Sterling Gents
Frat of Freaks
The Sterling Gents is under the direction of Mr. Brandon Van Vleck.  The Sterling Gents died out in the early 90's and came back in the great school year of 1998-   1999, by the combined thoughts of Nick Powel and James Carr.  After Nick and James found a spounser, they told people about the Gents and what they are about. The people that were interested about being one of the greatested in High School "organization" made up a line that consisted of about 17 G's, and from that line the only active remaning Gents are James Carr- Sugga Slim, Brodick Bosley- Freak Nasty, and Ryan Wilson- Get Nasty.  Now as time passed there were more people that have seen the light and understood there calling. 
Unfinished Chapters..