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Elvis and Susie... for more pics, click!
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Hey!  Welcome to Kitty's Undressed Site.  I am changing a bit around.  Check it out!!!  You can now get an email account from my site!!! Go below to get it!
This site is dedicated to the MTV show Undressed.  If you are a sick, nasty, perverted person looking for something else, then go away... this site IS NOT for you. 

Feel free to breeze through my site using the menu above.   Sign my guest book and enjoy!

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This site has nothing to do with or Mtv or anything like that... this is a fan site and unoffical and all that stuff.  Go to for the offical site.  Undressed is the property of MTV.  I do not own or anything the show Undressed.  This is a non profit site, built purely for entertainment by someone bored on a summer day.  Thank you! :0)