established in 1998 – incorporating the

annual Poetry Picnic (started in 1990)

SEE CURRENT AAF POSTER AT END OF THIS PAGE - Poetry Picnic venue is Pioneer Park (Norton St Leichhardt) noon 28 Nov and Club Hippi is At Glebe Town Hall 2pm 12 Dec.

2004 – where now?

Leichhardt Council (LC) wrote to us in early 2004 to say it might be able to get us some recurring funding for our annual AAF. We have now written to them asking them more – but have applied to Sydney City Council (SCC) for a grant for the AFF for the first time – just in case. This was after we managed to operate our “Club Hippi” event of the Festival in SCC's newly acquired Glebe Town Hall (our usual venue) again for the 2003 AAF after we couldn't manage to get use of LC's Annandale Neighbourhood Centre (ANC) to move “Club Hippi” to – despite visiting its Co-ordinator and writing letters to its Management Committee and LC itself.

We wrote to LC asking for access this year for the AAF and will be visiting the ANC again in August 2004 to see if (paid use) of its spaces can be arranged in coming months for our WITAR (Workshop In Theatre Actor Resources) “Underground Theatre” project – which received a $250 grant from LC. This may help us get access at the end of the year for the AAF event there. Of course we may end up with a grant from SCC for the AAF this year – which would be the first time we have had any cash assistance from SCC after applying several times for our projects over more than 20 years. This would be ironic – since we only accidentaly ended up running the AAF partly in SCC last year.

We have now received a reply from Leichhardt Council saying that yet again we can't get any booking for our AAF event in December this year at ANC (due probably to all the private functions they get paid well for). However their may be some other space actually run by the Council itself we may be able to use for our funded ($250) WITAR project.

We have now booked Glebe Town Hall for our AAF "Club Hippi" event on December 12 from 2pm – for which the SCC has waived its booking fee – but not $25 for public liability insurance (despiteour request). We have also booked a park in Glebe (from SSC) but its rotunda has no power for our mic amp (or video cameras) but we do have some batteries to run it. they would charge us $25(extra) for public liability insurance there too. However we have written to Leichhardt Council to book Pioneer Park again for our AAF POETRY PICNIC for Sunday 28 November at noon (asking again for park fee waiver). Leichhardt Council has covered us for public liablity insurance in the past – and we ask for that again. SCC , as usual, has given us no funding whatsoever for the three projects we put in for (including AAF, WITAR and Odd Job Centre).   



2003 was the sixth AAF where we looked for more people to get involved - both in front of and behind the scenes. Due to problems getting access to Annandale Neighbourhood Centre for our Club Hippi event for the Festival - we held it again at Glebe Town Hall, which is now run by Sydney City Council (since they took over the suburb of Glebe). 

We have applied to them for a grant - since we were told we can't get a repeat (year after year) one from Leichhardt Council (which does not give recurring grants?). Unfortunately SCC knocked back our grant application on the grounds that the Festival wasn't "local". This is pretty strange given that the event was in their newly acquired Glebe Town Hall. This claim was particularly insulting to us, given the number of decades we have operated in the SCC area with various projects. Interesting though how they keep encouraging us to apply for funding from them.

WHERE WILL THE AAF BE IN 2004? - We  wrote BOTH Councils regardng venues for this year's Festival eg to see if Annandale Neighbourhood Centre is available AT ALL in the second weekend in December (which it wasn't again). Therefore the venues stay the same as last year (see below)

as well as details of progress in promotions under that

TIMESTREAM Magazine Poetry Picnic issue
will be available at the two Festival venues (Poetry Picnic and Club Hippi).
The previous year's issue is FREE to anyone whose poems are in  for this year's issue, which is FREE to them if they read at least one of their poems we publish ( at the Club Hippi launch). Embassy members (or associate members) can participate in a revenue sharing scheme from any money made over production expenses. Otherwise copies are available for $5 donation for non contributors and $2 for non reading contributors (for their first copy and then $5 donation for extra copies).  


Get INVOLVED ! Ring the Festival Hotline 0418289469   
          for details of creative and operations Workshops 

       TYPE up those poems, TAPE that comedy routine, TUNE up
        that guitar and dust of those super 8 films or video doco.

    *  Send your poems to TIMESTREAM magazine
       PO Box A360 Sydney South 2000 - to get in the
       annual Poetry Picnic issue




starting NOON Sunday 28 NOV
PIONEER Park - Norton St  (at Rotunda)
        Leichhardt - cnr William St - nr Town Hall.


digi video made for screening at "Club Hippi" event

TIMESTREAM  Poetry Picnic issue 2003 avail. on the day.

poems to TIMESTREAM Mag – PO Box A360 Sydney South 2000 - AAF issue launched at Club Hippi" event.

  * Ring up the Festival Hotline 04182889469
          to join workshops   -  to be in PlayCabaret production - more actors needed.                        -  art works and videos needed
                                              -  make songs from your poems
                                              -  making short videos  &nbbsp;   for

             THE BEST ARTS PARTY :          

        CLUB HIPPI
2PM   Sunday  12 DECEMBER at Glebe Town Hall  -
Launch of TIMESTREAM Poetry Picnic issue 2004
      SKYPOETS group and others perform PLUS highwire
 COMEDY and "REALITY BRAIN SHOW" short live play , plus               Cafe Cinema
videos & shorts

Community project of the Unemployed Peoples Embassy - address
listed in Phone Book.  Assisted by Sydney City Council and Leichhardt Council. Volunteers needed to help organise and run. Copy & display poster from alternative Arts Festival @ www. embassy


FESTIVAL FLYER  See "Arts Festival needs you" below.

A letter asking for Council approval of event dates at usual venues has been sent. Poster seen above is about to be distributed and Concept media releases about to be drafted. Do you want to get involved already? See contact details above.

We have now secured the use of a Video Projector for our CLUB HIPPI event at Glebe Town Hall - where Sydney City Council may be putting up blackout curtains over the windows for the Cafe Cinema part of of the afternoon.

Meanwhile another try at editing the two camera digital video of  Dr Death and Holmes Romance plays from previous festivals will be attempted if we can get digital editing access. We had  access to two digital video cameras to shoot last year's "Holmes Romances" play at Club Hippi .  

Any cash contributions towards these costs - given that we have no Council grant  for the Festival this year - would be appreciated. 

We are starting to set up  Introductory Acting workshops under our WITAR (Workshop In Theatre Actor Resources) project - after we received a small grant from Leichhardt Council .

In 2002 we got publicity for the Festival in "The Surry" local magazine - plus an article with (colour) picture in The Glebe regional newspaper in the week before the "Poetry Picnic". Two Auditions ads in two weekend issues of the Sydney Morning Herald  got us some more poets to read and a musician for Club Hippi. 

In 2002 the Fellowship of Writers  so called Poetry Festival recently at Customs House Circular Quay - failed to announce the POETRY PICNIC - though their President was given a poster and said he would do so. They got security after we had put some flyers on some of the seats before the readings started. So much for "Fellowship"  No wonder the attendance was mostly of elderly people.


Alternative Arts Festival is seeking poetry for its Poetry Picnic  edition of Timestream Magazine. Send typed single spaced poems to the Festival organsers : Unemployed Peoples Embassy - PO Box A360 Sydney South 2000. A4 size artwork with poems welcome - but can't be returned, Bring a beach umbrella with your picnic lunch.

Poets who read work (published in Timestream) at Poetry Picnic (at venue to be confirmed) will receive free copies of the Timestream issue at the Club Hippi event (2pm, Sunday 12 Dec at Glebe Town Hall, downstairs) where a multi camera video of the Poetry Picnic will be shown. No still or video cameras are allowed during performances.  Copies of the video of the Festival - including the Poetry Picnic, will be available for donation and to Libraries. Other video taping of the events is NOT encouraged - and a copy of your poetry reading can be supplied if you supply a NEW blank video tape and at least offer a donation to the organisation that runs the festival.

Other short videos are sought for screening - as well as artworks suitable for each event (eg portable for park, and wallhangings and smaller table items for Club Hippi). Ring Festival Hotline on 0418289469 for more details.