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Introduction: Dont we all love a few good clips? In DBZ and Gundam Wing. We find something that appeals to all are natures. Are gentle side are caring side are rosy side are laughing side. Or our bloody nose black eye cracked ribs broken jaw twisted ankle impaled arms side. :^) Enjoy.

You will need Quicktime 4.0 or later to watch these movies. They arent sorted in any special order. Yet you may find that this is a somewhat small order to them. Oh yeah and to save them to your Hard Drive just right click on the picture then click on 'save target as' for Internet Explorer or 'save link as' for Netscape users.

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Goku Turning SSJ3 and all HELL BRAKES LOOSE! (Literally) Size: 3.71 MB After Goku turns SSJ3 he fights Jeneba head on. Size: 936 KB
Goku has been defeated and who else could step in but VEGETA HIMSELF (Watch OUT VEGETA!) Size: 3.89 MB Goten and Trunks Perform Fusion to create...(Drum Roll) GOTENKS! Size: 555 KB
This is a rare clip from Planet All credit goes to them. Its a DVD clip of Burter fighting Son Goku! Size: 786 KB Jeice decides to join in on the fight against Goku. Is he really fighting Goku? Again this clip is from Size: 760 KB
TALK ABOUT IN YOUR FACE! Size: 780 KB One definitely feels sorry for Goku in this one. Talk about no rules to fighting. Size: 1.07 MB


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This meant in no way to infringe any rights to Gundam (and all there many awesome series). Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, & Dragon Ball GT. This is a site that in no way is making any money (or plans too). As all things such as website counter and banner are provided by free resources. All computer parts and software needed was from my budget.