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  Welcome to Friendly
The Mosaic contains the pictures and profiles of our channel regulars and channel operators.


Welcome to the Undernet's #friendly homepage. We've been around for what seems like forever, but in reality we've had the channel up on a continuous basis since 1994. A lot of people have wandered into and out of #Friendly in that time, many have stayed for extended periods of time.. some of us, it seems, have never left.

If you've never visited #Friendly before please take a minute to read the channel rules. We don't have set topics of discussion, nor are we here to entertain you but everybody is welcome in the channel provided they follow the very simple rules.

The atmosphere in the channel is relaxed and most of us are here to hang out and catch up with friends. We look forward to getting to know you. In the mean time, feel free to look through our channel regulars' pictures and profiles in the mosaic section. You can also read or subscribe to the monthly newsletter or see what has been updated on this site.

Thanks for dropping by,


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