Congratulations to you! You just checked the new Under the Cap website!
Thanks for coming!
This summer is going to be like none other. The band is itching to get out and jam for some folks.
Sometimes Stevie will scratch the itch on his leg and claim that it is his "to get out and jam" and Jordo will claim that scratching Stevo's "to get out and jam" for him is somehow "for some folks." I have much worse itching problems. Go to journals if you wish to be enlightened.
Well, all of this chit chat is making me hungry.Hungry for an audience! That means you!
So I am hoping beyond hope that you are interested and come check us out a few times this summer! Oh by the way. I love you like I love toothpaste on a morning after I forgot to brush my teeth the night before.....where I had eaten large quantities of extremely salty pretzels before bed...zach feels the same way. LONG conversation....that is love! Hope you enjoy the site!

Passionately yours,
Mike Erkkinen