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Japanese Engrish of the week-"Have a smell of panda droppings. This one is very fragrant."

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?We do not care of what we have, but we cry when it is lost.?

Well let me introduce myself. My name is Andy. I like to play the gadar and draw and I like to bike and I like to make movies. Lemme just say hey to Kaitlin and her posse. Anywho, on this site you will find things that interest ME. Not YOU. So don't go complainin to me about this and that being crappy on my site. If you don't like it then you don't have to look at it. For you other COOL people, have fun!

!!News update!!-January 10/2003 - Today is a day I will never forget. During my third period class I began to feel strange. I started to have vision problems with my right eye. I could hardly see out of it. After a while I could not balance myself very well but I went to lunch anyways. I thought maybe if I ate something it would make it better. Boy was I wrong. It got worse and worse until I was feeling very sick, and had half of a migrane headache, even after I had taken some ibuprofin. We had a circle discussion in class when we got back from lunch and I couldn't focus on anything and began to feel really sick. I asked my teacher if I could put my head down for a while and she let me. After a while I couldn't stand it anymore. After her lecture I stood up in the middle of class and began to break down and cry. I couldn't speak clearly anymore and was trembling and cold. She took me into the hall where I collapsed on the floor shivering and crying. I couldn't talk well, I had an exruciatingly painful headache, and I couldn't see. So after a while I answered some simple yes or no questions about whether or not I wanted to call my mom. Of course I did. So after the calling of my mom a boy took me down into the office where I could lie down, I never saw his face but I'll have to find him and thank him for helping me. After a while of laying down on the office bed, I just started feeling my stomach turning, and then I threw up all over the floor. The garbage can was way to far away for me at this time. Once my mom picked me up I had to try my hardest not to throw up in the car ride (which was 30 minutes long mind you) and when we got home, I took about 10 minutes to get out of the car. I was taken to my parents bed where I threw up some more, this time into a bucket. I fell asleep amazingly after an hour or two of pure pain and suffering, and when I woke up I felt fine, but I had some puke on my shoulder. mmmm mmmm good. So now, about 20 minutes later, here I am.

!!News update!!-December 14/2002 - It is nearing my birthday. I will be celebrating my actual birthday on Wednesday, even though my real birthday is Thursday. Then on Friday the 20th I'll be having my huge 12 person party and we're all going to see Lord of the Rings. Woo doggity it'll be fun. Oh and by the way this will serve as sort of a diary/news update section now, so I'll be putting some more personal things up here and doing it more often. Yay for you right? hehe Well anywho, after that party, on saturday, I'M FINALLY TAKING THE DRIVING PART OF DRIVER'S ED!! Finally........jeebus, took long enough. Anywho, then that same day is Jonathan's lan party. Hurrah for all next week is packed.

Well anywho, lately I've been feeling sorta distressed and depressed. What with exams coming up and me not being ready for them. And also because I don't feel I'm appreciated by my friends very much. I mean, it seems like Wray, Adam, and vann are the most caring. But maybe I'm wrong......or maybe I'm right. I'll find out soon enough, right? I'm sort of excited though about my party, or just the fact that break is coming up. I've relatively recently met a girl that lives in my neighborhood (how I missed her I don't know) but she's really cool, she enjoys being around me and laughs at my jokes and the whole deal! She's just been busy lately though with HER exam studying as well. I like her and am really looking forward to having her at my party and being able to hang out more during break. But there's a catch, I don't know how she feels about me yet. Not fully at least. I don't know if she wants to be friends or what........I'm so confused. Well. This whole diary thing helps alot. It lets me get my stuffs out in the openz to all my peoplez (who right now I don't feel are a huge amount). End of transmission..........

!!News update!!-April 7/2002 - I just today put up a new section in my Metal Gear Solid Movie page called "Metal Gear". It gives all the info I have right now on what the new metal gear will look like, what weapons it will have, and all sorts of other goodies. So go there!! And, like always, HAVE FUN!!!! :]

!!News update!!-April 4/2002 - I decided to change the "group x quote of the day" to "Japanese Engrish of the Week". It'll be stranger, and more fun at the same time. Believe me.

!!News update!!-March 28/2002 - I just put up a semi complete Metal Gear Solid movie site so if you want info about the movie, go there. Have fun!! Here's the link: Metal Gear Solid Movie Page!

!!News update!!-March 26/2002 - I've started a new exciting project and I really need some help getting it on it's feet. I've decided to make a METAL GEAR: Solid movie! I'll be needing actors and actresses for all the parts. I am looking for people to act as guards (I need about 5 more now). We are gonna have alot of other people though. So if you wanna be in it or help with it contact me. I will find you a part. If you are volunteering to help out then just email me or use AOL instant messanger. My screen name is unetunfontdeux. Also I think I have my email wrong on my site so my email is unetunfontdeux@yahoo.com. I am looking for people to help with costumes, props (weapons and things), character design, storylines, and helping me scope out some good shooting location. Alright well if you wanna be in this or help with it then contact me and I'll fit you in somewhere. I am on sort of a low budget so don't expect any real pay. I may pay you $5 just to help with your job. But that's probably about all that you would get. But I'm only making this for fun so yeah. Alright well, CONTACT ME!!!!! Thanx :]

!!News update!!-Feb.something or other/2002 - I will be making a new Megaman comic website branching from my own. And the techno site I will have up within the month if possible. I will put songs I have made in Fruity Loops for all to listen to. Anywho that's pretty much the only update for now. yeah. Have fun like always!!!