Message from P.G. Sheth 

To:  Modasites – People whose ancestors belonging to Modasa.

Subject: Maru Gam Modasa – history of Modasa  

History making news have been just reported on website (Sept. 9. 2002) about our town Modasa. 

About 1500 years old 7 idols of Mahavirswami and tirthankars have been unearthed from18 feet below the ground while digging for construction work at the property of Harshadbhai Kothari in Kothariwad.  

‘Maru Gam Modasa’, full with such news and history, is an Interesting book written by Sri Ramanlal Soni. He is known to most of us from Modasa. He has authored many books for Children, translated many Bengali books, including those by Sharad Babu and Rabindra Nath Tagore, and has written books on wide Ranging subjects of philosophy, social problems. He wrote this book of pp.144 at the age of 95 years. The subject of the book gave him strength to write at this age. 

You will be pleased to read this book, Maru Gam Modasa, and have it for your personal library. Let me add here that this book has been arranged for publication by me and my brother Krishnavadan in sweet memory of Our beloved parents. Our father Sri Girdharlal M. Sheth was a Teacher in Modasa High School. He loved his students and they also loved and respected him.

‘Maru Gam Modasa’ has been transported to USA. If you are interested in having this book for your library, or for any of yours friends/relatives who are directly/indirectly connected with or interested in Modasa, please let me know. Give me the names, address, telephone numbers and e-mail address. I will make arrangements to send/mail it. 

My contact information is as follows :
Name:  Dr. P.G. Sheth
Address: 12 Salem Court;
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