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May 17th update!

Brand spankin' new update: The flavor this update is definately international. Indian, Asian, & Arabian are all accounted for here. Please, enjoy. " I know whut yer thinkin', get to the fuckin pics already...well you can click my ass to get to the fuckin' pics, ya bastard!

Hey-Ho, let's go! This update is new for MAY_9_2002. Get yer motor runnin' for the parade of feet, soles, toes, blows, & forn-o-catin' hoes! The dAEmoN is hot tonight--bringing you pud-explodin' pix of the hottest & raunchiest foot-fetish & foot-sex pix that can be found on the net for free. I do not take any of these pics from sites found in the current updates @ Wu's site. These are from newsgroups, chat-sites, various net-clubs & groups, etc.. So stop feelin' all cruddy and ferget about bein' bamboozled 'bout reality and enjoy the pics the dAEmoN has for you this fine update. Feet and soles! Blow jobs! Fuckin & Suckin'! What more in the name of FEET!

******take'er with a grain-o-salt******

** need feet, go to WU's*******************+*******************Whoohoo!**


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