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Fallen Angel

Located in Astoria Oregon, this Italianate style house is on the Oregon inventory of historic properties.

Historic Name:  Gustafson-Anderson House            Constructed: 1908-09
Common Name :Bambrick House                           Original Use  SF residence
Address:            2778 Grand Ave                            Present Use: Owner occupied
City:                  Astoria                                         Architect: N/A
Owner:              Gordon & Nicole Treber                  Builder: Oswald Gustafson
T/R/S:               T8N/R9W/S9                                Style: Itialianate
Map no              8-9-9CB Tax Lot 5000
Addition:            Shively's
Block: 5 Lot 12(w) Quad Astoria 7 1/2 (1984)  Type BLDG

Plan type/shape: rectangular          Stories: 2
Foundation: Concrete   Basement: Elevated
Roof form and material: Hipped: composition shingles
Wall construction: stud wall
Structural frame: light wood frame
Primary window type 1/1 DH wood sash
Exterior: Weatherboard
Decorative features: Bay window with leaded diamond pane beveled glass; jigsaw brackets; gable dormer: eave returns in dormer.

Condition: GOOD

Exterior alterations/additions: Front hipped porch enclosed (entire porch added)
Landscape features: bush/tree in front
Associated structures: None
Known archeological features: unknown

Setting: North side of Grand Ave. on top of hill set back far from street; north of lot slopes down dramatically: west of lot also drops off: view of Columbia river

This was the home of the Oswald and Lillie Gustafson family from 1908 through 1915. Gustafson, one of Astoria's most celebrated citizens and former city treasurer, constructed this house between 1908-09. He came to Astoria with his Norwegian parents at age 4 in 1887. His first employment after schooling was at Foard & Stokes Mercantile Co. , but left in 1904 to work in the contracting business with his father. In 1907 he was appointed manager of Suomi Co-operative Co. but resigned from the position one year later to work at the Scandinavian American Savings Bank. While working there he was one of the incorporators of the Finnish Mercantile Co. . In 1911, Gustafson resigned from the bank and began a short career in the logging business until he was elected Clatsop County auditor and police judge in 1916. In 1929 he was elected city treasurer, a position he held until his death in 1945. Gustafson was a prominent member of the American Legion, Elks, and 40 and 8 organizations and held officer positions in each. After the family moved, the house was rented for a few years to the Englund family, then the Einer and Hannah Anderson family moved in. The Andersons resided in the house until 1925. The most recent use of the house was as an emergency shelter for battered women. The Treber's purchased the house in November 2001 and plan on restoring the house.

Sources: Sanborn-perris Map Co 1908,1921: Polks Astoria City Directory 1910-1949: Astoria Daily Budget 5/16/04;6, 1/15/07;6, 1/18/08;6, 1/27/08;6, 4/3/08;6, 10/21/11;1, 11/10/13;6, 8/28/15;10, 11/11/16;7, 5/26/17;5, 7/17/17;5 Morning Astorian 9/24/29; Astoria budget 11/10/45;1

Negative roll 2-16A
Recorded by Jill A. Chappel,HRS 4/6/1994

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Photos taken in September 2001

External views

distant view looking NE.JPG (53072 bytes)ground view from front retainer.JPG (63314 bytes)driveway approach.JPG (49837 bytes)Mill pond view close up.JPG (84582 bytes)east dormer.JPG (86858 bytes)Mill pond view zooming in.JPG (56687 bytes)

view from next door.JPG (52118 bytes)North dormer.JPG (37931 bytes)bay window.JPG (58101 bytes)south detail of bay window.JPG (67421 bytes)panarama from deck.JPG (209779 bytes)grand stitched.JPG (581878 bytes)



sink.JPG (27975 bytes)stove.JPG (32189 bytes)

Dining Room

fireplace from dining.JPG (45144 bytes)fireplace.JPG (40550 bytes)


pocket doors.JPG (41635 bytes)pocket doors shut.JPG (37311 bytes)


staircase from deck.JPG (36584 bytes)landing stitched.JPG (53445 bytes)

North bedroom and sitting room

looking North from hall.JPG (43944 bytes)north room looking towards NW room.JPG (32388 bytes)north room window.JPG (48867 bytes)

South bedroom and sitting room

Looking south from hall.JPG (44132 bytes)south room window.JPG (36084 bytes)west window.JPG (33924 bytes)


bathroom.JPG (32492 bytes)tub.JPG (29197 bytes)

Third floor bedroom

steps to attic.JPG (33296 bytes)attic.JPG (33526 bytes)attic storage.JPG (44489 bytes)


stairs to basement.JPG (54279 bytes)stairs to basement2.JPG (30767 bytes)stiched basement.JPG (83445 bytes)


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