Types of Wedgies
There are many different kinds of wedgies that people can give. Some hurt more than others.

Normal Wedgie
A normal wedgie is just simply grabbing the back waistband of another person's underwear, and the pulling it up there back forcing the cloth of the underwear to be driven up their butt crack.

A melvin is the same as a normal wedgie but instead of grabbing the back of the underwear, you do it to them from the front. This will cause more pain on the testicles.

Side Wedgie
Same as a normal wedgie but you pull the side of their underwear but their hip and pull up.

Floor Wedgie
When a person is lying down or you wrestle them down to the ground, grab their underwear by the waistband and drag them by the wedgie across the floor.

Atomic Wedgie
This is probably the most amazing and painful wedgie when you see it or recieve it. It is a wedgie but you pull the underwear over their head and you either tuck it in their mouth or under their chin to hold it. Basically any wedgie that the underwear will reach over the head is atomic

Hanging Wedgie
A wedgie that could last a long time and is another painful one. A wedgie is given and the underwear is hung on a coat hanger (the ones nailed into the wall) or anything you can hang something on. The person will be hung by the wedgie until someone lets him down, he gets out, or the underwear rips.
You can also put rope through the back of the leg holes and tie it to something high to give a hanging wedgie.

Backward Wedgie
A wedgie with your underwear on backwards. This way the underwear is more like a thong when it is in your butt because the front side of the underwear is not as wide as the back side.

Messey Wedgie
Put any kind of messy foods down the back of the underwear (such as banana, whip cream, fudge, etc.) and then give a wedgie.

Fork Lift Wedgie
A wedgie usually given by more than one person or somebody who is able to lift another person. When you give the wedgie, pull them off of their feet by their underwear lifting them off the ground. Sort of like a hanging wedgie.

Twist Wedgie
A wedgie is given but then pull the underwear towards the side so the underwear is kind of on side ways on the victim. It feels very uncomfortable.

Jet Ski Wedgie
When in a swimming pool, grab somebody by their trunks or speedo and give them a wedgie while dragging them behind you as you swim away.

Snuggie Wedgie
Give a wedgie in the smallest underwear size that the victim can fit in.

Pocket Wedgie
After given a wedgie, put the victim's hands down the back of their underwear and out of the back leg holes and have them keep it in their pocket.

Wedgie Cuffed
After given a wedgie, put the victim's hands down the back of their underwear and out of the back leg holes. Now tie their hands together so they cannot try to get out with out giving themselves a wedgie.

Squeaky Clean Wedgie
This is painful. First give the person a wedgie, then go in front and give them a melvin. The fabric of the underwear will "cut" your butt and it will hurt. Keep doing it back and forth and you can do it vice versa.

Chair Wedgie
When somebody is sitting in a chair with a backrest and there's one of those holes near the bottom of the back rest, wedgie them and pull their underwear through that hole. Now pull their underwear over the backrest from behind and hook it voer the top of the backrest.

Piledriver Wedgie
When wrestling you can get the victim's head between your thighs and hold their head in place as you reach over them and pull their underwear up.

Wedgie Bun
After giving a wedgie, take the underwear sticking out and pull it through a belt look in the victim's pants. Then tie a knot so it is difficult to get the wedgie out.

Swimwear Wedgie
If the vicimt is wearing swimming trunks wedgie them, then grab the inner linning of the swimming trunks that is like a net and wedgie that. it will hurt more

Front and Back
A wedgie is given on the front and back side of the underwear.

Kangaroo Wedgie
After giving the wedgie, hold onto the underwear and start bouncing the victim up and down by their underwear.

Arm Leg Connection
The underwear is wedgied so the leg holes are exposed. Then the leg holes are pulled over the vicimts shoulders so the wedgie will stay.

Wedgie Dive
Push somebody in to the pool from the side but grab onto their underwear first and when they fall in jump off of the side with them pulling their underwear up while both of you go into the water.