UnderScenes: Movie scenes with men in their underwear  
Title Description of "UnderScene"
10 to Midnight (1983) Violent thriller with Charles Bronson hunting a serial killer whose modus operandi (in the TV version) is to hunt his victims in just his briefs. (The killer works naked in the non-TV version).
101 Rent Boys (2000) Documentary. Includes, as you might expect, some underwear and nudity.
12:01 (1993) (TV) Sci-fi comedy. Caught in a time loop where he keeps reliving the same day, Jonathan Silverman wakes up each morning with the same hangover, in his shirt and boxer shorts.
1941 (1979) Comedy. Guy knocks out a sailor and steals his uniform to get into a dance. When the sailor comes to, he enters the dance hall, still in his bold red-and-white striped boxers, and a fight ensues.
1969 (1988) Long scene of Robert Downey Jr. stripping to his white jockeys and running around.
2 Days in the Valley (1996) Crime drama. Danny Aiello in boxers as he changes clothes.
29th Street (1991) Great army physical scene - at least a couple guys in white A-shirts and jockeys.
42nd Street (1933) Dick Powell is fixing his sock garters, while clad in only white boxers and A-shirt, as Ruby Keeler walks in on him. Ruby is shocked, but Dick carries on without embarrassment. 
8½ Women (1999) Philip and Storey are forced to strip in a casino at gunpoint (we see full frontal and rear nudity of both men) (But do we see the underwear?).
83 Hours 'Til Dawn (1990) (TV) Crime drama based on true story. Sociopathic kidnapper Peter Strauss lying on his bed in light blue boxers.
Abductors, The (1972) Ginger attempts to get information from a bad guy: she cuffs him to a tree, and yanks down his pants and underwear with the threat of castration. When she gets the info she needs she drives off, leaving him struggling with his slick willie flopping around. He's obviously embarrassed to be left half naked like that, but she promises to let the cops know where he's located.
About Last Night... (1986) Rob Lowe in white briefs and nude.
Above the Dust Level (1999) Short film. In a Sydney apartment block, three tenants' lives collide in a story of hypochondria, belligerent neighbours and disappearing underpants.
Above the Law (1988) Action. Steven Segal drives a sexy corrupt cop to the Chicago lakefront, forces him at gunpoint to strip down to his boxers and socks, and squat on the rocks.
Accused, The (1988) Woody Brown pulls up his white jockey briefs after baring his ass in a rape scene.
Ace Ventura II Jim Carey in white boxer briefs.
Across the Tracks (1991) Brad Pitt in his bedroom in his underwear, and several scenes of him wearing really skimpy shorts.
Acting on Impulse (1993) C. Thomas Howell in his black silk boxer shorts - gets them pulled down by Linda Fiorentino.
Adventures of a Private Eye (1977) Typical pointless 70s British smutty farce. At the end of the movie, a guy is fleeing pursuers, covered only by a sheet, and escapes on a bus. When he gets off the bus, the sheet gets caught in the door and he's left on the street in only his shoes and socks. He steals a pair of drawers from a clothesline and continues in them for some minutes.
Adventures of Barry McKenzie, The (1972) Comedy. Man caught in bed with another man's woman is thrown out of the room in his underwear - socks, T-shirt and striped boxers. His trousers are thrown out, too, so he puts them on.
Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland, The (1999) Children's film. Mandy Patinkin embarrassed in his yellow undershirt and fancy polka-dot boxer shorts.
Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, The (1994) Few scenes of hunk wearing Calvin Klein boxers.
Adventures of Sebastian Cole, The (1998) "We see Sebastian (Adrian Grenier) lying on the roof of his old house in the rain and in just his underwear."
Against All Odds (1984) James Woods in black boxers.
Air Bud: Golden Receiver (1998) Family comedy. There is a scene where Kevin Zegers is waking up in the morning in his bedroom and slips on a football on the ground. He is wearing white boxerbriefs with stripes and looks HOT!!!
Alice’s Restaurant (1969) Arlo Guthrie in classic white jockeys. Nice Army physical scene of other guys in undies.
Alien (1979) Sci-fi horror. Unconscious, with an alien attached to his face, John Hurt in a one-piece (if you like that sort of thing).
Aliens (1986) Sci-fi horror action. Marines wakened from hyper-sleep in military green shorts and T-shirts.
All of Me (1984) Comedy. Steve Martin in his undershirt and striped boxers.
All the Kind Strangers (1974) (TV) Two teenage boys standing in the bedroom wearing only white briefs. There was also talk of them getting spankings throughout the movie and one scene where one asks for a switching. This movie stars Robbie Benson and Stacy Keach.
All the Right Moves (1983) Craig T. Nelson in white briefs.
All the Right Moves (1983) In one scene, three groupie girls strip the boy (Patrick Fugit, who was 16 while filming) to his white briefs. The next morning he awakens and walks around a bit in just the briefs before dressing. Very nice scene. The film takes place in 1973, but he wears modern FTLs with the logo all around the waistband.
All Tied Up (1994) Comedy. Two scenes: Zack Galligan in grey briefs and T-shirt when awakened by girl friend who comes to his apartment. Later, black briefs waking up and then working on computer. Picture may be an outtake:
Almost Famous (2000) In one scene, 3 groupie girls strip the boy (Patrick Fugit, who was 16 while filming) to his white briefs. The next morning he awakens and walks around a bit in just the briefs before dressing. Very nice scene. The film takes place in 1973, but he wears modern FTLs with the logo all around the waistband.
Always Leave Them Laughing (1949) Milton Berle - supposedly one of the most 'endowed' men in show business - exhibits himself in wide striped full-cut boxer shorts.
American Anthem (1986) Terribly cheesy movie about a guy’s internal conflict of whether or not to go back to gymnastics. Great shot of former Olympic gymnast Mitch Gaylord lying in what appears to be black bikini briefs or black nylon running shorts after he and the female lead have sex. Nice shot.
American Flyers (1985) David Grant changing clothes.
American Graffiti (1973) Hit comedy. Paul Le Mat pulls down Charles Martin Smith’s trousers, showing his white briefs and embarrassing him in front of the girl he wanted to impress.
American Hero John Ritter
American History X (1998) Drama. Ed Norton in white boxer shorts.
American Me (1992) Two male rape scenes, very graphic, lots of underwear scenes.
American Pie (1999) Teen comedy. Jim (Jason Biggs) in colourful print boxer shorts at the beginning, middle and end of this movie, including being caught by his parents when he's trying to watch a porn station, and stripping for a girl in his room.
American Psycho (2000) Thriller. "We see Bateman in his underwear and later see his bare butt as he showers".
American Summer, An (1991) A young Brian Austin Green plays strip poker with a girl...he ends up laying over her and kissing her. Great shot of package as he leans in for the kiss. Mid-end of movie.
Americanization of Emily, The (1964) James Garner is woken up during an invasion sequence in WW II and bewildered he walks outside in white T-shirt and boxer shorts, only to be told by a passing MP to "Put your pants on, Mac!"
Amityville Horror, The (1979) James Brolin walks down the stairs in bulging white classic briefs - clearly revealing he is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.
Amityville 1992: It's About Time (1992) Tedious horror sequel. Girl seduces a teen and gets him to strip to his white briefs (but he is consumed by a pool of slime before he can get to her). Another guy in blue briefs and robe, and a third tied face down on a bed in his undershirt and striped boxers.
Anchors Aweigh (1945) Gene Kelly wakes up late in his white sailor boxer shorts and T-shirt because Frank Sinatra double-crossed him. Boy, does Gene get mad!!!
Angie (1994) Comedy-drama. James Gandolfini with girlfriend Geena Davis in purple silk boxers at the start of the movie.
Angus High school locker room scene. Nice rear view of teen in black Speedo.
Any Given Sunday (1999) Drama. Handsome footballer Jamie Foxx standing outdoors, shirtless, pants open and down a bit, revealing his black bikini briefs.
Animal House (1978) Kevin Bacon in WHITE briefs.
Animal Instincts II Two quick shots of Woody Brown in blue bikini briefs. Another scene with a guy in boxers shorts.
Anything Goes (1956) Donald O’Connor undresses before his partner, Bing Crosby. Donald wears socks and full-cut boxer shorts.
Anywhere But Here (1999) Corbin Allred plays a student who may or may not sleep with Ann (she has him strip to his underwear, but the scene ends with them kissing and then hugging).
Apocalypse Now (1979) Martin Sheen
April Fool’s Day (1986) Ken Olandt in white briefs getting into bed.
Apt Pupil (1998) Psychological thriller. Todd Bowden (Brad Renfro) in bed in his boxer shorts. Also, gym locker room sequence in which Brad Renfro strips for the showers. Guys behind him in undershorts; Renfro himself is in white briefs before taking them off.
Arachnophobia (1990) Comedy-thriller. Jeff Daniels, new doctor in a small town, is called out to check the high-school football team. They are lined up in their boxers for the cursory but intimate examination.
Argent Content (1999) (Easy Money) Short French film. Hostage stripped to his boxers in a bank raid.
Armageddon (1998) Sci-fi disaster action. Early scene has Bruce Willis chasing his daughter’s fiancé (is it Ben Affleck?) in his underwear, around an oil rig.
Artemisia (1997) Bigraphical dramatisation. Breaking with tradition in Renaissance Italy, a woman resolves to become a painter. Fortunately, she has a tall, dark and handsome friend to undress and pose for her; he strips to his drawers and she tells him to take them off, too.
As Good As It Gets (1997) Comedy-drama. Greg Kinnear in blue boxers. Skeet Ulrich as a burglar in tight jeans with a fashionable hole revealing his white briefs beneath.
Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997) Bondian spy spoof. Powers (Mike Myers) successfully defeats attacking ‘fem-bots’ by stripping off and dancing around in his Union Jack briefs.
Author! Author! (1982) Al Pacino walks in light blue trim-cut boxer shorts as he readies his children for an opening night performance.
Avanti! (1972) Comedy. Jack Lemmon, chasing Juliet Mills, strips down to his underwear and black socks and swims after her.
Awakenings (1990) Robert De Niro in a diaper (come on, you know you wanted it).
Bachelor Flat (1961) Terry Thomas romps through most of this movie in checked patterned full-cut boxer shorts, garters and a British umbrella.
Bachelor Party (1984) Customer trying on pants in poorly constructed fitting room doesn’t realize his jockeys are in view of the whole store. Near beginning of the film.
Back in Action (1994) Muscled action hero Billy Blanks has a fight scene in his white boxer briefs.
Back to the Future (1985) Michael J. Fox in purple Calvins. Real quick peek.
Back to the Future Part II (1989) Time-travel comedy, 1989. Unaware that history has been changed, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) returns ‘home’ but finds he’s now in some girl’s bedroom. He’s chased out by the girl’s father, a big black man in his underwear, furiously swinging a baseball bat.
Back to the Future Part III (1990) Michael J. Fox in LONGJOHNS. Flap down on one side shows a quick peek of buttcheek as well.
Backdraft (1991) Jason Gedrick (guy from Murder One) in boxers - Baldwin is also in boxers.
Bad Boyz in Boxers This entire movie devoted to boxer shorts. It is distributed by the Latino Fan Club under Salsa Productions label. It is mostly hunky, uncut Latin guys wearing boxer shorts and jerking off to orgasm. One of the scenes involves one guy giving blow jobs to two others; the rest are solo. All the guys wear boxers; most are uncut. The boxers are many different varieties and patterns. It’s a GREAT movie!
Bait (2000) Action/comedy. Jamie Foxx in his underwear.
Bang (1995) A young woman is nearly raped by a LAPD motorcycle officer, but, at the crucial moment, she succeeds in grabbing his gun. At gunpoint, she forces the cop to strip down to his skivvies, ties him up to a post and then leaves the scene, on his bike and dressed in his uniform! And that's not the last you hear of the luckless fuzz. Reportedly, there a number of subsequent scenes where you see him, all tied up in his undies.
Bang the Drum Slowly (1973) Robert DeNiro, in jock in coach’s office.
Bang! Bang! You're Dead! (1966) Tony Randall spends the night with a woman. In the morning, there's a tussle for a gun, and his blanket falls off, leaving him in his boxer shorts.
Basketball Diaries, The (1995) Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Walhberg (Marky Mark), Patrick McGaw, and James Madio in several scenes wearing just boxer shorts.
Beastmaster 1 or 2 Marc Singer ... always in his leather loincloth?
Bedtime Story (1964) Marlon Brando strips down to his boxer shorts, and finds himself in an embarrassing moment.
Beefcake (1999) Cheerful documentary about the history of 'muscle' magazines from the 1950s, featuring lots of posing pouches and nudes.
Being John Malkovich (1999) Surreal comedy. Near the end, Malkovich takes off his pants, showing his pink paisley boxer shorts.
Being There (1979) A slow-witted Peter Sellers in full-cut boxer shorts.
Belly (1998) Crime drama. When an argument breaks out among a gang, they attack one guy and force him to strip. He takes off his jacket, shirt and undershirt, pulls his pants and underwear down to his ankles, and hobbles across the room to sit on the couch. Clear but discreet nude shot, but no good view of the underwear.
Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The (1982) Locker scene after football game (studs in jockstraps in locker room). And don’t forget the scene with all the cowboys running around in their underwear after the reporters come. MEOW!
Best Man, The (1999/I) Drama. Handsome young guy in his white boxers is talking on the phone, when he suddenly realises a woman is watching him. She comments, "Nice boxers! I thought you were strictly a briefs man".
Best Men (1997) Dean Cain in his black bikini briefs in a very short scene.
Bewegte Mann, Der (Maybe, Maybe Not) (Most Desired Man) (1994) Comedy. The desired man of the title comes back from a party to his gay friend’s flat, gets his trousers half off and falls asleep like that on the sofa in his gray boxer briefs.
Better Off Dead... (1985) John Cusack. Wearing red plaid boxers at beginning of movie.
Beyond the Mat (1999) Documentary. Terry Funk, a 53-year-old former WWF star, getting out of bed in his underwear.
Bhaji on the Beach (1993) Near the end of the movie three guys do a strip routine for a women only audience: down to black thongs.
Big (1988) Tom Hanks in Underoos at the beginning.
Big Easy, The (1987) Dennis Quaid getting dressed, goes from nothing to black bikini briefs. Fairly short scene.
Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss (1998) Gay-themed romantic comedy. It has Brad Rowe in it (Brad Pitt lookalike). Scence where he is modeling underwear and is trying to squeeze into a black pair - another guy opens the door to where he is changing and catches him showing his butt. Later at the end there is a picture shown of Brad modeling white cotton briefs.
Biloxi Blues (1988) Matthew Broderick, et al - in army barracks - wearing army issue boxers - discussing what they want to do on their last three days on earth.
Bird (1988) Jazz biopic. Gloomy opening scene of marital argument and attempted suicide begins with Charlie "Bird" Parker (Forest Whitaker) coming home drunk and slowly stripping to white singlet and striped boxers.
Bird on a Wire (1990) Mel Gibson with Goldie Hawn. Long scene with Mel in bed or running around in briefs.
Birdcage, The (1996) Lots of scenes of houseboy in tight 501 cutoffs. One point he is cleaning the pool and he is wearing a thong.
Birdy (1984)  Matthew Modine and Nicholas Cage in several scenes wearing full-cut printed boxer shorts.
Black Belt Jones (1974) Blaxploitation kung-fu. Hero battles villains in white collared shirt and briefs in one scene.
Black Joy (1977) Norman Beaton in his briefs; another guy in long underwear.
Black Magic Woman (1991) Mark Hamill
Blame It on Rio (1984) Michael Caine and Joe Bologna wrestle in bed in their underwear. It’s a comic scene that leaves the audience wondering.
Bless the Beasts and Children (1971) Billy Mumy (Lost in Space fame) and other kids in Hanes - some great scenes, including some JO shots.
Bliss (1997) Drama/romance. Long scene midway through film with Craig Sheffer in a pair of blue boxers and Terrence Stamp in a pair of shorts (apparently not underwear, though). Stamp plays a sex expert who is attmepting to help Sheffer through marital difficulties with his wife. Both characters are straight, but there is an undeniable homosexual undercurrent in this scene.
Blood Ties (1991) (TV) One of the London twins (Jeremy or Jason) getting out of bed in black tee shirt, white jockeys, another scene in white jockeys, a scene with male vampires in underwear.
Bloodbrothers (1978) Tony Lo Bianco - white A-shirt, white briefs; Richard Gere - white briefs.
Bloodsport (1988) Jean Claude Van Damme getting into some nice maroon bikini briefs.
Blown Away (1994) Action thriller. Bomb squad officer Forest Whitaker, relaxing in his underwear at home, finds himself trapped by a booby-trap bomb while colleagues work to disarm it. I think he was wearing a black T-shirt and pale blue boxers. Reminiscent of Danny Glover's pants-down-on-the-john predicament in Lethal Weapon 2 (1989) but not played for laughs.
Blue Collar (1978) Drama. Two scenes with Harvey Keitel - both in white jockey shorts, one with A-shirt too.
Blue Lagoon, The (1980) Christopher Atkins in loincloth for entire movie (several nude scenes - the first by a male in a mainstream movie).
Blue Streak (1999) Action comedy. Martin Lawrence plans to pretend to be a cop. Watching cops on TV at home, he practices his arrest technique - in his underwear. He wears a white undershirt, dark socks and green plaid boxer shorts.
Blue Velvet (1986) Dorothy forces Jeffrey (Kyle MacLachlan) to undress in front of her, all the way down to his underwear and socks. Even a butt naked scene too.
Blues Brothers 2000 (1998) Some drunk Russian mafia members are stripped down to their underwear and T-shirts, tied up with duct tape and left in an alley.
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969) Long scene of Robert Culp in briefs in bedroom with Natalie Wood.
Body Shots (1999) Drama. Some underwear as boy and girl strip each other in a bedroom scene
Boogie Nights (1997) Drama. "We see Eddie (Mark Wahlberg) in his underwear and he feels his scrotum".
Book of Love (1990) Keith Coogan and others in white briefs measuring themselves. 
Boston Blackie In Chinatown Chester Morris. Gets knocked out by gangsters who steal his clothes, leaving him in his boxers and A-shirt, shoes, socks and garters.
Bounce (2000) Ben Affleck in his boxers, in bed with a woman.
Bowfinger (1999) Comedy. Four actors auditioning as Eddie Murphy body doubles are seen from behind, lined up with their pants down, in various underwear - white, patterned and coloured briefs, and plaid boxers.
Boys, The (1997/I) Drama. Guy casually around the house in his sweatshirt and red briefs.
Boys and Girls (2000) Comedy/romance. Hunter (Jason Biggs) in his boxers after an implied sex scene, and during the closing credits, modeling some cheetah print boxers.
Boys in Company C, The (1978) AN ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC SCENE has David Morse, Andrew Stevens and other hot actors who are new recruits they are all wearing white T-shirts and white briefs. A MUST SEE.
Boys Next Door, The (1986) (Big Shots) Exploitation flick, directed by Penelope Spheeris and starring Maxwell Caulfield and Charlie Sheen as teenage psychos. In one scene, they're in a motel room, watching TV in their underwear and white socks.
Boys of Cellblock Q, The (1992) Out & About Productions, comedy, shot on video. Georgeous hunks in white briefs in much of the movie. Very hot.
Boyz N the Hood (1991) Drama. Momentary glimpses of Laurence Fishburne in his undershirt and boxer shorts, getting out of bed to scare off a burgler, and Cuba Gooding, Jr, running away, pants falling down, before his girlfriend's grandmother catches them together.
Break, The (1995) Ben Jorgenson in white briefs and tied to the bed posts.
Breaking the Rules (1992) C. Thomas Howell - gets the covers pulled off the bed while he’s sleeping to reveal him only wearing white briefs. Shot from overhead - it’s a hot scene.
Brewster’s Millions (1945) Dennis O’Keefe in white boxers, A-shirt and garters, is kept from putting his clothes on while aboard his personal yacht.
Brewster's Millions (1985) Comedy. Creditors arrive to repossess everything Richard Pryor has - including the clothes he's wearing. He takes his pants off, revealing his pale blue monogrammed boxer shorts.
Bride of Chucky (1998) Comedy/horror. "Tiffany handcuffs a friend -- who's down to his black underwear -- to her bed."
Brief Exchange, HIS-Video, XXX Tanner Reeves, and others, the ‘plot’ is a rather shallow one, one of the guys is collecting and showing underwear and swimwear, which gives rise to a couple of really hot scenes. The amazing thing with this video is that underwear always plays an important part in these heavy sexual episodes.
Broadway Melody, The (1929) Charles King, in full-cut polka dot boxer shorts, has a heated confrontation with Bessie Love and Anita Page in this early Academy Award winner.
Brothers McMullen, The (1995) Comedy. Ed Burns in white tee shirt and full cut patterned boxers; his brother in white athletic undershirt and full cut patterned boxers as well.
Brown's Requiem (1998) Thriller. At the very start of the movie, a black guy in white boxer shorts and undershirt runs out to a parking garage to try and stop his car being taken. Quickly beaten in a fight, there's a very clear shot of him on the ground, and his underwear looks like it might have been altered with scissors. Also, lead character Fritz Brown (Michael Rooker) in a scene near the end, emerging from the ocean in his white briefs and socks.
Buck Privates (1941) Abbott and Costello and a group of other young men are drafted - and line up for their army physical exam in boxers of all types.
Bull Durham (1988) Kevin Costner is ironing his pants, wearing white trim-cut boxers with a side slit, when in barges Susan Sarandon for a confrontation. Also, Tim Robbins in white briefs and blue and white striped bikinis.
Bulldog Breed, The (1960) Comedy. Norman Wisdom for some reason running around a battleship in his underwear, pushing everyone overboard.
Bulldog Drummond in Africa (1938) John Howard starred as Bulldog Drummond, British Detective, in a number of serialized shorts. Humor often played a part. Never more so than when his bride to be took all the trousers out of his estate to assure he'd not be distracted into taking another case. Bulldog Drummond in Africa opens with Howard stuck at home in his suit jacket, shirt and tie, boxers, gartered socks and shoes. His butler (in long drawers) is also without pants, as is the best friend Bulldog calls on the phone. (This is the excellent silent film star Reginald Denny, who lost his pants in such silents as "Skinner's Dress Suit" among others).
Bullets Over Broadway (1994) Comedy. Middle-aged stage actor (Jim Broadbent) has an interrupted tryst with the leading lady and has to flee down the fire escape in his voluminous boxer shorts. On the street, he runs into theatergoers who engage him in a discussion of the play.
Buona Sera, Mrs. Campbell (1968) Comedy. Gina Lollobrigida's boyfriend jumps out of bed in his white boxers.
Buster and Billy ?
Bustin' Loose (1981) Comedy/drama. Richard Pryor, beaten at strip poker by some kids, ends up a little embarrassed in his long, red underwear. Later, awakened in the middle of the night, he gets out of bed in a white V-neck T-shirt and high-cut red briefs, and walks about a little dazed for a bit.
Butterflies Are Free (1972) Edward Albert in trim-cut boxers.
Caddy, The (1953) Dean Martin walks into a darkened room in his white boxers, as everyone yells ‘Surprise!’ for a birthday celebration. Dean exits the room fast.
Caddyshack (1980) Michael O’Keefe
Cadence (1991) (Count a Lonely Cadence) (Stockade) Drama with endless scenes of Charlie Sheen, Laurence Fishburne and other US army prisoners in their army-issue white T-shirts and boxer shorts. Includes a long "emergency drill" scene out in a field at night, in the rain, with four of the six in only their underwear and boots.
Cagney & Lacey: True Convictions (1995) (TV) The women detectives go to arrest a guy at home, and he comes downstairs in his underwear.
Calendar Girl (1993) Jason Priestly, two other cute guys, mid movie, chase Marilyn Monroe to the beach and strip to boxers then naked; quick shot of his pecker.
Campus Man (1987) Making a male calendar. Lots of hunks 
Candy (1968) Richard Burton is seen in wild-patterned silk boxer shorts.
Can't Hardly Wait (1998) After knocking them out with homemade chloroform, William's geeky friends strip him (Charlie Korsmo) and Mike (Peter Facinelli) to their underwear and take incriminating photos of them.
Can't Stop the Music (1980) Very bad Village People movie. Guys in briefs in the locker room scenes.
Canterville Ghost, The (1944) Robert Young and a platoon of men in their boxers and undershirts run around scared, as Charles Laughton haunts them. Robert Young boasts to the other soldiers on the army base. They pin him to the ground and take off his jumpsuit leaving him in white boxers and an undershirt. There's an extended scene where he hides behind the soldiers to make passerbys think he is clothed.
Cape Fear (1962) Suspense thriller. Robert Mitchum is subjected to a police strip search, but is unfazed and remains menacing in his full-cut white boxers and panama hat.
Cape Fear (1991) Robert DeNiro, searched by police, in red briefs.
Captain Ron (1992) Comedy. Kurt Russel in his briefs.
Car Wash (1976) Award-winning hit comedy. In early locker-room scene, guy drops his pants and shows his eye-catching white heart-spotted boxer shorts (and he seems to have something written on them). His co-workers immediately make fun and embarrass him - one holding the guy's trousers down so they can all get a good look.
Career Opportunities (1991) Comedy. Quick shot of a young guy in boxers and socks at the beginning of the movie; the same guy is later shown rollerblading around a department store wearing boxers.
Carnal Knowledge (1971) Jack Nicholson. Art Garfunkel was in his jocks too.
Carry On Constable (1960) A Street thief steals a bobbie’s suspenders, and his authoritarian trousers slip down while on patrol ... a comic scene indeed!
Casino (1995) Joe Pesci’s character and his brother were clubbed bloody before being stripped to their coloured Y-fronts and then buried alive. This happened near the end of the movie.
Casper (1995) Family comedy fantasy. Pullman is chased by ghosts. They grab swords and cry "All for one and one for all! Catch your pants before they fall!" They cut his belt, his pants fall down to his ankles, and he hops away in his boxers.
Casual Sex? (1988) Comedy. There are two good scenes with men in tighty whities.
Cat Ballou (1965) Comedy western. Lee Marvin in a white union suit, getting fitted for new clothes.
Catfish in Black Bean Sauce (2000) Comedy drama. We see Michael in his underwear and Dwayne in his boxers. Samantha then arrives and thinks that something is going on between the two men (there isn't).
Cell, The (2000) Suspense thriller. "We see Carl's father in his jockey underwear".
Chain of Passion [?] VERY hot scene at end of movie
Champ, The (1979)  Jon Voight, though drunk, insists on taking off his own pants in this tear-jerker. Jon wears patterned full-cut boxer shorts in this scene.
Change of Heart (1938) Michael Whalen, wearing white boxers and garters, sews a button onto his trousers in from of Delmar Watson.
Chaplin (1992) Robert Downey, Jr. Quick scene of him in old fashioned boxers as he gets a costume together in studio wardrobe.
Charlie Chan at the Circus (1936) Chan’s #1 son gets temporarily kidnapped by gangsters, who pull him into car, strip him to A-shirt, striped boxers, shoes socks and garters, and then push him out of car in his underwear.
Chasers (1994) Billy McNamara in white briefs - two scenes - both great. Also has Tom Berenger in blue boxers. Billy’s pretty hot!
Chasing Amy (1997) Ben Affleck lying on the sofa with a naked Joey Lauren Adams. He is wearing boxers and some dirty looking white socks.
Checkered Flag (1990) Drama. Good rear view of guy's blue patterned boxer shorts in a stand-up, pants-down sex scene.
Chef! (1999) Documentary. A vigilante mob attack a 16-year-old boy who had stolen some chickens; the youth is stripped to his underpants and humiliated. "It is easy to imagine what might have developed if the filmmaker (Jean-Mari Teno) and his camera had not been present. Teno comments 'The paradox of this country is that the national sport - far more popular than soccer - is the plundering of resources by our heads and chiefs, yet a youth was nearly lynched for stealing one hen and four chicks'. Teno wonders if the powerless in the face of massive injustice take out their rage on those less powerful than themselves".
Choirboys, The (1977) Charles Durning and Asian guy go swimming in white briefs (Durning has a T-shirt). Locker room scenes too.
Chung King Express (1994) Romantic comedy drama. Nice cop (Tony Leung Chiu-Wai) in several scenes around his flat in white singlet and briefs.
City Heat (1984) 30s gangster comedy. Burt Reynolds in his underwear in a bedroom scene with Madeline Kahn. Also, an old guy glimpsed in the back of a car in his underwear, socks and garters, after Clint Eastwood steals his clothes, and another guy on a bed in underwear, socks and garters.
Class (1983) Comedy. In a prep-school prank near the start of the movie, Rob Lowe locks Andrew McCarthy out in the quadrangle in women's underwear. Lowe is also seen in pale boxers in a later scene.
Class Act (1992) Teen comedy. Christopher "Kid" Reid falling about in his white T-shirt and pale boxers, getting dressed for a date.
Clay Pigeons (1998) Clay goes to Amanda's house, but finds Lester (Vince Vaughn) there (in his underwear).
Clean and Sober (1988) Brian Benben (before "Dream On") climbs out of his sweatpants before Michael Keaton, revealing his classic white jockey briefs.
Clockwise (1986) Comedy. Headmaster John Cleese, needing clothes, has to go along with his student's plan: stopping in the woods, the schoolgirl gets Cleese to takes off his monk's habit, and persuades Michael Percival to strip to his underwear and put the habit on. Headmaster and schoolgirl then grab the guy's clothes and run to the car, Cleese in his underpants.
Clockwork Orange, A (1971) Alex (Malcolm McDowell) plods around in his underwear and is surprised to discover his "Post Corrective Adviser" Mr. Deltoid in the apartment. Deltoid is happy to have found the young boy before he has had a chance to get dressed.
Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977) Richard Dreyfus is wearing his light blue boxers and is bent over a bathroom sink when his young son paddles his butt with a ping pong paddle. Richard makes a funny face in reaction.
Closer You Get, The (2000) Comedy. Kieran (Ian Hart), and Mickey (Dessie Gallagher) seen in their underwear.
Clown, The (1952) Red Skelton is a washed up comic who loves his little boy, Tim Constadine. Red displays himself in boldly striped full-cut boxer shorts.
Clownhouse (1988) (TV) A 13 year old boy walks around in only pajama bottoms, then wets his bed when frightened by a dream. In the morning his butt is seen as he puts on underwear. He is then seen in underwear and a tee shirt. Later he is seen taking a bath, but nothing is shown.
Clueless (1995) High-school comedy. Makes a great visual gag out of the way Dion’s way cute boyfriend Murray (Donald Faison) carries the low-slung jeans fashion to its extreme. You always think they’re about to fall, but sadly, as in real life, this never quite happens.
Coach (1978) Soaked after coming in from the rain, Michael Biehn strips down to blue briefs.
Coca-Cola Kid, The (1985) Erik Roberts sitting on the couch talking on the phone in WHITE briefs.
Cocktail (1988) Tom Cruise, in white Hanes. Nice.
Cold Heaven (1992) Long first scene is of James Russo in white briefs and a T-shirt. Later in the movie, Teresa Russell pulls his pants off him and pulls him onto the bed.
Cold Sweat (1993) This unremarkable thriller is brightened by the presence of Adam Baldwin. Baldwin kills a man, and then strips to his boxers while burying the corpse, to avoid leaving incriminating evidence.
Color of Night (1994) Bruce Willis in shorts, in the pool, totally nude--even shows his penis. Also a shower scene, and a scene with him being nude and putting on jeans.
Color Purple, The (1985) Multiple award winning drama, including, if memory serves, a scene where Danny Glover dashes back and forth in his underwear, demanding his wife find various items he needs.
Comfort of Strangers, The (1990) Several scenes of Rupert Everett in boxers and birthday suit.
Coming to America (1988) Romantic comedy. Glimpse Arsenio Hall in white singlet and blue undershorts when Eddie Murphy tells him to get up and pulls back the blankets.
Commando (1985) Action. Arnold Schwarzenegger, stripped down to his little brown bikini briefs, rows a boat ashore.
Coneheads (1993) Sci-fi comedy. Two earthlings are taken to the coneheads' planet and presented to the leader -- in their gartered socks, undershirts, and boxer shorts.
Conversation, The (1974) Gene Hackman changes his pants while talking to his landlady on the telephone, revealing that he’s wearing classic white jockeys.
Cool Hand Luke (1967) Tons of scenes of the prisoners in their underwear. Paul Newman always in boxers, one guy always in briefs.
Corruptor, The (1999) Vu (Byron Mann) in his underwear.
Corvette Summer (1978) A young Mark Hamill crawling around in a prostitute’s van, shows a good glimpse of lots of boxer shorts sticking out over the top of his jeans. A fun movie for Hamill fans. (Mark Hamill did this movie one year after Star Wars).
Cotton Comes to Harlem (1970) Comedy. Tall, blond cop is seduced by a woman who gets him to strip to his socks and underwear (print boxers, white undershirt) and eventually to nothing but his socks. She grabs his clothes and runs out of the apartment - he chases after her, but ends up embarrassingly locked out in the corridor in just his socks. Another underwear scene follows immediately as cops question a guy in his print boxers and dirty white undershirt.
Coupe de Ville (1990) Comedy/drama. Two scenes with co-lead in white briefs - once as a young boy, and then ten or fifteen years later.
Courage Under Fire (1996) Lou Diamond Phillips wearing only a jock strap. Nice shot of him from the side as he pulls up shorts over his firm bare ass (tan line visible).
Cowboy Way, The (1994) Action/Comedy. Woody Harrelson in underwear a couple of times, and also a nice butt shot.
Creator (1985) Vincent Spano in white boxers, twice.
CrissCross (1992) David Arnott (very cute) gets out of bed wearing only his briefs. It’s kind dark, but still nice.
Crow, The (1994) Supernatural revenge fantasy. In a scene lasting several minutes, Eric Draven (Brandon Lee) pays a visit to sympathetic cop Albrecht (Ernie Hudson) at his home. This handsome, black police officer is in his cop cap and underwear - white T-shirt, grey-striped boxer shorts.
Cruel Intentions (1999) Sebastian finds Blaine (Joshua Jackson) and Greg (Eric Mabius) in bed together, both in their underwear, and takes a picture to blackmail Greg. Sebastian enters Kathryn's room to find her in bed and a guy under the bed, whom we then see leaving in his underwear.
Cruising (1980) Pacino calls at a door which is opened by a guy wearing a white trimmed blue pair of Jockey briefs and a matching singlet (A-shirt). Good long shots of the Y-front, buttocks and chest.
Crush, The (1993) Alicia Silverstone taking off her underwear while he is hiding in the closet. (huh?)
Cry-Baby (1990) Johnny Depp. Great scene of Depp hanging from ceiling showing his FOLs. Writer-director John Waters revealed that Depp wore not one but three pairs of underpants for the 'whoops-we've-gratuitously-ripped-his-trousers-off' scene. No unsightly bulges there!
Cuba (1979) Drama. Handsome young Cuban man comes home, strips as he crosses the lawn, and dives into the swimming pool in his trim white boxer shorts.
Curse, The (1987) Wil Wheaton is seen at 14 in only underwear.
Cutting Edge, The (1992) DB Sweeney in white boxers at beginning.
D3: The Mighty Ducks (1996) Disney romp sequel. In a revenge prank, the Ducks introduce fire ants into the seniors' dorm. About a dozen guys rush out into the corridor, most in their T-shirts and boxers.
Dam Busters, The (1954) Wartime dramatisation. In a spot of RAF roughhousing, one man can be glimpsed in the corridor in his shirt and white boxer shorts. Midway through the movie.
Damn Yankees (1958) Tab Hunter changes his pants in the baseball locker room, showing off his white full cut boxer shorts, just before he meets the sultry Gwen Verdon.
Dance, Fools, Dance (1931) Aboard a rich high society yacht, Joan Crawford throws an underwear party for all her male and female friends. Since everyone is in tuxedos, and people want to swim, they strip down to boxers of various 30’s type, including some printed full-cuts, and jump into the ocean.
Dangerous Ground (1997) Crime drama. Ice Cube tries to sober up his junkie brother Stephen (Eric Miyeni), who's wearing an orange satin shirt and black briefs. In a later scene, he and friends go to a guy's apartment, tie him up in his in his bathroom in his T-shirt, socks and boxers, and give him electric shocks.
Dark Side of Genius (1994) Patrick Richwood. Towards the end of the movie, he wears an open robe and very tight black jockey shorts (the kind with the fly-front) and you can see every bit of his big dick! ENORMOUS BASKET!!! I saw that actor at the Beverly Hot Springs, here in Los Angeles and he is, in fact, hung like a horse!
Darling Lili (1970) Rock Hudson wearing white World War I ‘drawers’ as he has a comic bedroom scene with Darling Lili, played by Julie Andrews - a comedy indeed.
Day the Earth Caught Fire, The (1961) Sci-fi disaster movie. Edward Judd in white boxer shorts for a moment.
Day the Fish Came Out, The (1967) A young Tom Courteney spends most of the movie in his Jockeys.
Dead Poets Society (1989) Short scene in locker room. Guys with towels, a few boxers and a great view of Ethan Hawke, looking up his short Umbros - white boxers.
Dead Presidents (1995) Violent crime drama. Larenz Tate, in his white underwear, dresses quickly to avoid being caught by his girlfriend's mother.
Dead Ringers (1988) Jeremy Irons and his ‘twin brother’ walk through several scenes in their printed boxer shorts.
Deadly Outbreak (1995) Action. Early in the film, one of the bad guys tries to rape the heroine, but is interrupted by Jeff Speakman. His pants drop, revealing printed boxers, and Speakman grabs his pants and flips him over, before kicking him in the crotch.
Death of a Soldier (1987) Couple of cadet boxer scenes ... a guy on the john too.
Death Race 2000 (1975) Action. Don't miss David Carradine, wearing only his black face mask and underwear, slow-dancing with his gorgeous female navigator. Hilarious.
Death Warrant (1990) Action. Jean-Claude Van Damme and several other men in boxers and T-shirts, as they are processed into jail.
Delicatessen (1991) Surreal black comedy. The hero strips down to his large boxers in a flooded room.
Deliverance (1972) Infamous rape scene with Ned Beatty in his "panties."
Design for Living (1933) Fredric March waits for his pants to be pressed in a momentary full-cut boxer short scene, while he paces.
Detention (1998) Rick Schroder as a crazed gunman who goes out and shoots up his old high school. Early in the film, before the shootout, Schroder is shown in his bathroom, wearing only his boxers and white socks.
Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999) Comedy. "Deuce does an exotic dance routine for a woman in his tightfitting briefs. She grabs his underwear and stretches it down before letting it go, causing it to snap him in the groin. Later, we see Deuce and this woman's husband doing a dance for her in their tightfitting briefs.
Devil in a Blue Dress (1995) Tense film noir. Fabulous 1940s cars, and, for a moment, Denzel Washington getting out of bed in his underwear. Much of the rest of the time, he's wearing a ribbed, white undershirt, as here:
Devils Don't Dream! (1995) (Investigating the Story of Jacobo Arbenz Guzman (1995)) Movie about the former president of Guatemala. September 1954: overthrown in a CIA-sponsored coup, Jacobo Arbenz is stripped down to his underwear and presented to the photographers, before his journey into exile.
Devlin (1992) (TV) Bryan Brown is in laundromat doing laundry. He took his pants off to wash them and he wears a jacket and blue jockeys.
Diaboliques, Les (1955) When Simone Signoret loses her keys in the pool, one of the school boys, about 14-16, strips to his classic white jockeys to dive in the pool. Really hot scene as he emerges with totally wet undies and his bulge is clearly seen. Really hot for a ‘50s film.
Dick (1999) Comedy. "briefly see the top of the backside of guy's underwear as he pulls down his pants after being accidentally stabbed by a pin."
Die Hard: With a Vengeance (1995) Action. Bruce Willis is instructed to show up in Harlem in just his white full-cut boxers and a sign containing the ‘n’ word.
Diggstown (1992) I think it’s this one James Woods in white boxers and sweatshirt.
Dil To Pagal Hai (1997) Rahul (Shahrukh Khan, aged about 32), out shopping, goes into a dressing room to try on a shirt. Sounds simple enough, but he forgets to put his pants on and walks out in his underwear. Pooja sees him but tries to avoid him, so as not to embarrass him.
Diner (1982) Kevin Bacon in boxers in an outdoor scene.
Disco Years, The (1991) Short coming-out drama. The young lead jumps into a swimming pool in his underwear (which his friend then pulls off).
Disorganized Crime (1989) After accidentally falling on an anthill, Corbin Bernsen strips off all his clothes, except for a pair of black bikini briefs, and goes running off into the woods in only his underwear. Ed O'Neill plays George Denver, a detective who goes to a small Montana town. At one point, he needs to cross a river, to join his partner who is waiting for him on the other bank. Since he doesn't want to wet his suit, he removes it and his shoes before stepping in the river. But the water is icy cold and some of the pebbles are quite sharp, making the crossing a bit painful and difficult for the cop carrying his clothes in his hands. When his partner shouts at him not to drop their precious flashlight, George trips over and drops both the flashlight AND his clothes, which are swiftly carried downstream by the strong current. Poor George! After that, he gets to spend the rest of the day - and the whole of the following night - running around the countryside in his shirt and tie, and full-cut white boxer shorts!
Diving In (1991) High school boys in Speedos.
Divorce American Style (1967) Dick Van Dyke, angry at wife Debbie Reynolds, refuses to speak to her as he dresses, wearing his full-cut white boxer shorts.
Divota prasine (1975) One of the two partisans in this Yugoslavian tale has lost his pants and must lug around a huge machine gun, the other is a young boy who hero-worships him. They are caught behind German lines and are in as much danger from their cowardly countrymen as they are from the Germans.
Doctor at Sea (1955) [Not sure if this is the right title. Can anyone confirm?] Comedy. Chubby, mustachioed police chief ends up stripped to his outsize, spectacularly colorful boxers in a jailbreak.
Doctor Detroit (1983) Dan Akroyd makes a running change, exposing his bare legs and printed full-cut boxers to all who’ll see. The print is a polka-dot pattern.
Doctor Takes a Wife, The (1940) Ray Milland wakes up one morning in his full-cut white boxers and garters, only to find out that he’s married to Loretta Young, and that she and another man have hidden his pants. The comedy intensifies as Ray Milland paces about, loudly screaming "Where are my pants?!!!"
Dogboys (1998) (TV) Thriller. Many scenes with prisoners in their prison-issue olive-green boxers and undershirts.
Dollars (1972) ($) Crime caper starring Warren Beatty and Goldie Hawn. Hawn plays a prostitute, and during one scene a client is running all over her apartment in his underwear and black socks.
Dolores Claiborne (1995) Drama. Kathy Bates laughs at her husband when his pants split. At first, he laughs along and pulls the split wide open to show off his white briefs; but then the mood turns ugly.
Dominick and Eugene (1988) Bed scene with Ray Liotta in white jockeys and Tom Hulce in blue jockeys and white A-shirt.
Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (1996) Spoof comedy. Sight gag sends up the saggy-pants fashion, as the camera pans across three young black guys standing with their pants hanging low, lower and lowest (hips, knees and ankles), showing off their white undershorts. Another shot shows some fancy boxers.
Don't Just Lie There, Say Something (1973) Abysmal British trouser-dropping farce.
Don't Just Stand There! (1968) Comedy. The plot involves some clothes-swapping and affords the chance to see Robert Wagner's white boxers.
Don't Look Down (1998) (TV) Chiller. Billy Burke in gray boxer shorts.
Double McGuffin, The (1979) A group of boys goes swimming in their underwear. The youngest looks about 13 and flashes his bare butt.
Downhill Racer (1969) Robert Redford momentarily, in his longjohns.
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde (1995) Tim Daly (Wings) handcuffs himself in bed wearing white Jockeys. HOT HOT HOT scene. Very big bulge. Also, takes his white boxers off and shreds them in the paper shredder at work. Nice ass!
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (1993) Jason Scott Lee as Bruce Lee is only wearing white Fruit of the Loom briefs as he gets up from bed to answer the door.
Dream a Little Evil (1992) Has scenes of the very hot older brother in his underwear at the beginning of the movie and about 30 minutes into it. White briefs for a couple of minutes.
Dream Team, The (1989) Comedy. Middle-aged mental patient is stopped just before stripping naked in a revival meeting, and is thrown out in his underwear.
Dreamscape (1984) Dennis Quaid is a clairvoyant who is being tested at a sleep clinic. One of the doctors enters his room while he is sleeping. Dennis Quaid wakes up and gets out of bed in just a pair of skimpy black bikini briefs while in discussion with the doctor. Sexy scene.
Dress Gray (1986) (TV) Alec Baldwin in Speedos in a swimming pool. Lots of shots of his chest in the whole movie.
Drive, He Said (1971) A seldom seen movie of the early 70s, directed by Jack Nicholson, and (to my knowledge) not available on video. Sexy, fairly long scene of male leads in a college basketball locker room scene, stripped to their white briefs. At least one other white-briefs scene involving one of the leads. A real underwear movie, worth getting hold of if you can.
Drop Squad (1994) Abrasive satire. Vigilante squad abducts blacks they consider sellouts. One man is kept chained up in a cage in his boxer shorts.
Drugstore Cowboy (1989) Matt Dillon in boxer shorts.
Dumb & Dumber (1994) Comedy. Jeff Daniels sitting on the john taking a heavy-duty dump with his pants down, CK briefs clearly visible, after being tricked into taking a laxative.
Dying to Love You (1993) (TV) Tim Matheson in his T-shirt and striped boxer shorts a couple of times.
E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982) Ten year old Henry Thomas in long underwear with no shirt. Calls 14 year old brother "penis breath".
Early Bird, The (1965) Slapstick comedy starring Norman Wisdom. Businessman determined to make a tricky golf shot up an oak tree ends up hanging upside down and falling out of the tree, and of his trousers, when his suspender buttons give way. Enraged, in his striped shorts, he chases Norman Wisdom across the golf course. Near the end of the movie, Wisdom steals the fire chief's uniform in his campaign of destruction. The fireman climbs out of the lift shaft in his white T-shirt and boxer shorts, only to be doused with water.
Early Frost, An (1985) (TV) Aidan Quinn and boyfriend in boxer shorts.
Earth Girls are Easy (1989) Sci-fi comedy. Geena Davis throws her cheating fiancé out of the house in his surgical mask, stethoscope and boxer shorts.
East Is East (1999) Comedy-drama. A young Anglo-Asian guy is seen for a second dancing in his bedroom in his green print Y-fronts.
Echoes in the Darkness (1987) (TV) Good scene with Robert Loggia stripping in his office wearing white T-shirt and white briefs.
Electra Glide in Blue (1973) Robert Blake. One scene exercising in white briefs. Another getting all dressed up in Dallas Duds and forgetting pants.
Elmer Gantry (1960) Burt Lancaster, in his Oscar winning performance, has a scene in turn of the century ‘drawers’.
Emerald Forest, The (1985) Blonde Charlie Boorman as a white boy raised by natives and wearing just loincloths throughout the movie.
Endless Love The main actor screws with his girlfriend in white jockeys (kinda dark though).
Enemy of the State (1998) Action thriller. Pursued by intelligence agents who have hidden tracking devices in his clothes, Will Smith has to strip to his white undershirt and pale-striped boxers and run through the streets to escape. 
Escape Artist, The (1982) Griffin O’Neal as a 14 year old boy in chains and boxer shorts.
Evening Star, The (1996) There's a great scene of Scott Wolf in tighty whities.
Everybody Does It (1949) Paul Douglas in white boxers and garters can’t find a place to change into his trousers, as his wife: Celeste Holmes, has invited all her women friends over to hear her sing.
Exit to Eden (1994) The very beginning has a young boy being spanked by his mother in his underpants. A very short scene. The movie also has lots of people walking around in gold thongs, which aren’t quite underwear, but might be worth mentioning.
Eye for an Eye (1996) Revenge thriller. Ed Harris in his boxers in a couple of domestic scenes.
Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Tom Cruise and Ms. Kidman play out a long, marijuana-laced argument in their underwear.
F/X (1986) Bryan Brown under fire and crawling around his apt. in white briefs ... extended scene.
Fábula de la Bella Palomera (1988) (Fable of the Beautiful Pigeon Fancier) "It is Orestes' exquisite absurdity that engages us, his preposterous dignity while tumbling trouserless out of a mistress' window..."
Fabulous Baker Boys, The (1989) Beau Bridges is caught in the hallway of his hotel in dark printed boxers, while Michelle Pfeiffer looks on and comments.
Face in the Crowd, A (1957) Scenes of Andy Griffith in white boxers and A-shirt. 
Fallen Angel 13 year old boy is star of kiddy porn movies, in boxer shorts on set, no shirt.
"Fallen Angels" (1993) [TV-Series], episode "Red Wind" One-hour TV adaptation of a short story by Raymond Chandler. Private eye Phillip Marlowe (Danny Glover) is on the beach at night with his blonde client. When she invites him for a swim, he strips to his underwear, hesitating to put down his gun. He should have followed his cautious instinct, because when he comes out of the sea in just his wet orange print boxer shorts, he's at a disadvantage. But it's a beautiful sight.
Family Man, The (2000) Romantic comedy starring Nicholas Cage. Near beginning of movie he makes two or three short appearances wearing black Calvin Klein briefs, and a few minutes later he is seen wearing a pair of plaid boxer shorts.
Fandango (1985) Kevin Costner
Fargo (1996) Crime drama/black comedy. One guy gets beaten up in a corridor in his white T-shirt and print boxers. At the end of the film, one of the protagonists is arrested, struggling as he's handcuffed face-down on the bed in his white T-shirt, dark socks and pale blue boxers.
Fast Talking (1984) Young looking 15 year old boy strokes a wooden penis in shop class. Later is forced by principal to strip to underwear.
Fat City (1972) Good scene. Stacy Keach sleeping in green shirt and ratty white Y-fronts. He walks around his apartment a bit.
Fatal Attraction (1987) The opening scene, with Michael Douglas sitting in the couch reading his appointment book or sth like that while waiting for Anne Archer (who played his wife) to get dressed early in the morning. He was wearing a pair of white classic brief but the white dress shirt he was also wearing cover part of the underpants. There was also one more scene, He was making love with Glenn Close stripping off each other’s clothes.
Fatal Instinct (1993) Armand Assante appears in printed boxers in two scenes in this spy-flick spoof.
Father of the Bride (1950) Spencer Tracy has a nightmare where he walks down the church aisle and loses his pants (white boxers) before the entire congregation.
Fatty's Magic Pants (Fatty's Suitless Day) (1914) "Have you ever gone to a fancy dress ball and had your trousers suddenly vanish? Fatty Arbuckle has. What will happen as the evening progresses? Will more articles of his clothing disappear?"
Fear of a Black Hat (1993) Comedy. Rusty Cundieff and others in boxer shorts; includes a scene where disarming for a fight goes as far as stripping to underwear!
Female Trouble (1975) Divine (as a man) wearing classic whites (with skid marks).
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986) Swimming pool scene with Ferris (Matthew Broderick) and his friend in boxer shorts (wet).
Fierce Creatures (1997) Comedy. Kevin Kline running around in his black boxer briefs, and John Cleese in shirt, tie and striped boxers.
Fight Club (1999) Drama. "We twice see a man's bare butt in a black and white advertisement (as well as another man in small and tightfitting underwear)".
Fightin' Fools (1941) "While the Our Gang kids are enjoying the local swimming hole, a rival group ties all their clothes in knots. Our Gang challenges the meanies, and the two sides have a military-style battle using fruits and vegetables for ammunition."
Final Exam (1981) Horror flick. Frat guy gets stripped to briefs.
Finders Keepers (1984) Micheal O’Keefe gets caught in the bathtub with some other man’s wife - and escapes wearing only his boxer shorts. A long chase scene entails.
Fine Madness, A (1966) Sean Connery bums around his apartment in his boxers.
Fire with Fire (1985) Story of a young guy sent to a juvenile detention camp. Nice scene, about halfway through, of the guys in the bunkhouse roused from bed for a late-night inspection. Several cute young guys in jockeys or boxers, including Craig Sheffer.
Fire! Trapped on the 37th Floor (1991) (TV) Scene with three fire-fighters getting out of bed in jockeys (one white, one red, one black) and one tee-shirts.
First Power, The (1990) Twenty-five minutes into the film: Lou Diamond Phillips quickly puts jeans on over white briefs; he then walks around room wearing only jeans with waistband of briefs showing.
First Strike (1996) Humorous actioner with Jackie Chan, including a scene where he's stripped naked at gunpoint. "One of the funniest scenes is Jackie singing 'I Will Follow Him' accompanied by a strip tease"; "I was going to say 4.5 stars, but then I thought about Jackie walking around in that hysterical polar bear hat and the koala underwear...5 stars all the way!"
First-Time Felon (1997) (TV) Boot-camp drama. Omap Epps and other prisoners being inducted into a prison, lined up in white T-shirts and boxers.
Fish Called Wanda, A (1988) John Cleese does what he thinks is a private sexy strip tease down to his bikini briefs and then some, and finds he is being watched by an entire family who are somewhat shocked by the sight of him.
Fisher King, The (1991) Robin Williams and Jeff Bridges are in Central Park at night and Robin Williams is dragging his butt across the ground nude like a dog saying "Do you know why dogs do this? Because it feels SOOO good!!" Absolutely hilarious!!
Five Easy Pieces Don’t remember scene, though definitely has underwear scene
Flashfire (1993) Action. Tom Mason is killed early on, shot dead in his white undershirt and dark print boxers.
Fled (1996) Action. The heroes visit (surprise!) a plush massage parlor, where they're greeted by a most attractive black man in a black robe and white boxer briefs. Cue another shootout and the guy is quickly killed. Such a shame.
Flesh 1995 - A Male Sexorama of Tomorrow (XXX)  A rather stupid story (as in most pornos): after some nuclear accident sex for pleasure is forbidden and only allowed for public TV. This gives rise to some beautiful hunks to appear on stage in different types of underwear (thongs, jock-straps, briefs, and boxers). After getting hard in them there are various scenes of sexual pleasure (really hot, especially because of the underwear playing an important role). This finally ends up in a hot j/o session among 5 guys (this time without underwear). Copyright 1990 by Videorama.
Fleshtone (1994) Martin Kemp on the phone in his white underwear.
Flirting with Disaster (1996) Ben Stiller has a lot of scenes in his boxer shorts - including a running joke where he’s constantly taking his pants on and off.
Flying Down to Rio (1933) Gene Raymond rhapsodizes about Delores Del Rio in his hotel room, dressed in white yoke-front boxer shorts.
For Love of the Game (1999) Drama/romance. "We briefly see the back of Billy's (Kevin Costner's) underwear as he gets undressed while preparing for the game".
For Love or Money (1993) Comedy. Michael J. Fox in his underwear at one point; dark boxers.
For Your Eyes Only (1981) Action. James Bond and team attack a mountain hideout at the end of the film. Some guards are caught asleep, and are glimpsed getting out of bed in their assorted underwear. 
Forces of Nature (1999) Romantic comedy. Needing cash, Ben Affleck reluctantly has to strip in a gay bar, and is highly embarrassed when Sandra Bullock suddenly pulls his trousers down, revealing his boxer shorts to an enthusiastic audience.
Foreign Correspondent (1940) Joel MacCrae in hotel room in bathrobe. Two toughs come in to get him. He goes into bathroom and out hotel window. On ledge, robe blows open revealing him in A-shirt, white boxers, with shoes, socks and garters. Long scene as he escapes and climbs through a window only to be where a party is going on in his underwear.
Forrest Gump (1994) Tom Hanks and friend ‘Bubba’ (Mykelti Williamson) are in their military white boxers and T-shirts, as they clean the barracks floor - talking about shrimp.
Fortress (1993) Violent, futurist prison-escape drama. Christopher Lambert movie with lots of prisoners in black underwear (including a few on the toilet).
Fortress (USA Movie) In the middle, the actors and actresses strip down to their underwear and swim out of a cave. Don’t know the people, though.
Fortune and Men’s Eyes Hot scene of guys in classic white briefs.
Fortune, The (1975) Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson drop their trousers for Stockard Channing in this 1920’s era comedy, revealing white full-cut boxers and garters.
Forty-Ninth Parallel (1941) Wartime drama. Fugitive German sailors stand and salute in their shirts and undershorts before getting into bed. In an escape bid at the end, they steal an old railroad guard’s uniform.
Foul Play (1978) Dudley Moore believes he is very sexy in full-cut printed boxer shorts covered in red hearts.
Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994) Romantic comedy. Hugh Grant momentarily seen in his white shirt and pale blue boxers in one scene; blue T-shirt, striped boxers in another.
Fourth Man, The (1983?) A gay Dutch man obsessed with another younger man, spies on him - and follows him throughout the Netherlands. White European briefs on one man, as he ‘massages’ himself. Red bikini briefs on the younger man, in a fantasy sequence where the obsessed man pictures the younger man on an erotic crucifix, where he slowly and sensuously pulls the red bikini briefs off the younger man inside a Dutch church.
Foxy Brown (1974) Action. A judge ends up humiliated in a public hallway without his pants. A gang leader is stripped for mutilation (who makes this stuff?!).
Fraternity Row (1977) Lots of guys (including Gregory Harrison) being hazed in briefs. LONG scene at end of movie.
Freejack (1992) Pretty short (yet nice) scene towards beginning of movie with Rene Russo waking Emilio Estevez outta bed. Emilio laying down and walking around in gray Jockeys. Nice shots, but look fast.
Freeway (1988) Ball-exploding scene has beefy James Russo getting out of bed in white jockey shorts and grey T-shirt.
French Kiss (1995) Kevin Kline in his underwear in the hotel room when he sleeps on the couch.
Friday (1995) Comedy. Two short but good scenes: Drug-confused Chris Tucker running down the street in his white undershirt and briefs, pursued by his friends in a car; and Bernie Mac, chased by jealous husband, running to his car in his white undershirt and red briefs.
Friday the 13th (in some parts) There are some scenes where young men in briefs were killed.
From This Day Forward (1946) Mark Stevens in white boxers and A-shirt, has a marital quarrel with Joan Fontaine.
Full Metal Jacket (1987) For those with boxer fetishes.
Full Monty, The (1997) The hit comedy about a bunch of unemployed guys who become strippers.
Galaxy Quest (1999) Sci-fi comedy. "Commander Peter Quincy Taggart" (Tim Allen) is at home, asleep on the couch, hungover and trouserless, when awestruck friendly aliens come to visit.
Garp A locker room scene with several unidentified actors in jocks.
Georgy Girl Alan Bates in a couple of shots in his Jockey briefs.
Gharwali Baharwali (1998) Indian musical comedy. An overweight, middle-aged manager ritually humiliated, being stripped, head-shaved and left as a beggar in his underwear (white undershirt and big boxers).
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (1999) Crime drama. Ghost Dog robs a couple at gunpoint off-camera, and they emerge into the street, the woman in her skimpy bra and panties and the man in his boxers.
Ghostbusters (1984) I can't believe that there has been no mention of the first underwear scene in a movie that I ever came across. Ray Stanz (played by Dan Ackroyd) is having a dream in which this female ghost is hovering above his bed moments before she vanishes into thin air. He looks around, obviously perplexed, and then his belt gets undone; the button on his pants is next, instantaneously followed by the unzipping of his zipper and then, his pants are opened. Voila! White briefs.
Gig, The (1985) Drama. A charming film, and including some of the middle-aged leads in their underwear.
Gimme an 'F' (1984) One of the main characters strips down to his white briefs and dances around the shower room. He does this for quite a while and gets them very wet.
Girl 6 (1996) Comedy. Phone-sex caller, a slim, fortyish black man, acts out his baseball-hitter fantasy in a room painted up as a stadium, wearing a baseball helmet and a white jock strap.
Girls Are for Loving (1973) Crime movie. At some point, just about everybody ends up naked and bound in one way or another. One interesting scene: two evil henchman have been captured and bound nearly naked with their hands above their heads.
Glitz (1988) (TV) Action/thriller. An attacker fires at Jimmy Smits, who's in bed with Linda Moon at the time. Clad only in his briefs, Smits chases after the guy, out into the street.
Gloria (1999) Thriller. "About 20 minutes into the film (which doesn't compare to the original), there is a cool scene where Sharon Stone forces her criminal ex-boyfriend and his henchmen to strip naked at gunpoint. Rear nudity only, but very intense scene. Every guy seems to have on a different type of undies. I watched the video with my roommate and she couldn't stop laughing at the guy with the leopard print briefs".
Go (1999) Close-up shots of Scott Wolf in his briefs, being wired for sound with a hidden transmitter attached to his thigh. Also, another guy putting on his dark boxer shorts in a suggestive scene.
Gods and Monsters (1998) In one scene, Whale mischievously makes a flamboyant, young male reporter remove an article of clothing for every question that he answers (until the man's down to his underwear).
Gods Must Be Crazy, The (1980) Comedy. Startled by a warthog while taking off his wet clothes, guy flees pants-down in his red briefs.
Going Ape! (1981) Tony Danza running around in a hospital gown and his briefs ... at end of movie.
Gold Rush Boys (XXX) This porn-vid is chock full of hot young "pioneer" men in union suits having fun in an all-male bordello. There are quite a few tender scenes (kissing, etc.) One gorgeous guy spends most of the movie falling out of his maroon union suit. Very sexy!! (Sorry I don’t know which studio made this - but I’m sure of the title.)
Gone Fishin' (1997) A witless comedy that at the very end has both Joe Pesci and Danny Glover caught with their pants around their ankles, showing their colorful boxer shorts.
Good Burger (1997) Mild, juvenile comedy. Disguised in drag to spy on a rival burger operation, the heroes are caught and unmasked - revealing the chubby one in his blue and white plaid boxer shorts, and the slim one embarrassed to be discovered in drag all the way down to women's underwear.
Good Man in Africa, A (1994) Colin Friels wears comic loud printed boxer shorts, as Diana Rigg sews his costume. Later, he must exchange every piece of clothing he has on with John Lithgow - even down to boxers and briefs being switched.
Good Will Hunting (1997) Drama. Matt Damon in white boxers in scene with Minnie Driver.
Goodbye Bird, The (1993) Chris Pettiet. His mother knocks on the the door...he gets up wearing only blue silk boxer shorts - you can see his pecker bouncing in his boxers.
Goodbye, Columbus (1969) Michael Meyers in boxer shorts, has a vapid conversation with Richard Benjamin. He is a fairly well-built jock with a rather empty mind.
GoodFellas (1990) Crime drama. Gangsters go to kill their oversleeping driver (Tony Sirico). Unsuspecting, in his yellow undershirt and briefs, he opens the door to them.
Gotcha! (1985) Anthony Edwards standing in Jockeys, briefly. Short scene but NICE.
Gotham (1988) (TV) Thriller. Two scenes with Tommie Lee Jones in a white A-shirt and white boxer shorts, one early in the movie when J.B. White wakes him up, and another later in the film while making love to Virginia Madsen.
Graduate, The (1967) A young preppy-looking Dustin Hoffman gets seduced by Mrs. Robinson, and winds up in bed with her in his white trim-cut boxer shorts.
Grandview, U.S.A. (1984) Drama. C. Thomas Howell spends the night with Jamie Lee Curtis. In the morning, he's awakened when the her boyfriend arrives ... in his trim plaid boxer shorts, he has to get to his pants on the other side of the room, but picks the wrong moment and is seen through the doorway. There is also a scene with Patrick Swayze in patterned boxers, and two scenes with Troy Donahue in printed boxers.
Grease ?
Great Balls of Fire! (1989) Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis parades around this movie in loudly printed full-cut boxer shorts from time to time.
Great Santini, The (1979) Michael O’Keefe (most recently on Roseanne) plays a high school student who has Robert Duvall, military officer, for a father. Dad wakes O’Keefe up in the early morning of his 18th birthday to give him his present. O’Keefe is wearing nothing but white briefs.
Greedy (1994) Michael J. Fox in grey Calvins.
Green Mile, The (1999) Drama. Crazy death row inmate "Wild Bill" (Sam Rockwell) in a union suit.
Gremlins 2 (The New Batch) (1990) Mr. Clamps walks outta bathroom in his office in a pair of blue boxers, he then puts on a pair of pants (too bad).
Grim Prairie Tales (1990) Creepy short story compilation. In one segment, an old-west gunman is seen for a moment in his white undershirt and briefs.
Gross Anatomy (1989) Matthew Modine in bed in white briefs and maroon T-shirt.
Guarding Tess (1994) A minor Nicolas Cage movie with Shirley McLaine. Brief scene of Nick interrupted as he is sitting on the john taking a dump, with pants down and colored boxers very visible around his knees.
Guelwaar (1992) Drama. In an early scene at a police station, watch closely for two prisoners, stripped to their white briefs, crossing the scene in the background.
Guide for the Married Man, A (1967) Joey Bishop is caught with his pants down by his wife. Seen in his white full-cut boxers and with a pretty girl, Joey denies it all.
Guns of Navarone, The (1961) Classic WWII action. Scene of Germans officers being stripped for their uniforms.
Hadley’s Rebellion (1984) Griffin O’Neal at 15 wearing just underwear.
Hail, Hero! (1969) Michael Douglas makes a big splash in his first film by stripping down to his plaid trim-cut boxer shorts, then jumping bare-ass into a pond.
Hair (1979) Another army physical scene.
Halfback of Notre Dame, The (1996) (TV) There is a lockeroom scene after a football game where the quarterback of the team (young guy) stands in the middle of the lockeroom talking about a party in his underwear (white boxer briefs).
Hamburger Hill (1987) Vietnam war drama. The entire cast is HOT. Tons of bare-chested boxer scenes (was waiting for some jockey ones though).
Hamburger... The Motion Picture (1986) Guy strips to his jockeys in a helicopter.
Hands Across the Table (1935) Fred MacMurray. Gets drunk, sleeps in woman’s apartment in suit. She walks in on him while he’s standing in his boxers, pressing his pants. Then date comes to her door, he answers it in his underwear ... then lounges about in boxers, shirttails, shoes, socks and garters.
Hanky Panky (1982) [? c/f Haunted Honeymoon (1986)] Gene Wilder in long white drawers riding a stuffed moose.
Happy Together (1997) (Cheun gwong tsa sit) Drama. Visually impressive movie about a gay Hong Kong couple's doomed relationship in Argentina. Several scenes with the principals in their underwear.
Haunted Honeymoon (1986) Comedy. Gene Wilder, escaping from a snake, climbs up onto a stuffed moose head on the wall - he's in his shoes, dark socks, garters, white undershirt and pale boxer shorts.
Hazing, The (1977) (Campus Corpse, The) Comedy. Long frat initiation scene with two guys running cross country in jockstraps.
He Got Game (1998) Drama. Ray Allen, woken by the phone, lying on the sofa in his white boxer briefs.
Heartbreak Ridge (1986) Mario Van Peebles and several other marines standing talking in their underwear, about 90 minutes into the movie.
Hearts of the West (1975) (Hollywood Cowboy) Comedy. Jeff Bridges joyfully greets the morning, stepping out on the porch roof in his white boxers and undershirt. Sitting below on the porch, the landlady hears him and looks up to see what’s going on. Embarrassed, Jeff slinks back inside through the window.
Heathers (1989) Couple of young guys run around in their Jockeys and white sweat socks while Christian Slater chases them with a gun.
Held Up (2000) Comedy. "We see some overweight and skinny local men in just their underwear as Rodrigo makes them strip down to that point so that there are no surprises when he has them move a crate inside the store".
Help! (1965) Beatle Ringo Starr is strapped into a metal-expanding machine in a bid to get a ring off his finger. It has no effect on the ring, but causes his pants to unzip and fall, revealing his striped boxers.
Hero and the Terror (1988) Chuck Norris gets out of bed in blue bikinis.
Hidden in America (1996) (TV) Very brief shot of Beau Bridges getting out of bed dressed in T-shirt, boxer shorts, and black dress socks.
High Risk (1981) Heist caper. Two men see a chance to escape from their police cell, and get a boy passing by outside to help by offering him a watch. The kid accepts, then reconsiders and says he also wants their shirts and boots. They try to bargain and he agrees to take just the shirts, but by the time the guards return, the boy has gone, taking their shirts, their boots, and their trousers. The guards find them, the white guy sitting in his socks and white briefs, the black guy standing sheepishly in his socks and red, pin-striped briefs. Great sequence ensues as the guards chase them through the crowded streets.
High Time (1960) Bing Crosby, Richard Beymmer, and a couple of other guys in the dorm, wake up during freshman year and get dressed. Bing wears his white boxers, Richard wears large printed boxers. Boxers were the rage in this sped-up scene.
Higher Learning (1995) Drama. Chasing after his date who runs out on him, guy finds himself standing in the hall with everyone laughing at him, and realises his pants have fallen down, revealing his tartan boxers.
Highway Patrol (Inhand Video) XXX Contains lots of sex scenes with policemen working hard on their boners in briefs and jock-straps, letting others suck at underwear etc.
Highway to Hell (1992) Young Chad Lowe ... near beginning a quick scene where he is roughed up - his jeans slide down for a glimpse of briefs ... the entire second half of the movie is Chad in the hottest white ribbed cotton undershirt, if that counts!
Hill, The (1965) Drama. Outraged by brutal treatment and racist insults, prisoner Ossie Davis defiantly ‘quits the army’ by stripping off his uniform and ripping it up. In his white undershorts, he then marches out across the prison compound to confront the commandant.
Hollow Man (2000) Sci-fi horror. "We briefly see Josh Brolin in his boxers".
Homegrown (1998) Comedy thriller. Billy Bob Thornton in robe and boxer shorts.
Home Alone 3 (1997) Juvenile comedy. "If Hughes isn't pummeling his characters senseless, his wit is benign to the point of nonexistent: His idea of a huge laugh is sending Dad off to work in a suit coat, shirt and tie--and boxer shorts."
Honkytonk Man (1982) A drunken Clint Eastwood is bleary-eyed, lying on a bed in just his white boxers and A-shirt.
Hooper (1978) Comedy. Burt Reynolds crawls out of bed while Sally Field is sleeping. Stands in front of the bedroom mirror and rubs his belly. He's just wearing navy blue low-rise jockey shorts. Nice bulge. Hot scene!
Hornet’s Nest Young boys run around in skimpy shorts and underwear.
Horse Feathers (1932) Marx Brothers comedy. Baravelli is forced to strip to his underwear as Pinky watches. Modestly, he turns the ballerina's poster toward the wall for Baravelli's sake. But then Pinky is forced to strip as well, and he is coyly embarrassed. The two athletes leave them locked in the room and then depart to play in the big football game. The climax of the film is the funny sequence of the wild Huxley-Darwin afternoon football game. Pinky and Baravelli are still in their underwear when the game begins. They escape by sawing into the next room below and falling into a ladies' card party.
Hot Tubs ?
Hotel de Love (1996) Stephen (Simon Bossell) is undressed by a woman (down to his underwear).
House Party (1990) Teen comedy. At the end of the film, after narrow escapes from hoods, the police and his dad, Kid (Christopher Reid) finally sneaks home late, strips down to his white briefs, and is just getting into bed when his father catches him.
House Party 2 (1991) College comedy. Inferior sequel, superior boxers. Catch a glimpse of some lovely big colorful boxer shorts at the pajama party, and in the opening scene.
Houseguest (1995) Comedy. A group of boys challenge Sinbad and his young friend in a basketball game. Sinbad suggests they play for his car against their clothes, and the overconfident boys rashly agree. Game over, they're seen standing in the park in their underwear, acutely embarrassed and begging for their clothes back (unsuccessfully).
How Stella Got Her Groove Back (1998) Romance. Whoopi Goldberg adds some padding to shop-window mannequins displaying assorted CK underwear. Angela Bassett's fine young Jamaican lover (Taye Diggs) apears several times in his underwear, the first time at a pajama party where he wears a brilliant red ganzie and colourful boxer shorts. Several other partygoers are well worth a look, too.
How to Be a Player (1997) Comedy. An underwear scene, but can't recall details.
Hucksters, The (1947) Clark Gable changes his pants revealing full-cut white boxers, in front of his valet. The scene is early on in the film.
Hudsucker Proxy, The (1994) Both Tim Robbins and Paul Newman exhibit their proud hairy legs in corporate boxers and garters in this film about big business.
Huevos de oro (Golden Balls) (1993) Spanish movie. Two guys running around on beach in briefs. Another guy spends most of movie in a Speedo.
Hunk Do not know the actor’s name (C-movie player) in this HORRID fantasy/comedy. Many scenes of near naked/bikini or towel-wearing California-boy type. Much partial nudity throughout.
Hurricane, The (1999) Drama based on true story. Denzel Washington a couple of times in his prison cell in white boxers.
I Love You to Death (1990) Kevin Kline in blue briefs.
I Still Dream of Jeannie (1991) (TV) Weak comedy based on 60's TV sitcom. Tune in about half an hour before the end, and catch the scene where the black MP (D.J. Jackson) is sent to arrest Jeannie. She lets him into the house, then uses her magic to make his combat uniform instantly vanish, leaving him standing shocked and embarrassed in his boots, red socks and underwear - white T-shirt and heart-spotted boxers. She then ties him up with rope, and leaves. We see him later, still tied up, trying to phone for help.
I’m Gonna Get You, Sucka (1988) Blaxploitation spoof. Incidental extra flees brothel raid in open shirt and white briefs, putting his trousers on while he runs (try it - it’s quite difficult!). Also features bizarre ‘Pimp of the Year’ beauty contest with swimsuit line-up.
Ice Castles (1978) Robbie Benson in briefs.
Ice Storm, The (1997) Nice shots of Kevin Kline lounging around the house, no pants and black socks.
If.... (1968) Kid gets his pants taken off and is turned upside down into a toilet - a slow pan of him upside down in his underpants.
If Looks Could Kill (Teen Agent) (1991) Comedy. Richard Grieco hopping around in white briefs.
Impostors, The (1998) Comedy with at least Oliver Platt, Stanley Tucci and Billy Connolly in their underwear.
In Crowd, The (1988) Donovan Leitch about 15 min. into the movie in white briefs and sharing his bed with younger brother also in briefs. 
In The Army Now (1994) Pauly Shore in grey briefs
In the Company of Men (1997) Chad, dressing down a young black intern, insists that the intern drop his pants and show him his balls. After the intern sheepishly drops his trousers, Chad completes the ritual humiliation by asking him to fetch a cup of coffee.
IN THE LINE OF DUTY (?) Maybe the wrong title but definitely the right actor. Adam Baldwin as part of a family of cops He is sleeping in V-neck white T-shirt and briefs. A recent TV movie in the states
In the Name of the Father (1994) Rebellious Irish kids ordered by IRA men to drop their pants on a busy street. Daniel Day-Lewis in patterned briefs.
Indecent Proposal (1993)  Woody Harrelson in white boxer briefs with Demi Moore
Independence Day (1996) Sci-fi action. In an early scene, Will Smith gets out of bed in his light blue boxer shorts.
Infinity (1996) Matthew Broderick
Innocent Man, An (1989) Thriller. Tom Selleck prepares for a shower at the start of the movie. He strips off his black T-shirt and is in his white briefs for a moment.
Internal Affairs (1990) Bad cops (Richard Gere is one I think) break into a house with a guy sleeping in white T-shirt and briefs, then kill him.
Into the Night (1985/I) Russian communist changing in Tiffany’s wearing white collar shirt and white briefs then runs outside in them when he sees Jeff Goldblum (the man he’s after). Also has bodybuilder Jake (Bodies by Jake) in black bikinis.
Irony of Fate (Ironiya sudby, ili S lyogkim parom!) (1975) (TV) Nadya enters her apartment and finds a man without trousers in her bed. What's more - Nadya's fiance also finds him there...
Ishtar (1987) Warren Beatty has a moment in his full-cut boxer shorts. The film is considered a bomb by most critics, however - with occasional funny moments.
It's a Wonderful Life (1946) James Stewart dries out in his long underwear after being rescued from an icy river.
Jamón, jamón (1992) (Salami, Salami) Spanish movie: First scene is audition for underwear model. Lots of good shots
Jawbreaker (1999) Comedy. Ethan Erickson in a bedroom scene.
Jeffrey (1995) See this movie!!! Great white briefs scene with male lead; many other shirtless hot men in NYC.
Jerk, The (1979) Steve Martin lives up to the title by wearing white full-cut droopy boxer shorts in several scenes.
Jockaholics (XXX), Sierra Pacific/Tiger Media dir. Jerry Douglas, 1989(?) Jockstrap fetishists will want to check out this pornvid as a jockstrap makes its way from one sexual encounter to another. Phil Bradley, Jason Andrews and others star.
John Loves Mary (1949) Ronald Reagan changes his pants on camera, revealing his dark khaki boxers for all the world to see.
Johnnie Mae Gibson: FBI (1986) (TV) Dramatised story of black, female FBI recruit. Her handsome husband (William Allen Young) strips to his spotted white boxer shorts in a bedroom scene.
Johnny Come Lately (1943) James Cagney takes his pants off to give them to the maid for cleaning. He wears long underwear.
Johnny Mnemonic (1995) Keanu Reaves in silk boxers (first scene).
Johnny Suede (1992) Brad Pitt. Major photo opportunity when he sits down for breakfast in his socks and underwear.
Johns (1996) David Arquette in white boxers.
Journey: Absolution, The (1997) Sci-fi. Mario Lopez, Richard Grieco, and a host of other gorgeous guys in white boxer briefs in many scenes throughout most of the movie.
Joy of Sex (1984) Christopher Lloyd, and Cameron Dye, in white briefs. Another guy in red.
Julia Has Two Lovers (1990)  Pre X-Files David Duchovny. During the first 20 to 30 minutes, intermittent shots of Duchovny in gray briefs. Some excellent profile shots. 
Jury Duty (1995) Pauly Shore as a male stripper at beginning and end of movie. Strips to G-string and struts his stuff. Very big looking bulge.
Just Looking (1999) "After Lenny's (Ryan Merriman's) pants fall down, we briefly see him in his underwear".
Just One of the Guys (1985) Billy Jacoby in boxers and an open robe.
Key To The City (1950) Clark Gable strips down to his A-shirt, white boxers and garters in front of another older man. A funny garter scene comes later in film.
Kid from Brooklyn, The (1946) In a fight in the dark, a milkman played by Danny Kaye, gets half of his pants - one entire pant leg - ripped off, revealing full-cut powder blue boxers.
Kid in King Arthur's Court, A (1995) Thomas Ian Nicholas in his boxers a couple of times during the movie after getting out of bed in the morning, and when he was practising his karate. 
Kids (1995) Depicts Brooklyn teenagers running rampant in pursuit of unprotected sex. Multiple views of teens in boxer shorts.
Kiss Of Death (1995) Rowdy customer who gets out of line at a strip bar is forced to make his exotic dancing debut onstage in his briefs.
Kiss or Kill (1997) A guy gets into bed with a young boy (both are in their underwear, but nothing else happens).
Knock Off (1998) Jean-Claude Van Damme has to yank off his pants when he discovers there is a bomb in them.
L.A. Confidential (1997) Film-noir thriller. A city councilman, visiting a high-class hooker when police come calling, exits the house in his undershirt and patterned boxer shorts. Police also burst in on a group of young black guys, one lying on the couch in his underwear.
La Bamba (1987) Lou Diamond Phillips irons his pants while wearing dark printed boxer shorts.
Laberinto de pasiones (1982) (Labyrinth of Passion) Spanish film: A young Antonio Banderas and other actor walk around in briefs after sex. Another brief scene later on too.
Ladykiller (TV) Lots of scenes with Thomas Calabro (Melrose hunk)and lots of men in briefs, bikini or G-string.
Lake Placid (1999) Sheriff Hank Keough (Brendan Gleeson) is outdoors at a lakeside campsite in his shirt and gray boxer briefs when he narrowly escapes being chomped by a giant alligator.
Last American Virgin, The (1982) AWESOME scenes. Great locker room scene which includes some very impressive woodies and a couple of scenes of guys in their jockeys.
Last Detail, The (1973) Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid, and Otis Young, are three sailors in white full-cut navy boxers having a good time before Randy goes off to jail.
Last Light (1993) (TV) Death row inmate Kiefer Sutherland spends a lot of time in his polka-dot boxer shorts.
Last of the Red Hot Lovers (1972) Alan Arkin plays a sexually frustrated middle-aged man in this comedy of errors. There is a long scene showing him in boxer shorts and black socks.
Last Picture Show, The (1971) One of the Bridges brothers (young) does a slow strip to his white briefs. Also, Timothy Bottoms in Cloris Leachman’s bedroom, eating Oreos in his jockeys.
Last Tango in Paris (1972) Drama. Marlon Brando, asked to leave a ballroom, responds by dropping his pants and flashing his butt. He has white briefs.
Latino (1985) Scene with Robert Beltran in white bikini briefs lying on a couch and then standing.
Law Of Desire (Ley del deseo, La) (1987) Hot Gay-themed movie.
Lawn Dogs (1997) (edited version) Drama. Sam Rockwell strips to white briefs.
Lawnmower Man, The (1992) Pierce Brosnan gets out of bed in his boxer shorts, at the start of the movie.
Legend of Billie Jean, The (1985) Closing scene has tons of people (including a young Christian Slater) throwing their clothes onto a bonfire as a statement to the music of Pat Benatar’s ‘Invincible’.
Legend of the Drunken Master (1994) (Jui kuen II (1994)) Jackie Chan action comedy. Some bad guys hang Chan high in the air by his hands, stripped him naked save for a banner that covers his crotch.
Less Than Zero (1987) A scene where Robert Downey Jr. is a room with a guy being a whore and friend walks in on them and gets him dressed in tight silk bikinis.
Let's Do It! (1982) Greg Bradford appears in lavender briefs in a merry-go-round fantasy.
Lethal Weapon (1987) Mel Gibson gets out of bed in T-shirt and blue jockeys (as opposed to black in 3).
Lethal Weapon 3 (1992) Mel Gibson in black jockeys.
Lethal Weapon 4 (1998) In the opening scene, Mel Gibson rushes Danny Glover into stripping down to his underwear in the street - he wears red boxer shorts with little white hearts on them. Colleagues later use photos of the incident to embarrass Glover. Glover was asked about that scene in an interview: Question: "And your scene, the opening scene with you in your underwear, what was that like? Were you cold?" Danny Glover: "Of course I was cold..." Mel Gibson: "Wasn't it evident?" Danny: (laughs) "By the shrinkage there. No - we had a hot tub, though". Mel: "There was a hot tub on the side. Just jump in and swim around in the warm water". Danny: "Ahhh, what a relief. What a relief for the anatomy".
Liar's Edge (1992) (TV) Teen Nicholas Shields in white briefs.
Libelled Lady (1935) Spencer Tracy nearly walks out onto the street pants-less, clad in top hat and tuxedo tails above, full-cut boxers and garters below.
Liberty (1929) Two escaped convicts (Laurel & Hardy) change clothes in the getaway car, but wind up wearing each other's pants. The rest of the film involves their trying to exchange pants, in alleys, in cabs and finally high above the street on the girders of a construction site.
Licence to Kill (1989) Bond adventure. In the opening sequence, gangsters catch a guy in bed and haul him out, and we glimpse him in his black briefs.
Lie Down with Dogs (1995) Gay-themed movie. Opening credits appear on waistbands of guys in white boxer briefs running around on the beach. Several other hot scenes.
Lightning Jack (1994) Comedy western. Paul Hogan thinks he's bitten by a rattlesnake, drops his pants to show his long underwear, and tells Cuba Gooding, Jr to suck the poison out of his butt (but Cuba finds it's just a splinter). Also see Cuba fleeing pants-down from a bear, and in a bordello in his long red underwear.
Life (1999) Comedy, starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. Scene with assorted prisoners talking while they lie on their bunks in union suits or undershirts and boxers.
Likely Lads, The (1976) Movie based on a TV sitcom. Toward the end, James Bolam and Rodney Bewes both lose their trousers and have to break into their car to get home.
Lilies Of The Field (1963) Sidney Poitier, in his Oscar winning performance, is seen outdoors in his bright white boxer shorts, while a nun turns her back as he dresses.
Limbo (1999) Drama. "We briefly see Donna in her bra and Joe (David Strathairn) in his underwear after they've stripped off their freezing-cold, wet clothes".
Little Darlings (1980) Matt Dillon
Little Hut, The (1957) David Niven and Stewart Granger are shipwrecked on a desert island with Ava Gardner. Both men walk around in white full-cut boxers. 
Little Shop of Horrors (1986) Comedy horror musical. Audrey II (a giant carnivorous plant) attacks Rick Moranis, pulling his pants down and revealing his boxer shorts.
Live A Little, Love A Little (1968) Elvis Presley without his pants?! YES! Rudy Vallee manages to talk him out of his trousers. Elvis wears full-cut boxers.
Living Out Loud (1998) A masseur (Eddie Cibrian) calls on Judith at her home. After setting up, he strips down to his white boxer briefs.
Lock Up (1989) Prison drama. Sylvester Stallone in gray briefs, and in white boxers.
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998) Violent black comedy. Incidental character Gordon (Bal Jusar) is lethally interrogated by gangsters, hands tied behind his back, hanging upside-down, in just his white briefs.
Lonely in America (1991) Romantic comedy. Ranjit Chowdhry strips clumsily to his pale boxer shorts, and then the woman he’s with changes her mind.
Long, Hot Summer, The (1958) Paul Newman stands unabashed in just his full-cut boxer shorts (bare chested) as a nervous, but turned-on Joanne Woodward watches. 
Longtime Companion (1990) Guy answering door and two guys having breakfast wearing only briefs.
Looking for Mr. Goodbar (1977) Awesome scene and quite long too of a younger Richard Gere doing a vigorous exercise scene while wearing nothing but a jockstrap. 
Lord Of The Flies Lots of kids ship wrecked on an island. They’re running around in their underwear the whole movie.
Lords of Discipline, The (1983) Racist elite military cadets abduct and torture black student (Mark Breland) in his white briefs.
Loser (2000) Comedy/romance. "A thirty-something college professor is having an affair with one of his teenage students (we briefly see him roll off of her in bed and see both in their underwear)".
Losin' It (1983) Teen sex comedy. Two great shots of a kid in his jockeys.
Lost in America (1985) Comedy. Albert Brooks getting out of bed in his white T-shirt and little black briefs with white trim.
Love & Human Remains (1993) Comedy. Thomas Gibson in tight underwear.
Love and Basketball (2000) Quincy (Omar Epps) plays a game of strip basketball with his girlfriend, and ends up stripped down to his underwear.
Love & Sex (2000) Comedy. Including at least one amorous moment in underwear.
Love Hurts (1991) Comedy. Jeff Daniels in red briefs.
Love Is the Devil (1998) Biographical drama. At the very beginning, a shot of a man in white briefs and one dark sock, walking towards a door. Twenty minues in, a scene where Francis Bacon (Derek Jacobi) and his lover (Daniel Craig) strip to their white briefs preparatory to a bit of domination (not shown).
Love Letter, The (1999) Comedy drama. Johnny (Tom Everett Scott) dancing in the living room in his boxer briefs.
Love on a Bet (1936) Michael McCreigh makes a bet with his Uncle Carlton that he can begin in Central Park in his underwear and, without paying or borrowing for transportation, get to California in 10 days with a decent suit, $100...and a fiance.
Lovelines (1984) Comedy. Donald Michael Paul. Mr. Paul plays Jeff, resident stud of his high school. Half way through the film he lures some girls to the principal's office where he has them take off his brown cowboy boots to expose his dirty white socks. By the end of the scene he is left only in his very tight cotton briefs and those dirty white socks.
Lucas (1986) Great locker-room scene. Lots of men in underwear and towels. A very young Corey Haim is seen taking off his football uniform to reveal dirty white briefs. Also gets stripped and has icy hot spread over him. Runs to a drinking fountain wearing only a towel. Towards end of movie.
Ma femme me quitte (1996) (My Woman Is Leaving Me) Comedy. A man in underwear and black socks is tied to a chair by a woman. She steals his belongings, so he goes out to the street to ask for help. A leathered skin-head bear-type guy stops his truck and places the man (who's still tied up in the chair) in the back of his truck with a grin (go figure what he can do with the man!) He drives away while the black-socked gentleman vainly shouts for help.
Made For Each Other (1939) James Stewart in a very brief moment, is seen in white boxers during an intense moment with Carole Lombard towards end of film.
Magnolia (1999) Drama. GREAT scene of Tom Cruise stripping down to tight white briefs, doing a handstand, and generaly showing it off.
Major League (1989) Charlie Sheen and many others, locker room scenes with jocks, cups, towels and more. Several scenes with guys in various states of undress.
Major League: Back to the Minors (1998) We see an exaggerated bulge in a player's tight underwear as he bends over doing some yoga.
Making Love (1982) Movie starred Michael Ontkean, Kate Jackson, and Harry Hamlin. A man comes out after having been married for a number of years. There is an rather innocent and short scene in a locker room after a group of men had been playing basketball.
Malcolm X (1992) Impressive biopic which also offers Denzel Washington lying on his bed in 1940's-style white boxer shorts.
Man in the Moon, The (1991) Jason London keeps stripping down to his boxers for swimming in the local swimming hole. Later, after sex with his girlfriend, walks around the clearing in the woods in his boxers for a while.
Man in the White Suit, The (1951) Alec Guinness is cornered by a crowd in the street, and is forcibly stripped of his white suit, leaving him in white boxers.
Man Who Fell to Earth, The (1976) Stars David Bowie in his acting debut. Contains famous "gun-sex" scene.
Man With Two Brains, The (1983) Comedy. Steve Martin seen for a moment in his white boxer shorts.
Man Without a Face, The (1993) The end of the movie where Nick Stahl is staying at the man’s house and the police officer comes to find Nick. He walks down the stairs and he is in his underwear.
Mannequin (1987) Lightweight romantic comedy fantasy. Andrew McCarthy, setting up a store window display, starts a conveyer belt which accidentally snags on his pants and rips them off.
Mapantsula (1988) South African tragic drama, but has these more humorous scenes: to get his girlfriend’s attention, lead character Panic (Thomas Mogotlane) goes onto the dance floor, takes off his jacket and starts to take off his trousers - pulling them down to his knees a few times while dancing. The next morning, in just his trim patterned boxers, he gets out of bed, walks out to the outhouse and returns to bed. In another scene, he shoplifts a suit and runs off to catch a bus, where two old women watch as he strips to his shirt and big white boxers to put on his new suit. It turns nasty in a later scene where he's subjected to violent police intimidation, clad in only his white boxers.
Married to the Mob (1988) Alec Baldwin was in black briefs when he was shot and fell into the pool.
Marathon Man (1976) Thriller. "Dustin Hoffman is a grad student who faces Nazi Laurence Olivier from a dentist's chair or gets chased through Manhattan streets in his underwear.". Also, Roy Scheider on the balcony of his Parisian hotel room in his white boxer shorts, has to fight off an assassin who attacks him; about half an hour into the movie.
Marry Me Again (1953) Robert Cummings takes a shower wearing his full-cut bold-striped boxers.
Marrying Kind, The (1952) Aldo Ray has dream of being in post office (where he works) locker room dressing for a formal affair. In white T-shirt and striped boxers, shoes, socks and garters when all of a sudden on conveyor belt. Thinks he grabs his pants, but has tux jacket instead. Ends up in the middle of Times Square in his underwear. Great scene!
Marrying Man, The (1991) Another fluffy romantic comedy, this one starring Alec Baldwin, who shows up in several scenes without pants, revealing baggy white boxer shorts.
Mask (1985/I) Eric Stoltz
Masquerade (1988/I) Doug Savant in white briefs and a couple of shots of Rob Lowe in blue boxers.
Massacre at Central High (1976) Andrew Stevens in white briefs.
Maurice (1987) Can’t remember their names, but there’s a locker room scene at a boxing club, a scene when the title character is at the doctor (dropping his union suit), and more!
Max Dugan Returns (1983) A young Matthew Broderick in boxers.
Me, Myself & Irene (2000) Comedy. Jim Carrey in bathroom in his white briefs.
Me Myself I (1999) Comedy. For her birthday, Pamela's coworkers hire a male stripper who gets up on her desk and dances around for her in small, leopard skin shorts that he then pulls off to reveal a thong.
Meatballs (1979) Playing basketball against guys from another summer camp, our guys realise they’re destined to lose and take their revenge by pantsing the players from the other team. Player in foreground of shot has his black bikini briefs displayed a couple of times. It's a quick scene, but there are several shots of the rich kids stumbling around in their tightie whities and skimpy colored briefs trying to pull their shorts up.
Meatballs III (1987) Patrick Dempsey is shown getting dressed-underpants and all.
Mediterraneo (1991) Oscar-winning wartime comedy. Italian soldiers pass the time on Greek island. Many scenes in big, white boxer shorts.
Medium Cool (1969) Robert Forster
Men (1987) Austrian movie which ends with two men trying to out-strip each other in a busy office building, progressively discarding their clothes as they go around on a loop elevator.
Men At Work (1990) Emilio Estevez and his black pal turn the tables on two cocky cops - and make them strip. One cop is dressed in printed full-cut boxer shorts, the other cop is dressed in classic white briefs - a scene not to be missed!!! They leave them in their underwear, handcuffed together in a public park. Later, they do the same to two security guards.
Meteor Man, The (1993) Superhero spoof with lots of underwear glimpses to enjoy. Meteor Man (Robert Townsend) discovers that he's acquired strange powers, when he looks out of his hospital window and sees everyone in their shoes, socks, hats and underwear as he sees right through their outer clothes - a janitor in white boxers, a cop in his unionsuit, some guys standing around talking, one in a white undershirt and striped boxers, one in just his long johns, one in only his shirt. Also a repairman in his underwear and toolbelt in another scene. Meteor Man goes on an anti-crime spree, shutting down an illegal drugs factory where the workers are actually operating in their underwear. Later, when he catches his friend (Eddie Griffin) impersonating him to impress girls, he telekinetically strips the guy of the superhero costume and flies off with it, leaving the guy standing in the street in his white undershirt and striped pink boxer shorts. He pulls a similar stunt at the end of the movie, stripping the suits off some junior gangsters - no clear underwear views, but some very quick shots as the jackets and trousers come flying off - leaving them standing in the street in their shirts and ties, shoes and socks, tied up with the remnants of their suits.
Metroland (1997) Comedy-drama. Young guy comes home drunk, and his wife struggles to put him to bed, stripping him to his white briefs and one sock. In a later sex scene, a guy strips to white undershirt and briefs.
Miami Blues (1990) Terrific scene with Alec Baldwin running around an apartment in black bikinis. VERY HOT.
Mickey Blue Eyes (1999) "Several men are seen in their underwear."
Midnight Clear, A (1991) WWII drama. Early in the film, a group of young soldiers get together with a girl. Nice shot of them waiting in the bathroom in military olive undershirts and oversize boxers.
Midnight Cowboy (1969) Dustin Hoffman and Jon Voight. Voight plays a male prostitute in NYC. Nice scene in white briefs. In 1969 this film was the first and only X rated film to win the Oscar for best picture. By today’s standards it is considered an R rated film.
Midnight Dancer Many scenes of Filipino Asian smooth cute guys in underwear. The film is about 3 brothers who are strippers in a gay bar in the Philippines.
Midnight Express (1978) Opening scenes show Brad Davis taping hashish to his body while clad only in Jockey briefs. Other good scenes while in a Turkish prison. Based on a true story; won two Oscars.
Milk Money (1994) Ed Harris is instructed by Melanie Griffith to take off his pants. He obeys, revealing full cut boxers with a green and white design.
Misadventures of Margaret, The (1998) Romantic comedy. "I liked the film. And Alexis stripped to his underwear... :-)".
Missing In Action Chuck Norris strips to black briefs
Mister Roberts (1955) Jack Lemmon, in his best supporting actor performance, is seen in his bunk bed on board ship in his white military T-shirt and boxers.
Mistrial (1996) (TV) Drama. Jon Seda (?) gets out of bed in his black bikini briefs.
Moby Dick (1998) (TV) Enjoyable adaptation of the classic novel. Ishmael (Henry Thomas) and Queequeg (Piripi Waretini) get acquainted at the start of the movie when they have to share a bed in a lodging-house. Ishmael is in his long underwear, and the fearsomely tattooed Queequeg wears a thong-like garment.
Molly & Gina (1993) Leading lady pulls a gun on two thugs and makes them drop their pants. One is a cute hulk wearing white briefs.
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life (1983) Comedy skits. Teacher John Cleese strips to ghastly white trunks, and then bare-assed, for a live demonstration in sex education class.
Moonshine War, The (1970) Drama. A hoodlum takes a liking to a guy's suit in a cafe, offers him $50 for it, and eventually takes it at gunpoint, forcing the guy to strip to his underwear - and eventually naked. The scene ends with an outside distance shot of him and his wife running out of the cafe naked, jumping into their car and speeding away.
Morgan Stewart’s Coming Home (1987) Jon Cryer in white Jockeys. Pretty long sequence.
Morning After, The (1986) The dead guy is wearing a white T-shirt and leopard skin bikinis.
Mosquito Coast, The (1986) 13-year-old River Phoenix and his 11-year-old brother swim in underwear.
Most Wanted (1997) Conspiracy action thriller. About 15-20 minutes into the movie, Keenen Wayans escapes a SWAT team - in a stolen uniform. The cops discover the escape when they find the unlucky officer, stripped to his white boxer shorts and dark socks.
Mr. Baseball (1992) Tom Selleck in assorted boxers. Even better, Dennis Haysbert in gray boxer briefs in locker room scene.
Muliplicity (1996) Michael Keaton and his several other personalities in white boxers blue boxers, printed boxers, and silk printed sky blue boxers with clouds.
Murder 101 (1991) (TV) Pierce Brosnan. Hotel room scene where Pierce, a college professor, strips down to a pair of boxer shorts when one of his students attempts to seduce him.
Murder One (1988) (TV) 15-year-old Henry Thomas in underwear.
Murmur Of The Heart (Souffle Au Coeur, Le) (1971) Coming of age classic directed by Loius Malle which features many young guys in their underwear with JO scenes. Very erotic.
Music In Manhattan (1944) Phillip Terry, a war hero, comes to his hotel room and takes off his pants - revealing white boxers and garters. He is surprised to find a pretty young girl in his bed. Embarrassed, Phillip comically leaves room.
My Best Friend Is a Vampire (1988) Robert Sean Leonard - VERY short scene at beginning.
My Cousin Vinny (1992) Comedy. Joe Pesci sleeping in baseball jersey and white jockeys.
My Fellow Americans (1996) Comedy with Jack Lemmon and James Garner as ex-presidents on the run. Boxers around the ankles visible under a toilet stall door in one scene.
My Man Adam (1985) Raphael Sbarge gets caught up a tree and three jock tough guys yank his pants down, exposing his wide full-cut printed boxer shorts.
My Tutor great shot of butt covered in white cotton-very short.
Mystery, Alaska (1999) Comedy. We see a hockey player wearing just his jockstrap while skating outside as punishment for blabbing about Skank's sexual escapades.
Mystic Pizza (1988) Vincent D’Onofrio gets his pants pulled down by his girlfriend and is wearing white jockeys, then her parents come out with a gun and he has to run out of the house with his pants down.
Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!, The (1988) Leslie Nielsen steals the uniform of a pitcher after he knocks him out (the pitcher is wearing wedged up tight whities, Nielsen boxers).
Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (1994) Spoof comedy. Leslie Nielsen steals 'Weird Al' Yankovic's clothes at the Academy Awards ceremony ... we see Al just for a moment in his white undershirt, green print boxers and gartered socks. And at the end, terrorist Raye Birk on the toilet in his private jet, showing colorful boxers, just before he's blown up by his own bomb.
Naked Instinct Soft-core film, supposedly about an older woman who has a thing for younger men. Most of the scenes include men in briefs.
National Lampoon’s Loaded Weapon 1 (1993) Zany comedy. In a quick parody of Sharon Stone’s notorious leg-crossing scene in Basic Instinct, watching cops get so hot that many of them end up stripped to their underwear.
Natural Born Killers (1994) Tom Sizemore is in a bedroom scene in black bikini briefs and sometimes in a G-string.
Natural History of Parking Lots, The (1990) A Los Angeles art film directed by Everett Lewis. It features a scene in a police station in which a kid is force stripped down to his jockey shorts. Later he's seen wearing white boxers. His somewhat older brother has several lengthy scenes in jockey shorts.
Naughty-Cal (1930) Lillian is the center of party aboard a US Navy battleship. Her boyfriend, who has borrowed pants from a shipmate, isn't happy about the situation, and neither is owner of the pants, who wants to dance too...
Never Been Kissed (1999) Comedy. David Arquette spends a part of the movie dressed like Tom Cruise in 'Risky Business' (white shirt, white socks, and underwear).
Never Say Never Again (1983) James Bond (Sean Connery) and friend (Bernie Casey) escape from enemy spies by stripping down to their boxer shorts and run and bicycle in the street.
Neverending Story II Junior high swim class, many boys in swimsuits, some Speedos.
New York, New York (1977) Robert DeNiro is seen in faded yellow full-cut boxers with wife, Liza Minnelli in this vintage movie musical.
Next Best Thing, The (2000) Comedy-drama. "After many hours of drinking, Abbie and Robert begin kissing. The picture then fades to black and the next morning they wake up in bed together, realizing that they've had sex (we see him in his underwear)".
Next Friday (2000) Comedy sequel. Craig's dad (John Witherspoon) appears in boxers at the very start of the movie, putting on his overalls. His cousin (Mike Epps) gets dressed for work, and he's wearing black Joe Boxer shorts. In a sex scene, Joker (Jacob Vargas) rips off his pants, revealing a little G-string/thong.
Nickelodeon (1976) Burt Reynolds. Playing a silent film star, gets mobbed by fans and they rip his clothes off leaving him in A-shirt, boxers, shoes, socks and garters. Funny scene.
Night Falls on Manhattan (1997) Drama. Fugitive murder suspect Shiek Mahmud-Bey makes a dramatic entrance at his lawyer's office, and he is an imposing figure. The lawyer has him take off his shirt and drop his pants in front of the assembled press photographers, so that they can witness his undamaged condition before he turns himself in to the police. We, unfortunately, don't get to witness anything more than the merest glimpse of a white waistband. Cheated again!
Night in Heaven, A (1983) Christopher Atkins plays a male stripper. Lots of thongs and a nice nude shot (exposing all).
Night Shift Cowboy in white briefs with boots on.
Night Watch (1995) (TV) (Alistair MacLean's Night Watch) (Detonator 2: Night Watch) Pierce Brosnan in a hotel Room scene with Alexandra Paul - they are posing as newlyweds on their honeymoon while working as undercover UN agents in Hong Kong. Pierce climbs onto the bed and strips down to a sexy pair of cream silk boxers in a hilarious scene where he attempts to entice his partner to make love with him. After a humorous struggle, she throws him out of bed (something no woman in her right mind would do, IMO).
Night We Never Met, The (1993) Matthew Broderick - getting up in the morning - plaid boxers.
Nightmare On Elm Street 1 And 2 guy getting into bed
No Secrets At the beginning of the film, guy in white briefs sleeping on the couch.
No Small Affair (1984) Jon Cryer in undies.
Noises Off (1992) Christopher Reeve comically runs about in wide blue striped boxers and garters in this British farce.
Norma Rae (1979) Beau Bridges complains to Sally Field in their kitchen wearing his full-cut boxers.
North (1994) Comedy. Very bad Elijah Wood movie, with one brief scene of Jason Alexander in his underwear and black socks.
North Avenue Irregulars, The (1979) Edward Herrmann as an up-standing Reverend, comically loses his pants in a secret gambling house. The good Reverend wears full-cut printed boxers.
North By Northwest (1959) Hitchcock thriller/comedy. Woman wants to keep Cary Grant out of the way for a while, and persuades him to surrender his suit for cleaning. Leaves him alone in a hotel room in his shirt and white boxers. Roger Thornhill: "Now, what can a man do for twenty minutes with his clothes off? Couldn’t we have made it an hour?" Eve Kendall: "You could take a cold shower".
North Dallas Forty (1979) Great shot of Nick Nolte’s beefy butt getting out of bed and going to the bathroom. Very beginning of movie.
Notting Hill (1999) Romantic comedy. Hugh Grant in his boxers, and his flatmate in his briefs, are successively surprised at the front door by hordes of press photographers.
Nowhere to Run (1989) Jason Priestly, twice in white briefs.
Nowhere to Run (1993) Action. Very quick glimpse of the waistband of Jean-Claude Van Damme's briefs as he gets into bed with Rosanna Arquette. Near end of film, poorly lit.
Nuts (1987) Leslie Nielsen trying to rape Barbara Streisand (YUC!) in black bikinis (Nielsen, not Streisand, for God’s sake).
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000) Comedy. Features the strip-search scene from "Cape Fear (1962)", showing in a cinema. In the audience, Eddie Murphy's obnoxious Buddy Love character finds it uproariously funny.
O Lucky Man! (1973) Malcolm McDowell in white briefs. I’ve seen two movies with him in them. This is one I think (one where he’s tested in a doctor’s chair) there is another where he gets out of bed and is part of a punk rock group.
O.J. Simpson Story, The (1995) (TV) Pre-verdict dramatisation. Handsome Bobby Hosea as O.J. in silk boxer shorts in a couple of scenes.
Object of My Affection, The (1998) Romantic comedy/drama. There is a scene where two gay guys are in bed ... the older lover of one of them comes home, and they both scramble to put their underwear on. There is also an earlier scene where they both go swimming too and I believe in their underwear. Great movie!!
Object Of My Desire (XXX)UI Blond guy gets sucked into the TV by two detectives in business suits, who strip down to print boxers. Best oral scene in Boxers.
Oceans of Fire (1986) (TV) Scene with a couple of guys on a ship in underwear. Gregory Harrison isn’t one of them (damn).
Off Beat (1986) Comedy. Judge Reinhold quits his job and takes his pants off at the office in front of his disagreeable supervisor. He wears reddish boxers. And a locker room scene with one cop in red boxers in the background, and some rear nudity (including Cleavant Derricks).
Officer and a Gentleman, An (1982) Richard Gere in boxers showing a little bush. 
Oh, God! You Devil (1984) George Burns, as Satan (!), proves his magic powers by casting a spell on a cute waiter, whose pants suddenly fall down, revealing his blue boxers.
Oklahoma Crude (1973) George C. Scott in a union suit with Faye Dunaway in one too. 
Once More With Feeling (1960) Yul Brynner enters a room in his full-cut boxers toward the end of the film.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) Scenes with all patients in underwear (Christopher Lloyd in Y-fronts notably).
One Minute To Zero (1952) Robert Mitchum is locked out of his hotel room in his white full-cut military boxer shorts. Anne Blyth cites that he’s out of uniform.
One Night Only At the very end, the boy gets his dream girl and there’s a great scene of her undressing him down to his white briefs and then taking them off.
One of Her Own (1994) (TV) Rape-case drama. Boxer shorts worn in an early police locker-room scene.
One On One (1977) Robbie Benson
One Spy Too Many (1966) David McCallum, stripped and tied up in his white boxers.
One Tough Bastard (1995) (North's War) (One Man's Justice) Typical B-movie action flick starring Brian Bosworth. Long scene in the middle of the film where he slips on a pair of patterned boxers before ansering the door and chatting with the street kid who is working with him. Features a brief glimpse of the top of Bosworth's butt as he dons his boxers.
One, Two, Three (1961) A young Horst Buchholtz runs about in his white boxers and garters while Jimmy Cagney and Pamela Tiffin look on.
Operation Petticoat (1959) Tony Curtis has a couple of scenes in white boxers.
Opposing Force (1985) Military guys playing a war game are ordered to strip. Some nice shots of briefs and boxers, then a sexy line-up of bare asses.
Ordinary People (1980) Timothy Hutton in Speedos.
Our Winning Season (1978) initiation scene
Outsiders, The (1983) Matt Dillon in his Hanes in hospital scene. Better look quick tho- it’s REAL short.
Overboard (1987) Kurt Russell wears white trim-cut boxers for Goldie Hawn.
Page Miss Glory (1935) Dick Powell, Frank McHugh, and another man who walks in on the scene are forced to drop trou at gunpoint by two thugs. Near end of film.
Paper, The (1994) Comedy/drama. Robert Duvall for a moment in his pale blue boxers, getting dressed at the doctor's office.
Paper Moon (1973) Ryan O’Neil. Couple of underwear scenes of Ryan ... early in the film and then again later when comes home drunk and takes off his pants and flops on the bed in striped boxers.
Paradise (1991) 11 year old Elijah Wood swims in underwear with girl.
Paradise Alley (1978) Sylvester Stallone and his ‘brothers’ do some male bonding in their boxer shorts.
Parenthood (1989) Steve Martin in bikinis and Keanu Reeves in white Jockeys. Great scene w/ Keanu.
Patsy, The (1964) Comedy. Jerry Lewis in a white T-shirt and red boxers.
Patti Rocks (1988) Chris Mulkey, who doesn’t wear underwear, gets sprayed by a skunk, and has to throw away his pants. He borrows his buddy’s printed full-cut boxers and is seen in them exclusively for the remainder of the film. The film is about crazy attitudes towards honesty and sex in relationships.
Peggy Sue Got Married (1986) Nicolas Cage, with white brief lines showing strongly (and apparently intentionally) through his very light suit.
Pennies from Heaven (1981) Christopher Walken does really funny/sexy tap dance with a few girls who strip him down to his boxers during the number.
Permanent Record (1988) the guy that kills himself gets out of bed in white jockeys (not Keanu Reeves unfortunately).
Pirate Movie, The (1982) Christopher Atkins strips to loin cloth when they swim out to the ship and stays dressed that way for the next part of the movie.
Platoon (1986) Lots of boxer scenes
Play Misty for Me (1971) Eastwood in Jockeys.
Players Club, The (1998) Comedy/drama. About half an hour before the end, the heroine catches her handsome boyfriend Lance (Monté Russell) in bed with her cousin. He grabs his clothes and tries to 'explain', but she gets her gun and chases him out of the apartment, in his red, black-checked boxer shorts.
Police Academy Look fast, but you’ll see that Steve Guttenberg is wearing light blue bikini jockey’s when the very tall black cop come into his room in the middle of the night to him to teach him how to drive.
Police Academy The Latino cadet in tight bulging white briefs tied spread-eagled on a bed before his instructor jumps on him.
Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach (1988) Comedy sequel. At the airport, one guy spoofs the sound of the metal detector, forcing the police captain to go through repeatedly, taking off more and more metal objects - including his belt buckle, which causes his pants to fall down.
Police Academy 6: City Under Siege (1989) Lame comedy sequel. Accident-prone police captain falls from window-cleaning cradle on a tall building. He grabs his colleague's leg and the pants leg rips off, revealing banana-print boxer shorts.
Polyester (1981) Tab Hunter in white briefs.
Polyester (1981) Divine has a dream about a pizza delivery boy wearing only a jock.
Porky's (1981) The porksters strip to underwear then are frightened outside by a prank (couple guys in white briefs).
Porky's Revenge (1985) Great pool scene has the gang and others stripping to white briefs and boxers then jumping into pool then taking underwear off and having girls steal them so they can make a movie.
Prince Of The City (1981) Treat Williams is forced to strip down to his printed boxer shorts to prove he’s not carrying a wire (the wire is in his shorts).
Principal, The (1987) James Belushi answers the door, dressed in T-shirt, boxer shorts, and white socks. Sexy.
Prison (1988) New prisoners arriving are stripped to their underwear. Also later scene in which inmates line up outside in their underwear. Lots of guys, most of them not overly attractive.
Prison for Children (1987) (TV) THE UNDERWEAR MOVIE TO END ALL UNDERWEAR MOVIES!!!!! One hour and thirty minutes of gorgeous young guys in jail in their white T-shirts and briefs. Push play and get your vaseline ready.
Prisoner of War (1954) Sincere but two-dimensional drama exposing mistreatment of American POWs during Korean War. MGM garnished the movie with numerous scenes of good-looking hunks (Steve Forrest, Robert Horton, John Lupton, etc.) sweating and straining in a variety of torturous poses while stripped to their undershorts. The end result is sometimes like flicking through the pages of a "leather" magazine!
Private Parts (1997) Howard Stern and Fred Norris, in their underwear, get into a bathtub with an actress.
Private Resort (1985) A very young Johnny Depp in boxers (which he removes)
Professor Beware! (1938) Harold Lloyd and William Frawley (Fred, on I LOVE LUCY) exchange clothes inside a car. Both men strip to their boxer shorts and garters - which grows in craziness because William is drunk. Harold’s shorts are white, William wears what is described as a ‘pair of stripes’ - yoke-front boxers.
Promised Land (1988) Jason Gedrick on bed in white briefs.
P-S-S-S This movie about snakes has a scene with a beefy guy in white briefs.
Psycho IV: The Beginning (1991) (TV) Henry Thomas in white briefs being seduced by his mother, played by Olivia Hussey.
Pulp Fiction (1994) Cult crime drama. Bruce Willis in white boxers in his motel room with his girlfriend. Also, Eric Stolz in full cut print/pattern boxers (and tee shirt) for almost his entire drug-pusher role.
Pyrates (1991) Kevin Bacon jumping onto his co-star, and wife, Kyra Sedfewick wearing nothing but a jockstrap and a football helmet.
Quiet Little Neighborhood, a Perfect Little Murder, A (1990) (TV) Robert Urich goes to bed wearing a green T-shirt and white jocks (then gets out of bed screaming when he finds the decapitated head of a rabbit in it!)
Rabbit, Run (1970) James Caan in Jockeys 
Rack, The (1956) Paul Newman in military boxers, dresses before Edmond O’Brien.
Rage In Harlem, A (1991) Crime/love story. Chubby innocent Forest Whitaker gets stripped to his baby-blue boxers in seduction by femme fatale Robin Givens. Also, Gregory Hines in gold silk boxers.
Raging Bull (1980) Robert DeNiro is seen in several scenes in full-cut printed boxers. Authentic for the character he plays, but grungy.
Raising Arizona (1987) Nicolas Cage in full cut print boxers and a white athletic undershirt.
Rally ‘Round The Flag, Boys! (1958) Paul Newman is caught in his full-cut white boxer shorts in a Washington hotel room, while a sexy Joan Collins looks on.
Reaching For The Moon (1931) Douglas Fairbanks strips down to his white yoke-front boxer shorts and flexes his muscles in front of Edward Everett Horton.
Ready to Rumble (2000) Oliver Platt goes slumming in this dreadful wrestling comedy. One scene (in the middle of the movie) features him in white boxer-briefs, when the two stars awaken him in his trailer.
Ready, Willing And Able (1937) Two young men in opening shot, dressed normally from the waist up, are clad only in boxers and garters from the waist down.
Real Blonde, The (1997) Comedy. Several scenes show Joe (Matthew Modine) and/or Mary in their underwear.
Real Genius (1985) Val Kilmer lets his boxers hang out in this 1985 film.
Reckless (1984) Aidan Quinn does a slow strip to jockeys by a pool then jumps in and gets out soaking wet.
Red Shoe Diaries 2: Double Dare (1992) (TV) Drama. In one of the three short stories, a man (played by Arnold Vosloo) and a woman seduce each other by watching each other undress in front of their office windows. Vosloo is seen in a pair of dark blue Calvin Klein briefs.
Rent-a-Cop (1988) Action/comedy. Burt Reynolds strips to red-striped boxer shorts while Liza Minelli watches him in a mirror. Near beginning of film.
Rent-a-Kid (1995) Early on, Matt McCoy getting in boxers, getting into bed with his wife.
Replacements, The (2000) Comedy. "Clifford flirts with a female reporter in the locker room and stands in a somewhat suggestive pose wearing just a towel. We then see Nigel standing in just his jockey underwear, his hand cupping the bulge in the front of them".
Repo Man (1984) A young (crew cut) Emilio Estevez in two scenes with white briefs - maybe Hanes.
Return to Me (2000) Bland romantic comedy. Good scene with James Belushi walking round his house trying to round up the kids; He wears a blue T-shirt, light blue patterned boxers, and dark socks.
Revenge of the Nerds (1984) Early in the movie, John Carrdaine and Anthony Edwards (now of ER; also of Top Gun) are interrogated by fraternity members, Carrdaine in boxers and Anthony Edwards, very cute, in oversize white Jockeys.
Ricochet (1991) Cop thriller. To convince a hostage-taker he is unarmed, Denzel Washington strips to his white boxer shorts at the start of the movie.
Right Stuff, The (1983) Ed Harris, who plays John Glenn, is shown wearing skin-tight body-hugging white longjohns in the astronaut changing room.
Risky Business (1983) Of course, Tom Cruise dancing in his white briefs. In addition to the dance scene, there’s a clear, long close-up shot of Tom Cruise’s white briefs showing a definite bulge as he stands in front of his desk looking at a phone book for hookers.
River, The (1984) Mel Gibson takes off his pants before climbing into bed with Sissy Spacek. Mel wears classic white hip-hugging jockey briefs.
Road House (1989) Action drama. Scene of Sam Elliot in red union suit when his house is burned down.
Road Trip (2000) Comedy. "The camera passes by a sleeping student and we see an obvious erection in his underwear". Also skinny kid Kyle (DJ Qualls) in bed with a buxom woman.
Road to Wellville, The (1994) Matthew Broderick in diaper - at Kellogg’s first health spa.
Robin Hood: Men in Tights (1993) Spoof comedy. Has a throwaway gag where a guy re-sheaths his two daggers but cuts his belt, causing his pants to fall down and revealing his long underwear.
Robot Jox (1991) Gary Graham and bunch of other hunks wearing futuristic skin-tight lycra suits in this gladiator type movie.
Rocky Horror Picture Show, The (1975) Barry Bostwick in white Jockeys.
Rogue Trader (1998) Ewan McGregor as Nick Leeson (who brought down Barings Bank), in silk boxers.
Romeo + Juliet (1996) Romeo (Leonardo DiCaprio), after his night with Juliet, gets out of bed and dresses hurriedly. Juliet's nurse enjoys an eyeful.
Romeo Must Die (2000) Action. About ten minutes into the film, Han (Jet Li) makes a daring prison escape disguised in the uniform of one of his victims - leaving one of the screws stripped down to his pale grey boxer shorts. In a later fight scene, Han whips off a man's belt, sending him spinning and causing his pants to fall down. He hardly has time to react with embarrassment as his colorful little briefs are revealed, before Han ties him, leaving him trussed up, pants down, legs in the air.
Room for Romeo Brass, A (1999) A pair of blue Y-fronts feature prominently in some of the promotional material. How do they feature in the film?
Rudy (1993) A couple of locker room scenes of guys in white briefs.
Rumble in the Bronx (1996) (Hong faan kui (1995)) Comic kung-fu action. Ten minutes into the movie, Jackie Chan, newly arrived in New York, is awakened in the night by a motorcycle gang outside. He has to rush down the fire escape to protect his uncle's borrowed limousine. When the danger has passed, he's embarrassed to find himself locked out in the street in his underwear (a grey-blue union suit) and plaintively calls to his fast-asleep uncle to let him back in. At the very end of the movie, the lead bad guy is run over by a hovercraft, which leaves him face-down on the ground, almost naked, with his clothes torn to shreds.
Run (1991) Patrick Dempsey, in an effort to escape destruction, grabs onto a gangster’s trousers on the top of a tall building. The trousers rip, revealing full-cut boxers.
Run of the Country, The (1995) Matt Keeslar (hunky) in an outdoor scene wearing wet, white bikini briefs and shorter scene with Albert Finney (60ish) exercising in Y-fronts.
Runaway Train (1985) Eric Roberts strips to boxers. Jon Voight naked. Both are rubbing tar and cellophane around bodies to escape from jail.
Running Brave (1983) Robbie Benson. GOOD locker/shower room scene. 
Running On Empty 12 year old boy in jockey shorts
Running Scared (1986) Police action/comedy. Two cops (Gregory Hines, Billy Crystal) chase drug dealer (Jimmy Smits) in his red briefs from an apartment to a stand-off in the stairwell. Bad guy seizes hostage and forces them to hand over their pants, and they have to return to the police station in their long underwear. And in a very short scene at the end, we see a bunch of security guards who’ve been stripped and tied up.
Rush Week (1994) Handsome frat boy dances with a girl who pulls down his pants, but he doesn’t seem to mind showing off his designer briefs.
Sad Sack, The (1957) Army comedy with Jerry Lewis. He and two army buddies sleep in the women's dorm by mistake. In the morning, they realise their mistake, but too late - the women discover their clothes and catch the men trying to escape in their underwear.
Safe House (1999/I) Psychological drama. Guy wearing dark boxer shorts gets into bed with his wife, early in the film.
Safe Men (1998) Comedy. Sam Rockwell (who is also very hot in "Lawn Dogs", alas no underwear scenes) and another guy change their clothes, revealing a quick shot of their white briefs.
Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma (1975) Depicts several adolescent males in their white briefs being subjected to verbal and sexual torture. Disturbing film, but does have some good scenes that are non-graphic. Ironically, the director of the film was murdered by a male prostitute. Available on laserdisc from Voyager press.
Salvador (1986) Jim Belushi in T-shirt and white briefs couple of scenes with James Woods naked and in boxers.
Saturday Night Fever (1977) Disco dance film featuring John Travolta’s black bikini briefs.
Save The Tiger (1973) Jack Lemmon in his Oscar winning performance, dresses early in the film, putting on boxers and garters at one point.
Scanners (1981) Sci-fi horror. Near the end, the hero barges into a doctor's surgery, where a middle-aged patient is sitting in his undershorts.
Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989) Comedy. Near the end of the film, Robert Beltran is forced to have sex with Ray Sharkey as payment for a bet. Beltran is seen in a white A-shirt and blue print boxers. Sharkey removes the A-shirt, and a glimpse of Beltran's butt is seen as Sharkey pulls the boxers down.
Scent of a Woman (1992) Chris O’Donnell sleeps on the couch in Al Pacino’s hotel room in his boxer shorts.
School Daze (1988) Spike Lee and seven other fraternity initiates are lined up and ordered to 'drop the sweats' and 'assume the position' for a paddling. Pants down and bent over, they all stand in their white shorts to receive the humiliating punishment.
School Spirit (1985) Hero’s roommate pulled out of bed sleepy and dazed, wearing only his jockeys.
School Ties (1992) Chris O’Donnell, Brendan Fraser 
Score 10 (XXX), Huge Video dir. Matt Sterling, 1993(?) Jockstraps and sports gear figure prominently throughout this pornvid. Standouts include Chad Knight enjoying Blade Thompson’s jockstrap in the locker-room; Michael Gere’s sex scene in a pile of sweaty underwear and football uniforms; and Dcota’s body-worship of Ryan Idol.
Scorned [?] Ben Teen stripped to silk boxer and spanked.
Scout, The (1994) Drama. Baseball player Brendan Fraser slides across a hardwood floor in underwear and white socks.
Sea of Love (1989) Al Pacino wearing black shirt and white briefs.
Secret of My Success, The (1987) Several scenes of Michael J. Fox stripping down to plaid boxer shorts, often getting caught in the act.
Semi-Tough (1977) Burt Reynolds is told to strip down to his white trim-cut boxers and is given a torturous massage by a very German sounding Lotte Lenya.
Senseless (1998) A predictable comedy that benefits from multiple scenes of Marlon Wayans in his underwear. He drops his pants in a shop doorway, in a college lab (scratching his butt against a bench), in the bathroom (and with his underwear pulled down to give himself an injection), and in a disastrous failed sex scene followed by assault by his angry girlfriend and rescue by his roommate. Most of the time he wears black boxer briefs. He also gets mugged and left in the street in nothing but his socks.
Separate Peace Preppy teenagers hanging around dorm rooms in their boxer shorts. Set in the forties; based on John Knowles novel.
September 30, 1955 (1978) Couple of scenes of Richard Thomas in his basic whites.
Serpent and the Rainbow, The (1988) Several scenes with leading man Bill Pullman in briefs.
Serpico (1973) Drama. Al Pacino grabs a corrupt tough guy with an attitude, rips the guy’s pants down, revealing boxer shorts, rips the shorts down, and then throws the guy into a jail cell to show him who’s boss. The tactic is effective.
Seven Year Itch, The (1955) Tom Ewell, who obsesses over Marilyn Monroe, performs a rumba in his bathroom where his pants drop, revealing printed full-cut boxers.
Seventh Sign, The Lou Diamond Phillips - quick shot of Lou in FTLs.
She’s Gotta Have It (1986) Comedy-drama. John Canada Terrell peels off his shirt, and takes an agonisingly long time folding it and folding it. What a body! Eventually he gets around to the shorts, and underneath he has on beautiful little bikini briefs. Spike Lee also appears in white jockeys.
She's Having a Baby (1988) Kevin Bacon in Perry Ellis white briefs. Awesome scene. Think Bacon’s cute? Watch this one!
Short Circuit (1986) Comedy. Cute robot repulses an intruder by zapping his belt buckle, causing his pants to fall down and revealing his boxer shorts.
Short Cuts (1993) Sean Penn’s brother Christopher in black briefs and black T-shirt maybe some other scenes too.
Sid and Nancy (1986) Gary Oldman in leopard bikinis.
Silence of the Heart (1984) (TV) A movie about teen suicide: Chad Lowe at about 16 climbs to a diving board, does a sexy strip down to his white briefs, shows off his butt, then jumps into the water. A great scene - try to find it.
Silencers, The (1966) Dean Martin loses his pants because of Stella Stevens, and covers his bare legs and white boxer shorts with a Mexican poncho.
Silent Trigger (1996) Thriller starring Dolph Lundgren, who is lying on a mattress on the floor in his patterned boxer shorts in the opening scene.
Silverado (1985) Western. Traversing some very picturesque country as he rides through the opening credits, Emmett encounters Paden (Kevin Kline), left for dead in the middle of the desert wearing only his underwear. Paden makes it to the next town with nothing but his underwear and a coin Emmett gives him.
Simply Irresistible (1999) Comedy/romance. Sean Patrick Flanery in a tux shop wearing just boxers, a T-shirt, and knee length black socks.
Sirens (1994) Supposed blind man posing for painter Norman Lindsay and he ain’t wearin’ no underwear. I don’t remember the name of the actor but I only remember the film because of this scene.
Sixth Sense, The (1999) "We see a deranged adult man in his underwear."
Sketch Artist (1992) (TV) (?) Thriller. Jeff Fahey in spotted boxers. 
Ski School II (1995) At a bachelor party, every young man present has his pants pulled off revealing every kind of printed full-cut boxers imaginable!
Skin Deep (1989) John Ritter
Sky Bride (1931) Richard Arlen in white boxers and garters gets caught out on a window ledge.
Sky High couple of teens undress to jockeys
Slap Shot (1977) At an ice hockey match that has degenerated into a fight, player Michael Ontkean brings it all to a halt by skating out onto the ice and stripping to his jockstrap, to the delight of the crowd. Scene is near the end of the movie. Also a long scene with Paul Newman wearing heart-printed boxers.
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (1957) Scene were a gangster type is made to be stripped down to his full cut boxer shorts at police headquarters.
Sleepaway Camp (1983) Teenage boys at summer camp opt for late-night skinny-dip. Some quick shots in briefs and bare-bottomed. Some of the actors don’t look too happy to be in this scene.
Sleepers (1996) Nokes makes Shakes (Jason Patric) strip his clothes and Shakes is seen standing in his underwear before removing it.
Sliver (1993) Not sure if Mr. Baldwin is in his underwear, but he is definitely wearing some revealing pants!!
Slums of Beverly Hills (1998) We see Ben (David Krumholtz) eating dinner on the floor in his underwear and later see him singing a song in the same state of dress. We also see younger brother Rickey (Eli Marienthal) in his underwear.
Small Change (1976) (L'Argent de poche) Comedy/drama directed by Francois Truffaut. At the end, the boys are called from their classroom to come and take their annual school physicals. In the next scene they are all lined up in the interior courtyard of the school, in their briefs and undershirts, waiting to see the school doctor.
Small Circle of Friends, A (1980) Brad Davis. Draft scene.
So Fine (1981) Comedy. This movie has an extended scene with Ryan O'Neal wearing no pants and black OTC socks where he is being chased around the house.
So I Married an Axe Murderer (1993) Mike Myers wanders around in white briefs and a shirt at the beginning of the movie. Later he operates a Thigh Master wearing red striped boxers.
So This Is Paris (1954) Tony Curtis and two other sailor buddies sing and dance through several scenes in white Navy Skivvies. Fifties cute.
Soapdish (1991) Kevin Klein. Great shot of him through hotel window in boxer-briefs.
Society (1989) Satirical horror. A couple of underwear scenes, one a rather revolting horror scene.
Soft Deceit (1994) Thriller. Early scene in which a woman pulls a gun on a group of cops making an arrest, frees the suspect and forces the cops to drop their pants, for a momentary exposure on the street.
Soldier's Story, A (1984) Drama. Howard E. Rollins Jr. for a few minutes in his 1940s army-issue white undershirt and khaki boxers; another scene with soldiers including Denzel Washington in the barracks room in their underwear.
Some Came Running (1958) Drama. Dino (Dean Martin) shaves in his underwear, black otc's and dress shoes.
Some Girls (1989) Patrick Dempsey. Long scene of him and his girlfriend in his bedroom at her mansion. While they are kissing, she is stripping him down. Then he sits on his bed, nude while she talks on the phone. He chases her, while still nude, through the house. About halfway through the movie.
Some Kind of Hero (1981) Comedy-drama. At the very start of the movie, Richard Pryor, on his first day in Vietnam, is embarrassed to be caught by the enemy with his pants down. In another scene, his white boxers are seen momentarily as he dresses. Later, he robs two guys and forces them to strip and throw out all their clothes; when he comments on the fancy shorts, the embarrassed victim explains that they were 'a gift'.
Something For Everyone (1970) Michael York shows off his body to a teen-aged boy in this film. He wears skimpy briefs for the occasion and - swings both ways.
Sometimes a Great Notion (1971) Michael Sarrazin and Paul Newman in white Jockeys.
Son-In-Law (1993) Pauly Shore in various stages of dress/undress. Lots of skin-tight lycra shirts/shorts and a bare-butt chaps shot too!
Soul Man (1986) C. Thomas Howell in White Jockeys in opening sequence.
Spetters (1980) Paul Verhoeven’s coming of age story with sex scenes (and even an erotic gay rape scene) far more explicit than anything to be found in American films.
Split, The (1998/I) Crime drama. A young guy changes after a violent heist, and his long underwear and black bikinis are glimpsed. One of the gang later flashes his long underwear in the street.
Spot Marks the X (1986) (TV) Family movie. Animal control officer is robbed of his uniform and left in the back of his truck in his white T-shirt and boxer shorts.
Sprung (1997) Romantic comedy. Trouserless through fifteen minutes early on in this film, handsome and muscular black guy Clyde (Joe Torry) suffers an escalating series of indignities, being soaked, bawled out, punched out, carried through the streets on top of a car, robbed, arrested, and finally put through a humiliating identification line-up at the police station, clad only in his green briefs.
Square Jungle, The (1955) Tony Curtis takes his pants off while talking to his father (Jim Backus). This full-cut boxer short scene is early in the film.
Stand by Me (1986) A very young Wil Wheaton and River Phoenix clamber out of a river and strip to their briefs to pluck off some leeches. In addition to River Phoenix and the kid from Star Trek, the fat kid is Qwinn from Sliders.
Stars And Bars (1989) Daniel Day Lewis is seen in conservatively striped boxers, and distinguished as he is, is forced to strip bare-assed by several thugs.
State Fair (1962) Pat Boone comes home drunk and gets put to bed by his daddy, Tom Ewell. Pat is seen in full-cut powder blue boxer short... yes, Pat Boone!
Staying Together (1989) Sean Astin and Dermot Mulroney in white briefs.
Stealing Beauty (1996) Drama. D.W. Moffett in boxers. And one guy who strips to his purple boxers and then naked before diving into a swimming pool.
Steel Magnolias (1989) Locker-room scene after game. Lots of nude butts, jock-straps and towels.
Steptoe and Son (1972) Comedy based on TV sitcom. Harry H. Corbett changes his clothes while conversing with his father; underneath, he has on a string vest and pale blue, striped boxers. Near the end, he gets beaten up, debagged and spun around in a pub brawl, eventually escaping in his shirt and tie, socks, and striped boxers.
Sterile Cuckoo, The (1969) Wendell Burton appears in white boxers in several scenes. In one scene about 45 minutes into the move, he strips to boxers shorts with an open fly; in another scene, the viewer gets a shot up Burton’s leg.
Stir Crazy (1980) Comedy. Gene Wilder, Richard Pryor and assorted prisoners wearing big boxer shorts.
Stone Boy, The (1984) A young Dean Cain, early in the movie, shows his white briefs.
Stone Cold (1991) Actor: Brian Bosworth (hunky ex-football player) answers door and walks back to bathroom in black bikini briefs. Quick scene, but nice.
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot (1992) Sylvester Stallone in bed with black briefs.
Stormy Monday (1988) The lead actor (is it Sean Bean?) in white boxers and naked.
Straight Out of Brooklyn (1991) Straight-ahead family/ghetto/crime story. Young Larry Gilliard Jr. seen in white T-shirt and long johns, and his father George T. Odom in his long underwear in another scene. And one young guy says that when he gets rich he's going to get some gold Fruit of the Looms, but sadly, it doesn't happen.
Strange Bedfellows (1965) Rock Hudson in white full-cut boxer shorts is thrown out into the rain by an angry Gina Lollobrigida.
Strange One, The (1957) Ben Gazzara dressed in black full-cut boxer shorts and garters as he plays a sadistic upper classman who torments men at a Southern military school.
Strawberry And Chocolate (Fresa y chocolate) (1993) A gorgeous young Cuban actor appears in various stages of undress and several times in his underwear. Very sexy.
Strike! (1998) (All I Wanna Do (2000)) Comedy. Two-thirds into the film, about four or five local guys sneak onto the girl's school grounds and beat up four of the guys visiting from the all-boys school -- stripping them down to their underwear and taking their school uniforms for themselves so they can enter the joint-school dance. After the dance when the guys get back onto the bus for their trip back to the boy's school, the four unlucky ones get on without their school uniforms.
Stripes (1981) Lots of cadet boxer scenes.
Striptease (1996) You’ll be able to catch Burt Reynolds several times in boxers throughout this Demi Moore flick.
Such Good Friends (1971) Ken Howard and Laurence Luckinbill.
Sugar Hill (1993) (Harlem) Crime drama. One gangster is shot while lying on his bed in his white undershirt, striped shorts, and socks. Another strips to his black boxer-briefs with a white waistband; initially playful, he becomes aggressive towards his date, but she escapes.
Summer Job (1989) Teen comedy. Three revenge-minded girls take this 1980's club guy and seduce him; they end up taking his shirt off and undoing and dropping his pants, revealing white jockeys with what appears to be a watermelon print over them. Then, they push him into the water. What a sap. There are several more underwear scenes in this movie; there's underwear for every type of underwear enthusiast: lifegtuard is trying to impress babes on the beach when his pants are ripped away by a fishing-line prank; in another, the nerdy, dorky kid is stripped to his boxers by girls, then naked. Lots of underwear...
Summer of Sam (1999) Excellent scenes of the stars (under their 1977-style clothes)in colorful skimpy blue bikini briefs, black briefs, and white Fruit of the Loom briefs where the dude bends over at one point and shows us his hot tight ass in his transparent white briefs...
Sunday Drive (1986) (TV) Disney family comedy. Long mid-movie scene with the male co-lead in a hotel room in his white undershirt and boxers, dark socks and shoes.
Sunset Park (1996) (Coach) Comedy. Unlikely basketball coach Rhea Perlman walks into the locker room; one of the players is embarrassed to be caught in his red boxer briefs and quickly covers himself.
Superstar (1999) Comedy. "At the talent competition, Howard states that he's going to do the "full monty" and we see him drop his drawers (he's in his boxers), but he's quickly escorted off the stage".
Surrender (1987) Comedy. Early on, terrorists invade a black tie affair and force everyone to strip naked. Various shots of many men as they remove their pants and socks.
Survivors, The (1983) Customers at a tacky diner forced at gunpoint to strip. Robin Williams in boxers, and a cute preppy guy strips to his T-shirt and briefs, pulling down the T-shirt to minimise exposure.
Sweet and Lowdown (1999) Comedy-drama. Sean Penn looking authentic in thirties-style full cut patterned boxers and a white athletic undershirt.
Sweet Dreams (1985) Patsy Cline story, with Ed Harris in printed boxer shorts, about halfway through movie.
Sweet Liberty (1986) Comedy. Alan Alda getting dressed, in powder-blue boxer shorts.
Swimmer, The (1968) Drama, where a young hunky Burt Lancaster runs around in an old time Speedo type swimsuit in I believe the whole movie. Very dramatic flick but some great shots!!
Swingers (1996) Comedy. Vince Vaughn in full cut print boxers and a white athletic undershirt. All his friends appear to wear white athletic undershirts throughout the movie.
T Bone N Weasel (1992) (TV) Christopher Lloyd goes swimming in white jockeys.
Taking of Pelham One Two Three, The (1974) Classic thriller. At the end of the movie, an older hijacker celebrates his success, rolling on his bed with the money, in his robe and long johns.
Talented Mr. Ripley, The (1999) Matt Damon is briefly shown cavorting in Dickie Greenleaf's tuxedo, without pants.
Tall Story (1960) Anthony Perkins has to make a quick change in public in order to save the basketball game. Anne Jackson tries to shield Anthony - in vain.
Tank (1984) James Garner forces Deputy Sheriff James Cromwell to strip in public. The underwear seen is momentary as Mr. Cromwell is handcuffed bare-assed to a pole.
Tank Girl (1995) Some cute guy strips down to his boxers then takes them off and you get a nice scene from the rear. Short but good at the beginning of the movie.
Taxi Driver (1976) Robert DeNiro
Teacher, The (1974) Jay North in white briefs.
Teacher’s Pet (1958) Gig Young gets his trousers pulled off by Clark Gable.
Teenage Bonnie and Klepto Clyde (1993) Scott Wolf; haven’t actually seen the movie, but I’ve got LOADS of pix from it where he’s in just jeans or boxers, sprawled out on the bed. Enjoy!
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III (1993) "A 300-pound jailer swaggers around in his underwear." And the four turtles visit ancient Japan in a body-swap time-travel gimmick that leaves four Samurai warriors transported into the present in their underwear.
Teorema (1968) Italian Film By Piers-Paolo Pasolini. Quite early in the movie, a gay boy springs to his baggy white Jockey briefs; a male houseguast (handsome), sharing his room, also strips to white briefs. They go to bed; the boy gets out of bed to gaze at the guy and caress him; they guy wakes up and seduces him. Skinny kid but cute.
Terminator, The (1984) Rick Rossanvich battles Arnold wearing nothing but his white jockeys.
Terms Of Endearment (1983) Jack Nicholson comes home drunk with two girls half his age one night. Jack is in his full-cut powder blue boxers. Shirley MacLaine looks on.
That Certain Feeling [That Funny Feeling (1965)?] Bobby Darin. Takes suit off and give to dry cleaner at door to be pressed. Then goes to closet and finds that all his other clothes are gone. Grabs short coat and climbs out window and into street in boxers, shoes, socks and garters. Goes to use phone and is surrounded by people. Funny scene.
That Was Then... This Is Now (1985) Emilio Estevez in classic Jockey briefs - pretty quick scene, but a great shot nevertheless.
The Cowboys Bunkhouse scene of young boys in union suits
Thelma & Louise (1991) Brad Pitt...his character was getting Geena Davis laid ... the elastic band of his white Y-fronts (I think) could be seen at the open fly...
There's Nothing Out There (1991) Comedy/Horror. Guy in white briefs fooling around with his girlfriend.
There’s Something About Mary (1998) Romantic comedy. Some underwear to be glimpsed when police arrest guys cruising a highway rest area.
They Call Me Mister Tibbs! (1970) Drama. Fifteen minutes into the movie, Sidney Poitier questions Martin Landau in connection with a murder, and takes away his clothes for investigation. Landau wears a white T-shirt and boxers, and black socks.
This Is Spinal Tap (1984) - Special Edition DVD (MGM, 2000) Comedy. For many years, a four-hour bootleg has been circulating of footage that didn't make the final cut of This is Spinal Tap. Most of the best scenes are included as supplemental material on the DVD version of the film. The bootleg as a whole is rather dull, but here is one of the memorable scenes: after Tommy the limo driver delivers pizzas to the band in their hotel room, Nigel gets him to smoke marijuana. Soon Tommy has stripped to his underwear, giving his best stoned rendition of All the Way. He passes out.
This Year's Love (1999) British romantic comedy/drama. Scene with a guy sitting on a bed while a woman helps take off his trousers, revealing his white boxer briefs.
Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines, or How I Flew from London to Paris in 25 hours 11 minutes (1965) Comedy. An aviator makes emergency repairs in-flight, going out on the wing and using his belt to patch it up. His pants start to slip down, and before he can get back inside the plane, he loses them completely. He lands safely in his long underwear.
Three for the Road (1987) Long scene with Charlie Sheen in blue Calvin briefs.
Three Kings (1999) Edgy war adventure. Early on, some American soldiers partying are in their underwear, and some Iraqi prisoners of war being stripped, though limited views. Mark Wahlberg is taken prisoner and stripped to his white long johns. Jamie Kennedy is also caught by Iraqi soldiers, who make him strip to his dark briefs ... he pleads for his pants, but the soldiers just give him back his boots and helmet and send him on his way.
Threesome (1994) Stephen Baldwin and Josh Charles, boxers and white briefs.
Tiger And The Pussycat, The (1967) Vittorio Gassman thinks he’s alone in his office at work, and changes his pants revealing white boxers and garters. What he doesn’t know is that Ann-Margaret is watching him through a spy-glass.
Tiger on Beat (Lo foo chut gang) (1988) Hong Kong action movie. "With first rate set pieces including a trouserless pursuit, ... the film is fun from start to finish".
Tiger’s Tale, A (1987) C.Thomas Howel in white briefs.
Tight Trousers (1989) Nominated for BAFTA's Best Short Film award, this gem of a comedy has a great ending: fearing that a missing poisonous spider is inside his clothes, a muscular black guy desperately strips to his underpants and flees the house, only to find himself locked out of his car. Standing in the road in his white silk heart-print boxer shorts, he delivers a little soliloquy about self-preservation, then tries to run home through dark London streets. Eventually, he gets a lift home from the police.
Tim (1979) Probably one of Mel Gibson’s first movies. Some nice scenes of him at the beach in Speedos.
Timescape (1992) Sci-fi drama. Jeff Daniels in briefs in the opening scene.
Tin Cup (1996) Kevin Costner is in a fairly long scene (several minutes) wearing a pair of paisley print boxer shorts.
Titanic (1997) Blockbuster romantic melodrama on the doomed ship. As it starts to sink, a couple of guys are awakened and step out into the corridor in their long underwear.
To Die for (1995) Drama/comedy. Matt Dillon as the husband of Nicole Kidman, in the costume of full cut loud print boxers and white athletic undershirt.
To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) Drama. Fleeing the Radley house, Jem's (Phillip Alford's) overalls get snagged in the wire mesh - he discards his pants to get untangled and runs toward home in his underwear. To avoid being whipped by his father for not having his pants, Jem disappears through the fence to go back and retrieve his overalls...
To Live and Die in L.A. (1985) William Peterson makes immigrant take off clothes to white collar shirt and blue briefs (then terrorists shoot him).
To Play or to Die (1990) (Spelen of sterven) Dutch short subject (48 mins) about a young boy and his crush on another boy who torments him. There is a lengthy locker scene midway through the movie in which we see several boys in undershirts and briefs; Charel (the bully) is forced to take off his pants and put them on his head while singing a song as punishment for harassing Kees (the protaganist of the piece).
Tootsie (1982) Dustin Hoffman takes off his pants to try on his girlfriend’s dress. In doing so, he shows the audience his dark navy blue briefs.
Top Dog (1995) Action comedy thriller. Two scenes of Chuck Norris in boxer shorts - polka dots in one, hearts in another.
Top Gun (1986) Tom Cruise and others.
Top Secret (1984) A quick comic scene in restaurant of Val Kilmer in powder blue boxers being fitted for proper restaurant attire.
Touch And Go (1986) About halfway through the movie, a boy about 14 years old (played by Ajay Naidu) gets out of bed wearing white briefs and, without putting on pants, engages in conversation for about a minute with his mother’s boyfriend (played by the somewhat more well known Michael Keaton) who is wearing dark colored briefs.
Touch of Larceny, A (1959) George Sanders appears in boxers and garters in the changing room of a health spa.
Toy Soldiers (1991) Sean Astin andWil Wheaton (both in boxers), Keith Coogan in Jockeys. Another guy who looks like Mario Lopez in colored briefs. Others in boxers. Couple of nice scenes. Sean Astin also appears in wet, white briefs - and strips them off to show some nice butt.
Trading Places (1983) Dan Akroyd in preppy Brooks Brother boxer shorts, and later Jim Belushi in full-cut boxers and a gorilla suit, show off their stuff.
Trick (1999) Mark (John Paul Pitoc) walks over to Gabriel (Christian Campbell) who's seated at the piano and caresses him, causing Gabriel to remove his shirt (and Mark removes his pants down to his underwear). Mark then gets under the piano and starts to pull off Gabriel's underwear.
Trippin' (1999) High-school comedy. Donald Faison (also in "Clueless (1995)"), wearing blue boxer shorts with a gun-belt print and "FRISK ME" on the waistband, is caught making out with another guy's girl, and ends up being chased off down the street in just his underwear and white socks. Midway through the film.
Trixie (2000) "Some street punks try to rob Trixie, but she holds her gun on them and tells them to strip. We then see the punks in various stages of undress, including one who briefly shows what looked like a very brief glimpse of male full frontal nudity".
True Identity (1991) Comedy. Womanising sidekick Duane (Charles Lane, who also directed) appears a few times in his colourful boxer shorts.
True Lies (1994) Comic action movie. Arnold Schwarzenegger intimidates his wife’s would-be seducer, abducting him and abandoning him out of town in his white undershirt and silk boxers.
True Love (1989/I) Ron Eldard (now on ER) goes into bathroom in white A-shirt and grey briefs.
True Romance (1993) Brad Pitt in dirty boxers the whole movie.
Truman (1995) (TV) Biographical dramatization. Gary Sinise as the young Harry S. Truman, in his thirties-style white union suit in an early scene while he talks to his wife and attends to his baby daughter.
Tuff Turf (1985) Great locker room scenes.
Tunnel Of Love (1958) Richard Widmark runs about his house in his wide-plaid full-cut boxer shorts, trying to swat a mouse with a rolled up newspaper.
Turner & Hooch (1989) Tom Hanks in black bikinis.
Twins (1988) Arnold Schwarzenegger has his first sexual experience with a woman wearing powder blue full-cut boxer shorts.
Twisted (1986) Christian Slater gets his pants pulled down; wearing white briefs.
Two For The Road (1967) Albert Finney plays around with Audrey Hepburn in his white boxers. A funny romantic scene of love-play.
Two If By Sea (1995) Dennis Leary romps around a rich man’s house in what look like grey CK boxer briefs - along with his beautiful girlfriend, Sandra Bullock.
U.S. Marshals (1998) Action. Wesley Snipes steals a guy's uniform and leaves him tied up in the back of his own van (Robert Kurcz / Kidnapped Man?). We see him for a moment in his shirt and underpants, confirming to the police that he was left tied up for six hours.
Undercover Blues (1993) Droll, underappreciated spy spoof starring Dennis Quaid and Kathleen Turner. Quaid is briefly glimpsed in a pair of striped boxers early in the movie. There is a scene later in the movie where bad guy Muerte (Stanley Tucci) is forced to strip, but we don't get a chance to see his underwear (it is implied that he isn't wearing any, but it would be nice to see for sure).
Unfaithfully Yours (1948) Rex Harrison puts on white yoke-front boxer shorts.
Unforgiven (1992) Western. Clint Eastwood kills a guy in an outhouse. The dead man's union suit is clearly visible.
Unlawful Entry (1992) Kurt Russell in white T-shirt and briefs in bed.
Up on the Roof (1997) Uninspired drama, but a nice moment at the very start, where a student takes a restroom break during an exam, and is seen sitting on the toilet, shirt up, pants down, in his blue briefs, to read the cheat notes written on his limbs. Also, one guy in white T-shirt and mauve briefs in a minor practical joke in his flat.
Up the Academy (1980) Lots of young cadets in boxers.
Up the Creek (1984) Comedy. Guys stripped and tied up in a river-rafting race.
Uptown Saturday Night (1974) Comedy. Sidney Poitier, Bill Cosby and many other black people in a gambling den are forced at gunpoint to strip to their underwear. Favourite guy wears green shirt, white skivvies.
Used Cars (1980) Kurt Russell gets out of bed in red briefs.
Vanishing Point (1971) Road movie. Lee Weaver for a moment, answering the phone in his boxer shorts.
Varsity Blues (1999) Fat guy strips to his striped boxers on stage in a club.
Vernon Johns Story, The (1994) (TV) Drama. Civil rights activist Pastor Johns (James Earl Jones), in his undershirt and boxer shorts, absent-mindedly opens the door to a slightly shocked parishioner.
Vigo (1998) Biographical dramatisation. Vigo (James Frain) is asleep, trouserless, on the floor, in his white long johns. His friends come in and try to get him dressed for a meeting.
Village of the Damned (1995) Christopher Reeves, woken up by a strange noise early in the morning, jumped out of bed in his white Hanes.
Virtual Sexuality (1999) Haven’t seen the movie, but there’s some nice underwear in the trailer.
Vision Quest (1985) Matthew Modine and others. Nice scene of line of young hunks in briefs. Better look quick for Modie tho. Real quick shot from behind.
Visit To A Small Planet (1960) A traffic cop loses his pants - revealing for everyone his plaid trim-cut boxers - when UFO alien Jerry Lewis makes it happen telekinetically.
Volunteers (1985) Comedy. Tom Hanks, in white T-shirt and boxers, falls out of a doorway and lands face-down in the mud.
Voodoo Academy (2000) Story of 6 college boys enrolled in a supposed Bible College who spend a great deal of the movie in their boxer briefs. A little cheesy, very homoerotic. A must for undie lovers.
Vultures (1983) Scene with guy in white skivvies in bed at beginning.
Wager, The (1998) Richard enters his apartment and encounters an odd man dressed in his underwear and holding a box.
Wages Of Fear (Salaire de la Peur, Le) (1953) Probably one of the first briefs scenes ever. Yves Montand getting out of bed in an A-shirt and white French-cut briefs
Waking Ned Devine (1998) Comedy. Ian Bannen has to strip off his clothes to donate them to his friend (who's naked for some reason) to impersonate deceased lottery winner Ned. Then, in his white undershorts and red safety helmet, he has to ride off to fetch the winning ticket.
Waking the Dead (1999) "Fielding (Billy Crudup) in his underwear".
Walk, Don’t Run (1966) Cary Grant strips down to his boxers in his last film, and runs a marathon, pretending his boxer shorts are really running shorts. "The movie reaches the peak of absurdity when Cary gets drawn into the Olympic games in his boxer shorts and is left to take a bus home in his underwear".
Wall Street (1987) Charlie Sheen in several scenes wearing boxer shorts
Wanderers, The (1979) Unknown actor is spending the night with the guy who played "Meat" in the Porky’s movies. Gets into bed in his white briefs and tucked-in T-shirt.
War of the Buttons (1994) Gangs of Irish boys engage in a 'war' in which they collect the buttons from their opponents clothes. Cue some running around undressed, and a scene toward the end where one guy is captured on his own: they force him to strip, burn his clothes, and send him off in his underwear ... only to be hauled through the streets of the village, in his underwear, by his enraged father.
War Of The Wildcats (1943) John Wayne in his white western longjohns, steals a suit from an oil tycoon. John is caught wearing the outfit in a saloon, where he is told to give back the suit - to strip down to his underwear in the public gathering.
War, The (1994) Elijah Wood - short scene w/ Elijah in Hanes.
Watchers II (1990) Marc Singer getting dressed. Short scene where he’s just in white briefs.
Way For A Sailor (1930) John Gilbert gets stripped down to his socks and yoke-front boxers by a bunch of his fellow shipmates.
Wayne's World (1992) Mike Myers in the bedroom in his white briefs - one scene lasts about five minutes!
Wayne's World 2 (1993) Comedy. Mike Myers asleep on his bed, and in his dream sequence, in his black Wayne's World baseball cap, black T-shirt and fancy red boxer shorts. 15 minutes into the movie.
Wedding Banquet, The (1993) The Asian guy in blue jockeys after his assumed Asian wife rips off pants.
Wedding, A (1978) Bathroom scene of Dezi Arnez Jr. wearing blue Jockey Life Slim-Guy briefs.
Weeds (1987) Nick Nolte getting out of bed with a co-ed and gets into his jockey’s, but shows it all before he can get them on. Also a scene during a play where another actor lets his hard cock hang out of the fly of his boxers and bounce up and down, very hot!
Weird Science (1985) Sci-fi comedy. Wyatt (Ilan Mitchell-Smith), a 16-17 year old in women’s bikini briefs....very nice shaped butt.
Welcome to Woop Woop (1997) Comedy. Jonathan Schaech in several scenes in white briefs.
What Do You Say To A Naked Lady? (1970) Naked Ladies are not the only people caught on tape by the candid camera ... boxers ... briefs ... and yes, naked gentlemen too!
Wenn sie ja sagt, sag ich nicht nein (1983) Marcel is thrown out of his apartment by his girlfriend early in the morning, without shoes or trousers and his coffee cup still in his hand.
What a Whopper! (1961) Feeble farce. Adam Faith loses his trousers when they catch fire as he's drying them out, and he has to get home in his white boxers.
What We Did That Night (1999) (TV) (Murder at Devil's Glen) Thriller. Young, blond lead gets out of bed in his shorts, near the beginning and the end of the movie.
What Women Want (2000) Comedy. Mel Gibson shaves his legs and then is embarrassed to be caught in black underwear, trying on women's stockings.
What's Up, Doc? (1972) Ryan O’Neil. In boxers with a bow tie around his bare neck.
Whatever Happened to Harold Smith? (1999) Comedy. Young guy dancing in T-shirt and briefs.
Whatever It Takes (2000) Teen comedy. "Maggie tells Chris (James Franco) to get comfortable, so he takes off his pants revealing him in tiny, thong-like underwear. She then ends up tying him spread eagle and face up on the bed. Chris thinks he's in heaven, but she just takes a Polaroid of him and leaves him for others out in the hallway to see and laugh at (and later write on with their lipstick, etc.)".
Where’s Poppa? (1970) George Segal gets his pants pulled down by his Mamma, played by Ruth Gordon -who doesn’t just stop there. She then yanks down his thin-striped printed boxers, and gives his tush a tender motherly kiss. Of course she does this in front of his date, embarrassing him beyond imagination.
Whipped (1999) Comedy. Brad (Brian Van Holt) whips off his pants to reveal his thong underwear that shows a bulge in the front and most of his bare butt in the rear.
White Men Can't Jump (1992) Woody Harrelson is in white boxer briefs a couple of times.
White Sands (1992) Thriller. Awakened in his hotel room, Samuel L. Jackson has to get up and fight, wearing his white briefs and T-shirt.
White Squall (1996) Lots of scenes, though some short, of young guys in boxer shorts and briefs.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) Cartoon/live-action comedy. Bob Hoskins gets kissed by Jessica Rabbit, and loses his trousers in the process, revealing full-cut forties style boxers.
Who Killed Teddy Bear? (1965) Sal Mineo does a lengthy weight-lifting scene in his jockeys.
Who's the Man? (1993) Comedy. Ed Lover and Doctor Dre, new cops on the beat, swoop up in their patrol car and order three of their friends to face the wall and drop their pants, showing their various colored shorts.
Wicked Stepmother (1989) Fierce dog attacks a suburban husband, reducing his slacks to shreds and providing glimpses of his white briefs.
Wild at Heart (1990) Nicholas Cage in black string bikini.
Wild Life, The (1984) Lea Thompson ogles a hunky guy who just lost a strip poker game. In white briefs, then he drops ‘em.
Wild Reeds (Roseaux Sauvages, Les) (1994) Extended scene near end of two young guys (Gael Morel, Stephane Rideau) swimming in a river in their white Y-fronts. Also other short scenes.
Wildcats (1986) With Goldie Hawn. There is a scene with Woody Harrelson in the beginning where he is in the locker room and he is putting his underwear on.
Winged Victory (1944) This World War II epic directed by George Cukor displays men in military white yoke-front boxer shorts. The scenes are shot in a military barracks, with the men: Mark Daniels, Barry Nelson, Don Taylor, Rune Hultman, & Kevin McCarthy.
Winter Kills (1979) Drama. Jeff Bridges in his white jockeys. 
Wish Me Luck (1995) Comedy. Zen Gesner in his white briefs, tied to a tree by bullies. 
Withnail and I (1987) Actor druggie guy is in robe and white jockey shorts in beginning rubbing Icy Hot on himself. other scenes with guy in white briefs
Woman in Red, The (1984) Gene Wilder blue jockey shorts, another locker room scene with a guy in a black shirt and red briefs.
Woo (1998) Comedy. The critics hated it, and I have to agree, but for Tommy Davidson's pants collapsing around his ankles as his date humiliates him. He wears big, plaid boxer shorts. "Davidson is an appealing actor and a deft physical comedian (he can fall out of a pair of pants with the best of them)". Also, David Chappelle in a bedroom scene in red silk cloak and black and white patterned boxers.
Wood, The (1999) Comedy/drama. Sevaral tantalising glimpses of assorted underwear (striped boxers, white briefs). Also, a very nice little naked hosedown scene with the three principals, Taye Diggs, Omar Epps and Richard T. Jones.
World According to Garp, The (1982) Kid in beginning of show.
World Of Suzie Wong, The (1960) William Holden in white full-cut boxer shorts is seen in an embarrassing moment by Nancy Kwan. 
Worth Winning (1989) Mark Harmon in purple skivs (the ones Michael J Fox made famous).
Writing on the Wall, The (1994) (TV) Thriller. Dennis Haysbert is a military officer abducted by terrorists and stripped to his long white boxer briefs. (Unfortunately is then the victim in a very unpleasant rape scene.)
Wrong Man, The (1993) (TV) Romance/thriller. Kevin Anderson in white jockeys.
Yank at Oxford, A (1938) Robert Taylor is stripped of his trousers by a group of loud British students at Oxford who want to get even with him; white full cuts.
Yards, The (2000) "As Willie makes an illegal business transaction with another man at night, we see him (from a distance) strip down naked, as does the other man (to prove that they're not wired) and we see both of their bare butts".
You're a Big Boy Now (1966) Peter Kastner in very baggy loud print boxers.
You’re Darn Tootin’ (1927) Laurel and Hardy have and a crowd of men have a big pants-off festival in the street, as everyone’s pants get pulled off - even an angry, humiliated cop. The scene is also in LAUREL AND HARDY’S LAUGHING 20’s. Boxer Shorts, white and striped, long underwear, men’s garters, and drawers.
Young Master, The (Shi di chu ma) (1980) Martial arts caper starring Jackie Chan. In one protracted street fight scene, the hero’s ragged trousers are torn off, and he continues in his white shorts and a bright cloth he grabs for an improvised skirt. 
Youngblood (1986) Rob Lowe locked out of the hockey changing room in just his jockstrap. A young woman spies him as he inefficiently tries to cover himself.
Younger and Younger (1993) Drama. Includes a 3-minute scene of Brendan Fraser in his briefs and white socks.
Your Cheatin’ Heart (1964) George Hamilton in white full cut boxer shorts and an A-shirt - playing the legendary Country singer, Hank Williams.
Your Friends & Neighbors (1998) Drama. Ben Stiller gets out of bed (twice) and puts on his grey CK jockeys w/white waist band, and Jason Patric is seen in what I believe are CK boxer briefs.
Zapped! (1982) High school kid (Scott Baio) uses telekinetic powers to strip his fellow students at the prom (end of film). Most victims are girls, but also a few guys running around in briefs or boxers.
Zardoz (1973) Dull sci-fi movie enlivened throughout by Sean Connery in a little red loincloth outfit.
Zombie Nightmare (1986) Horror, and one of the lowest-rated movies at IMDB. Guy gets into hot tub in white bikini briefs before being killed by zombie.
Zoot Suit (1981) Drama. At one point Reyna (Daniel Valdez) is stripped bare outside a theatre by a white gang, revealing his colors of red and black, the colors of the Aztec god; Chicano pride is evident in this scene.