Japanese-American Internment
During World War II

Thus far in the semester, we have closely studied the events that primarily took place in Europe surrounding World War II. At this juncture, it is important to look at a part of history that is not always found in textbooks and that is not always acknowledged. The much forgotten event in history which I am referring to is the Japanese-American internment that took place primarily on the Wes Coast of the United States, shortly after the bombing of Pearl Harbor.
By the end of this journey, you will know how it felt to be a Japanese-American living in an internment camp during World War II. You will understand how it feels to have an unheard voice in a country where you might be a citizen or to which you have been naturalized. Or how its like to be a stranger in, what you consider to be your own homeland. Finally, you will have explored all perspectives of internment: from the internees point of view and the governments view, amongst others.
In order to complete this task, here are simple strategies that you might want to use
1. Assign each member of your a group a website to visit.
2. You might want each group member to examine a particular aspect of the Website. In any case, everyone should be bringing something new and interesting to the discussion.
3. Each person should write a 2-3 page response or a journal entry to document what they learned from the website they visited. These responses should include any important facts or details that you might find striking. The response should be written from a personal point of view but should be informative.When writing your responses, feel free to take particular side or to stay neutral.
5. Your group should meet at least once or twice to discuss your reactions to the information you were able to abstract from the websites. Come to the discussion with questions or issues which you are unsure about.
6. It is not mandatory to explore outside sources but if you feel the need to explore outside sources, please do so.I encourage all students to visit more than one website if possible. (Just look at it as adding more to the big picture).
The following websites should be used for your research, however, please note that your research does not have to be limited to the websites. Any addtional resources should shown to the me before being used.
This website displaying the photography of Masumi Hayashi. This website is very useful and can be used as a primary website in your research. Although, I have listed specific pages that you should visit below. Please feel free to explore all aspects of the listed website, including but not limited to the audio interviews.

Another Primary website you shoud visit is listed:
To explore the site you my click on any of the pictures to look through the sub-sections.
Specific documents that you will need to visit are listed below:
Civilian Exclusion Order No. 5
Executive Order 9066
Hirabayashi v. United States

Your final goal is to create a presentation on an aspect of what you have learned about Japanese-American internment. The presentation can take place in any medium: film, writing, art, etc... For suggestions or ideas, please see me.
Thinking back on what you learned would you say that the United States were justiifed in their actions towards the Japanes-Americans? Why?
Created by Clidege Pierre Fall 2000