Unemployment net
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Dear visitor,

We've started this project (Unemployment Net), in order to create information base (links) organized and separated by the following characteristic:

I. The links with websites sorted by the type of the subject:

1. Associations of unemployed - websites of the non-governmental, not profitable organisations and as well not limited with society conventions, customs, and existing treatment of unemployed (basically dealing with the status of unemployed worker and belonging rights)

2. Organizations of unemployed - websites of the other non-governmental and not profitable organizations bounded with existing system limits (mostly dealing with: social service of unemployed, education, additional education, new qualification, training, searching for third-hand jobs, recreation, excursions etc.)

3. Other organizations and enterprises - websites of the other organizations and enterprises specialized in specific service, or a limited range of services

4. Governmental organizations - websites of governmental institutions, offices, organizations etc.

5. Magazine/newspaper/medias- websites of medias specialized for unemployed and unemployment,

6. Jobs - websites offering jobs

         7. Networking - web sites with the same or similar intentions or purposes authorized websites

         8. Individually authorized websites

         9. Not fitted in any of the previous groups - websites possibly connected with unemployment but non-checked, unsorted or (by it's characteristic).

II. The advertising, enquiries, questions, join-us calls and the rest of the massages by the members of the Initiative.

III. The themes and discussions concerning unemployment and unemployed workers.

IV. The Library - historical material/literature, as well as the histories of the associations and the groups concerning the Movement of Unemployed

GIVE US A HAND - Back on List

Dear Sir,

We are building this website with a limited equipment, sources and stuff. In order to achieve it's purpose, as well as to satisfy our mutual need for the as exact information as possible, - if You:

- have additional information,
- have any suggestion, or quesstion,
- find that any of given information is out of the category, not informative enough, out of time, or website expired,
- are a volunteer too, and want tto participate with issues concerning unemployment,
- are in the same or similar 'job' and rready to split the 'job' or to link the sites -

Contact us on e-mail: