  Many large guilds were deleted for discussing the Neopets stock market and investing en masse.

You are allowed to tell people about deals in your trades or shop, but please don't be excessive about it.

Ranks are updated at least every 2-3 days.  Please do not spam the message board or council inboxes asking for your rank upgrade.