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WHY A WEB SITE ?    jobless online

Some people may find it offensive that homeless people have their mobile phone going off at a soup kitchen. Of course they don't have anywhere to have a landline phone operating - but somehow them having access to such a status symbol seems to contradict their position of being genuinely poor.

In reality it could mean the difference between being contacted about some casual work or not. That in turn may help them get enough money to get some accommodation. Homeless people are probably also finding having an email address useful for letting people contact them when they have no street address post box. It may let them contact people they'd rather not talk to on the phone for awhile. 

Another useful application of the internet is in share accommodation which we started
to explore some years ago with our ACCOMNET scheme. This we may develop further at a site on this website. Already we are developing a new A.R.C. (Accomm-
odation Resque from Cities) project to locate housing and support services outside
the high rent large cities (obviously mainly Sydney at this point).

Where possible we highlight words that represent particular sites on our website - so you can click onto them and go straight to that site. Just click onto the BACK
icon on the left side of the top of the screen to go back to the homepage to get to
another site.

CONTENTS review of sites on homepage

DOLE NEWS :  Is our long time publication that looks at the political situation of the
                            jobless (mainly in Australia). It has managed to raise a lot of hot
                            issues over the years. Articles in its sort of style are always welcome
                            - and a workshop to produce it is availabble. Not all issues appear

TIMESTREAM  Mag :  Creative media and cultural analysis issues. The
                            hardcopy issues don't usually appear on line - and vice versa.
                            Poetry, short stories and cartoon etc artwork are also sought.

SAVE OUR SYDNEY :  Think globally, act locally could be the theme here.
                            We have to try and prevent Sydney city's slide into becoming
                            an "international" city that no longer has any real local flavour
                            or liveability..