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Chiang  Mai
Located   only 20 minutes' drive from Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, Chiang Mai   Regent Resort is a heavenly escape with some amazing architecture.
The architecture is inspired by an ancient   kingdom, the facilities are state-of-the-art and the service is speedy. Take for example the resident family of Water  Buffalo. Their daily workload involves just a couple of hours' ploughing the  resort's rice paddies, and two trips around the gardens to meet guests.

Built in the style of a Northern Thai  Temple, the spa offers one-on-one lessons in Thai Massage, also known as yoga  massage because of the stretching techniques that it involves.
The resort restaurant, Sala Mae rim, is where you'll   want to spend your evenings as they specialise in northern-style Thai food.   One dish to try is the Yum Hae Plee, one of the restaurant's signature dishes.
Sunsets are another specialty of   the house and it's at this time of day when a Chiang Mai institution springs   to life - the Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. The hotel runs a free shuttle bus to   the Bazaar every evening and this street market is one of the best in  Thailand.

Thai Airways International fly to Bangkok 25 times a   week from Australia with daily flights to Chiang Mai. Return economy airfares   start from $1233 per person from Sydney and $1064 from Perth.

Thai Airways International
Tel: 1300 651 960

Royal Orchid Holidays Chiang Mai Luxury package at   The Regent Chiang Mai Resort and Spa is available from $419 per night for a   pavilion room, with buffet breakfast.

Royal Orchid Holidays
Tel: 1300 369 750

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Thailand   airways
Pensuk   Great Western, Thailan
Thailand is the last place you'd expect to find a   Western-style village, but three hours drive from Bangkok is a resort that's   straight out of a Wild West movie. Pensuk Great Western has teepee   accommodation, cowboy and Indian shows, fancy dress, line dancing and   campfire shows.

The resort started out as a small weekender for owners   Meo and Ping Pong and their family and friends. They thought it would be fun   to build a cowboy-style resort that provided accommodation and entertainment   for those who loved cowboys and Indians as much as they did.

At Pensuk Great Western everybody gets into the   spirit of the wild west, starting with the outfit. The costume shop will have   you looking like Pocahontas or The Lone Ranger in no time. You can hire a   costume for around $10 an hour or $37 for a full day.

Dressed in the right clothes, you can choose from a   host of activities. Ride a horse just like a real cowboy for around $55 for   an hour and a half, test your aim with a few rounds of shooting or archery,   ride a mountain bike or go for a refreshing swim. There's also a games room   with a snooker table, as well as a bar with a Karaoke machine where you can   belt out a few tunes.

Every Saturday and Sunday night the stage is set for   a fun cowboys and Indians dinner show. Afterwards, guests can get into the   swing of things by learning how to line dance.

When you're through with the boot scootin' action   and it's time to hit the hay, there are more than a hundred rooms to choose   from. You can choose from Dodge City, Cowboy Deluxe, High-Hill and even   teepee accommodation. And despite their unique appearance, all rooms come   with a bathroom and shower amenities, a colour television and mini bar.

The facts:

Thai Airways International flies to Bangkok. Prices   start from $1175 from the east coast and $1131 from Perth.

Thai Airways International

Tel: 1300 651 960

Weekend rates for Dodge City rooms start from around   $125 a night.
Log cabins start at around $357 a night and teepees start at   around $195 a night.
All prices include dinner, a cowboy party and breakfast   the next day.

Pensuk   Great Western

Tel: 0011 66 1 9991139

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Tel: 02 9247 7549
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