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is a reflection of my thinking, my character,
my values."   -- Rupert Murdoch
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The Fox News Lackey Boys 


How come Ailes hasn't hired Bernard Goldberg yet.
 He sure has tried hard enough to kiss all the right asses on Fox News.
Could Bernie get his tongue any further up Hannitys  ass?????

When these so called journalists say Fair and Balanced how do they keep a straight face??

I stand corrected. A Faux News Fan has set me Straight
Shepard Smith is African American.
I wont call him white anymore It's good to see Murdoch hire African Americans!!!!!!!

What in the name of hell happend to Greg Jarrett !!!!!!

One week I am watching Greg on MSNBC next thing I know 
he is on Faux News. What a difference a week makes. 

On MSNBC Greg came across as a very nice well informed journalist
 He asked good questions seemed to listen to all 
the guests and never seemed to be to the right or the left.

NOW he is gone so far right its scary. 
Where does Roger Ailes send the new robots to be programmed for to be a right wing ass kissing mouthpiece for the Republican party.
 To Limbaugh's house? or to that very nice and upstanding citizen
G Gordon Liddys (convicted felon) house? Or to God ..o I mean
O Reilly (He thinks he is god. Wish I could marry a chick almost half my age) Greg its sad to see such a nice guy like you become a Murdoch robot. But I guess the money was better.Hey that's a good enough reason to become a right wing ass licking sap



Hume: The older  Right Winger  
Mister patronize  his guests and  of course  he knows it all.

A classic O Reilly quote
All  young people in America should read my books!!!
Question: Who the f*** does O Reilly think he is Gandhi?
Another classic O Reilly quote.
The West Wing is just Left Wing propaganda !!!!!
I almost fell off my chair from laughing when O Reilly said that.
Its  good to see O Reilly has turned his show over to comedy.
Question is if that's left wing propaganda what the  F*** is Fox  News.

O Reilly: He is just a bully. If your point is correct  seems to make no difference to him.
He has an addiction to bring Jessie Jackson down, smacks  of  racism to me.
The fact  O Reilly has to say every 15 minutes  " You know I am a  journalist".
O Reilly is a commentator. A Right Wing Commentator.
I loved how O Reilly said that Walter Cronkite was not worth 200 thousand dollars
for a speech. Then O Reilly said.
"Cronkite Has nothing to say worth that amount of money" 
You tell me if Walter is worth 200 grand a  speech
Walter Cronkites Bio
O Reilly would have to work 100 years and still he would not be in the same league as Walter Cronkite 
O Reilly isn't fit to clean the dog shit of Cronkite's shoe's

Some advice to O Reilly.
Try deflate your ego a tad or Murdoch will have to build you a new studio.
He seems very concerned  about  kids and TV  and  how bad   TV  and movies  can influence kids.
Well check out  the news papers  your boss owns  O Reilly..  Page.3 girls.??
Call  O Reilly a conservative and he almost chokes on his  own ego.
The fact  that until very recently he was a  fully paid up member  of the  Republican Party.
I also like the way O Reilly points  his  finger (very classy )and says  to some guests You are  Just a Liberal. 
Liberal =tolerant of different opinions; open-minded
O my god  O Reilly you wouldn't want to be one of those...o the shame of that.
O Reilly did call Mexicans  Wetbacks. Read it all HERE
How come O Reilly doesn't call Irish people Micks or Paddys??? I think I know why.
Because the Irish would beat the shit out of O Reilly.
Question: How did O Reilly go from the Inside Edition  tabloid  TV  show 
to become the  heart and soul of the working man.
As O Reilly likes to say...hey that's only  your opinion..

CABLE king Bill O’Reilly isn’t amused by a new Web site called oreilly-sucks.com whose mission is to "expose Mr. O’Reilly as the right-wing spin doctor that he truly is." Fox News Channel lawyer Dianne Brandi recently sent a letter to the site’s creator warning that it violates O’Reilly’s civil rights by using his name "for trade or advertising purposes." Brandi demands that the site "immediately discontinue using Mr. O’Reilly’s name in any way . . . To the extent that you ignore this request, you do so at your own peril." 

                                            NEWS FLASH        is up and running just fine.

Would these news papers & company's below be the Elite Media O Reilly keeps whining about





  Sean Hannity: Well he has one god and one god  only. Reagan  
He mentions Reagan  at  least 10 times  a night on his show. He is a Republican parrot.
I also like the way Hannity  sniggers  and laughs at guests that he doesn't agree with Very classy.
He likes to point out that the Republicans  are the moral party and not the Democrats.
He seems to forget Iran/Contra/Watergate/S&l/Enron  those little  Republican hiccups.
Also when his god left office  the country had the highest inflation since  the year 1.  

Colmes :  
Liberal =tolerant of different opinions; open-minded 
A token liberal on Fox News.
 But its hard for Colmes to get his voice heard above the Jack Boot marching of the parrot Hannity.

Shepard  Smith: Not much to say about him. He has  his Murdoch chip implanted 
into his head every morning  and  they  turn him on. He has  no independent thoughts.

  David ASSMAN His name says it all.  
I know its spelled ASMAN. But  ASSMAN just suits this guy better.  

Gibson: He makes Shepard Smith look interesting.
 He  has the more expensive Kiss Murdochs ass chip inserted in his head.

Kilmeade: From Sports guy to expert on international terrorism and world politics in a week.
I always  watch Brian because  he did do the play-by-play coverage of the 1996 Big East Soccer Championships
That's the guy I want  to get my news from.



  Question. How did Judith Regan get a show?
    I just wondered.

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