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WOW! If you spin round on the chair you get dizzy!

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Jay (on the left Zoe on the right)


Jay is one of the cutest things ever, shes been a bit depressed recently so i think thats all the more reason to tell her how much i love her and how great she is. I'm not quite sure whats going on with her and zoe in this pic tho?

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Sam & Zoe

Sam on the right Zoe on the left

Zoe is total retard, she left me cos she got kicked out of her home by her "lesbian parent" and had to go and live with her dad. She was my pet dog for about 2 years but we never got round to buying her a lead. Shes always stoned, has the most funny face ever (especially when she tells a story), and wont admit she cant not do anything.

Sam is me bestest friend an i sound bout 5 writing that but she really is great, shes completly hilarius and never goes to the toilet even when shes about to piss herself. She pretended to be straight for ages but we all knew she swung both ways for ages lmao,shes also completly obsessed with louise (below).

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Louise is great & buff & she likes lesbians (i dont fancy her tho ppl finks i do) and her biggest fan is sam, she dont like this picture and is probably gonna kill me when she sees it. lou i shall change it wen i get a new 1!.

Her and Caroline also came up with the second name (caroline and louise are buff) for this website.

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Charlie (on the right)

I think that Charlie is great and if anyone thinks otherwise they can kiss my arse, right now she is having a go at me becos i am ignorin her on msn and writing this.
Shes a bit of a nutter and her fav fing to do is buy jewlery.

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Anita is a complete nutter. Shes always pissed in school and comes out with the most random comments that make no sense and sometimes forgets what happened 5 minutes ago. dont try and be miserable around her cos shes gonna make you laugh.

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Caroline is well funny, ive never heard her say hello in a normal voice and she regularly doing dances in school corridors i think shes great.

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Zosia tends to go places and do crazy stuff on her own. you will often find shes disappeared to go off and sit in lunch on her own. She also once had the most hilarius brick phone that she found out didnt break when she dropped it so would spend a lot of her time throwing it on the floor.

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Kaylea- Where to start? kaylea has got to be the funniest person I know and the best thing she ever asked me has got to be "do lesbians have periods" she is the most talked about person on the list of funny crap on livejournal so I don't have to describe quite how hilarius she is here, and if you haven't read it you can probably get an idea from this pic....

the quote "wow if you spin round on the chair u get dizzy" is also one of kayleas.

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Aceils hobbies include throwing sharp objects at teachers (eg compasses at budwaj) slapping people, going to anger managment, having fights with teachers and pissing herself. She will probably kill me when she reads this because it sounds really mean but really she is just a hilarius person. She has a twin in yr 9 who we always run up to and call aceil and Aceil got her hair cut just so she wouldnt look like her anymore, but it didn't quite work.

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Cara seems to be funny even when shes just sitting down not saying anything. She has 2 or 3 new twins in year 7 this year who have started to answer to her name because of me sam and zosia going up to them and calling them cara, Aceil is the person she does most of her funny shit with and sitting behind the two of them in English really isn't a good idea if you plan to do any work. You've Also got to love Cara and Aceils blonde jokes (mainly about kaylea but no offence to her and other blonde ppl).

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Sarahs gotta be the funniest person in our year, although sometimes kaylea can be funnier theres never a boring moment when sarahs around, shes also one of the most mentioned people on livejournal. She never seems to care at all when she gets in trouble at school and maths lessons with her are always hilarius.

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Frances on the left Lou on the right (frances this is the pic I stole from you :P)

Frances is Ickle and cute and buff and always laughs for ages at everything even wen its not that funny. In year 9 she used have really funny arguments with mrs Duignam and everyone else would be telling her to shut up because she wanted to get the last word in :p.

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