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thursday, august 29
Thursday Threesome
Onesome. Double. If you could have a clone of yourself, what thing would you most want that clone to do so you don't have to?
Wake my significant other up for work.
Twosome. Bubble. Anyone you know live life in a bubble? Who? And do you wish they'd snap back to reality
Buwahaha! That's a loooooooong list that starts with my boss and ends with my family. I gave up hope seasons ago.
Threesome. Bubblegum. Willy Wonka talks about chewing gum to be a nasty habit. What's your worst habit? Do you wish you could give it up?
I speak without thinking first and need to work on it.
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tuesday, august 27
ATM ETIQUETTE, to many people these rules are common sense. In reality, many people in our world do not have the common sense of a dust mite.
  • Please memorize your pin and have your card ready BEFORE you get to the machine.
  • Do NOT stand right behind me while I make my transaction. Five feet is adequate.
  • Do NOT try to chat with me while we stand in line.
  • Do NOT make repeated attempts with different cards because yours keep getting DECLINED.
  • Do NOT talk on your cellphone during your turn, it slows you down considerably.
  • Do NOT count your cash right there, it is a dangerous practice and could get you robbed.
  • It is NOT cute to teach your kid how to use the ATM when there are other people waiting.
  • Do NOT let your kid run around while you use the ATM.
  • It is common practice for banks to charge nonmembers a fee for using their machine. Either accept it or get out of line.
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  • wednesday, august 21
    You wear a size 20. Not a 16. Please don't SQUEEZE yourself into clothes that are too small. You look ridiculous.


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    saturday, august 17
    "Let's meet at 9."
    It's rude to be late, it's really rude to not at least call the person when you both have cell phones and let them know you are running behind and give a better estimate of time.

    I cannot stand people who are chronically late. Occasional is understandable, things do happen. Of course, there are always excuses like traffic, getting gas, etc. but why not leave a few minutes early? If it takes 30 minutes to get somewhere, then allow yourself 40 minutes, not 25, for the trip.

    Some people just think they are above arriving on time. They like to make a grand entrance and make themselves sound so important with their busy excuses. They want to believe the world stops for their gift of appearance.

    What to do when it is 9:30 and you are still waiting for The Gifted One's Appearance?
    Leave. Jot a quick note, "Sorry I couldn't wait anymore. Maybe some other time." and give it to a member of the waitstaff or a clerk.

    Be prepared for an attempt for the blame to be passed onto you, but don't fall for it. Nip it in the bud with a pleasant comment like, "You were running so far behind, I was afraid our meeting would just add to your delays for the rest of the day. Why don't we reschedule for a day you have more time?"

    You don't have to put up with it if you don't want to, but you don't have to be rude in getting your message out either. Encouragement brings more positive change, but tension and insults end friendships.
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    friday, august 16
    I just ran into someone who lost a lot of weight. She was tired of being fat and took drastic measures, that I'm not sure I could take to lose it all. She looks great, she says she feels great and admits that she knows not everyone could do what she did.

    She ate right and exercised.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, there is no need for a magic pill or rubber band surgery to lose the weight.

    Don't get angry with me, either. I'm one of those big girls. I'm one of those women searching for the miracle cure, but I'm smart enough to know that there is no such thing. Diet and exercise are really the best ways to do it.


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