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Wit is the result of long hours of confusion.
I don't know that this is really a nutcake.  Looks more like a nutty muffin.  But we couldn't very well say, "E-mail a couple of nutty muffins" now could we?  Well, maybe we could.  But we didn't.
E-mail a couple of nutcakes!
What's New? (1/11/03)
The site is officially under construction again after a long hiatus!
Songs and poems
Blessed are they who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be amused.
Disclaimer:  Undershorts Anonymous does not endorse the consumption of anonymous undershorts.
It's fall, y'all!
   All righty.  Down to business.  Basically, I want to welcome you back to the site.  There's nothing new here might remember that the last time this site was updated was September 10, 2001.  After September 11, I didn't feel comfortable carrying on with the site for a while.  Now I think it's time to continue.  It'll do us all a world of good, so check back from time to time, I'll do my best to spruce it up!

Welcome Page
Undershorts Anonymous was created on
March 9, 2001!!!
Isn't that cool?  Sure it is.
Two whole movies
under our belt!!!  Move
over Martha Stewart,
we've gotta find that Cheeze
Whiz!  We've completed the follow up to Burbur and Wumph's Extravagant Cheez Whiz Adventure, Burbur and Wumph's Splendid Guide to Home Repair Adventure.  Click the thingy for more info.
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Ah, trees.
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