I am a 30 Year old white gay male in Louisville, KY, experienced
in the art of boy training.  As of
June 13, 2005, I am accepting new
pupils who have the need, not desire, to submit.


After I feel a sub/slave is ready to move on, I help place them with
an owner. 


Even if you’re uncertain of the level of servitude you need, you’re
in the right place.  I teach the Nine Degrees of Submission, therefore;
you may only need to be trained for occasional servitude for playing
with your lover.  Or, you may need to be trained for 24/7 servitude and
help finding an owner.


My philosophy is to train the mind of future sub/slaves to not just heel, sit and stay
because he is aroused by doing so, but to heel, sit and stay because pleasing their
Dom is what makes them feel whole.


One important thing to remember,  this lifestyle is not dirty or anything to be ashamed
of.  It is becoming more and more socially acceptable every day!


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NINE DEGREES OF SUBMISSION  -  This is important to both Dom and sub that are
new to the scene.  It explains the levels of submission and defines the relationships
associated with each.  This is where you find where you fit into the lifestyle. 


TRAINING PHILOSOPHY  -  This is how I feel about training and teaching. 


WHAT SHOULD A MASTER BEThis is how I feel about being a Master.


SUBS/SLAVES: WANT TO KNOW MORE?   - Click here for more information about being trained.  Also includes tips on preparing yourself for training.


SLAVE TRADE, ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A NEW BOY?  - Click here for more in my boys and how you can be matched with one for your very “own”.