Wanted: Red overalls 

To whom it may concern, We are the UNHCR in Lebanon declare that we need red overalls to give to refugees, who are on our death row for refugees, so they will be recognized well in the community. This we hope we will be able to help thousands of refugees in Lebanon.

Sincerely UNHCR- Lebanon

Helmi Kobeissi Bldg. Karam Rahal Street behind the General Security next to the Ministry of Housing and Cooperatives

Beirut Tel.: 961-1-612798/9 - 612834/5 Fax: 961-1-612836

E-mail: lebbe@unhcr.ch

For more information we will provide you with messages and links so you will be able to understand the situation well.

On Death Row For Refugees

Dear friends since many of you spoke about the procedure of the UNHCR, Iíll try to explain these procedures or what I call ((Death Row For Refugees)) its start with the first day when the asylum-seeker submits the application for refugee statue. Until then, he/she needs to wait maybe 10 -20 months for the results ((With me it took 6 years)) And when the seeker, becomes a refugee, *UNHCR will tell him ďbring 4 photos for refugee card, ("AND NOTICE THIS") give us a phone number, so we can call you to when we need to find you, and you need to come every 6 months to renew your refugee cardĒ Like this, the procedure is finish.

So what do you think the life of one refugee will be?

Please try to imagine this; First they donít mention ďthat this card doesnít give any legal protection with the police of Lebanon so you need to be very carefulĒ many refugees thought that they are safe with this card, so unknowingly they go through a dangerous part of town to find employment not knowing the area they past through was bad. For example in the south you can get arrested. This is a false impression and a lie that the UNHCR gives. This is happened to me 6 years ago. Now the refugee has his worthy card and the people of UNHCR has his phone. Notice he doesn't have any protection, shelter or even the right to work legally, but there is one thing he's waiting for patiently, and disparately, and for the refugee it's like a lottery ticket; this is the phone call from the UNHCR. And do you know how much we need to wait for this call??? Read;;;;;;;;  "FROM 1 YEAR, TO UNLIMITED YEARS"; yes unlimited time, maybe all of your life, I know some refugees spending 12 years or maybe longer for this call, and I think there are more that are waiting.

Can any one of you agree to join this system, do you agree to spend all of these wasted years without protection with no help afraid of the police like any thief or criminal you need to find a job of some sort, to support yourself or your family and youíre not sure that youíll be paid.

If all the Humans who had lived on the Earth from Adam & Eve, until this moment, including all the prophets, if all the Angels, if all the Devils, are agree to join this system, I AM NOT, I donít agree to join this Death Row For Refugees Not only for these reasons, but there is another thing more important, and also more harmful for the refugees in Lebanon, so please understand this;;;;;


The people of UNHCR in Lebanon use this system as a WEAPON against the refugees. When I started to be active vocally for the refugeesí problem, I start to speak with the people out side the office of UNHCR, I notice a strange reaction from the refugees (((They were afraid to speak with me in front of the people of UNHCR))) and when I asked why? They answered  ďmaybe they will conceder us as a trouble makerĒ, and any one that would speak with me will loss his chance with the phone from Refugee-Haven. (The UNHCR) I know youíll not believe this, but this happened with many asylum-seekers and refugees, because they joined a demonstration against the UNHCR.

Now if they conceder me as a trouble maker because I am an activist for the Human rights, Justice and Peace, since I am against the tyrants of the world, like Saddam, since I am against the killers, like Osama Bin Ladin, and I'm against any Injustice system like the one in the UNHCR in Lebanon, and for this nobody is ready to be with me, I declare Iíll fight my war alone to bring Justice for my people in Iraq, for the refugees in Lebanon and every where in the world, and where there are people needing Justice. No problem for me to fight this alone, because I have myself.

My friends who lived in security and prosperity, I know how annoying is it, when you stop at the red light in the traffic? Now this situation you'll talk about ďOH, crap; Iíll miss my favorite program on TVĒ So what happens next when you stop at the next red light on the street intersection for a minute of your life? ((I hope you have a long life)) Please remember; just remember that there are some people waiting longer. ((People called refugees)) are waiting for a phone call from the UNHCR in hopes that they may have that one chance to pass throw door of Haven, to become what you call HUMANS, and notice they have been waiting for YEARS and YEARS.





My several attacks on the UN


Warning: This message has issues that are not good for any one that has a high sensitivity level, weak heart, or for those who are less than 21 years of age.

If you are brave enough please continue to read at your own risk, but you will have full responsibility to any harm happen to you from reading this message.


My friends,

I received message from the Internet provider located in Lebanon where I live at the moment, to notify me about many complaints that he received from Geneva, and especially from UNHCR head quarts. (Youíll see it under) You will read this message and it will show that I made problems in the connection of the UNHCR and other agencies of the UN so the UNHCR established a war council headed by; officer Stephane Imberton.

The job of this council is to stop me from using the net to send messages, and according to this officer Stephane Imberton successfully tracked my connection and finding my IP, and worked hard to cut my connection.

I sent my congratulations for his success and applaud his efforts to protect the UN from several of my attacks.

I respect his battle announcement.

For that I'm the other part of this war, I hope he will give me the chance to tell and consider my announcement also. So my friends here is my announcement about this battle and my comments about his message:

Some of you knew that the UNHCR declared war against me for nearly a year and I accepted to take my chances of going in to this war, and to face any risks that will result according to my acceptance, and until today I didn't submitted to them conditions, or to agree on what they want.

Through this year we have many battles mostly on the internet about my issues and mostly in real life from their side, and I spoke a lot about the Internet war in my web site, and in my messages before (For nearly a year) so Iíll constrate on this battle, or what he has called in his announcement ďseveral attacks of SPAMĒ.

I donít know exactly what this word meaning (SPAM) but I think he meant mass mailing and he refers to my messages on the Internet as such. Iíll tell you about my messages, what I did in the past year, and what I will do now.

Since the first day when they declared their war against me, and since they are who really started it? I found myself having the right to chose the battlefield and the weapon so this is what happened: I declared on the net that: Truth as my weapon, the words as my ammunition, and the Internet as the battlefield. After that, I added: "and the messages as my bombs".

 So I, started to send my messages every where in the world on the net and its full of truth (What their afraid of) and never have I tried to do a battle in real life, as I promised that Iíll fight, but on the net only. Unfortunately they didnít respect my promise, and to have the sprit of cavilers to fight me in the same field, but they choose to fight me in real life where they think they are stronger and have more power, so the war continues like this, and I work on the net by sending messages, and creating websites, and lunched many campaigns against them. And they fight me with threats of the use of the authorities against me, closing My website, refusing to do their job according to UN 51 convention, working with the authority to arresting me (One time for hours) and now working to prevent me of using the net.

This is the war in summary, now I think that many questions will come to your mind about any things, so Iíll try to imagine some of these question and to answer it for you in advance:

Q1) who are you? Who is this one who is ready to fight big organization Like UNHCR and UN?

A)Iím Osam Altaee, an Iraqi refugee living in Lebanon.

Iím an activist for human rights, peace and democracy.

My concern is for 3 subjects: Iraq, terrorism and refugees.

My idea is: Justice brings Peace, democracy brings freedom, and understanding is the way

I spent last year out of the work so I donít have an income and I borrowed money to live and to access the net and that means I donít have my own PC and connection to the net but I go to public shops where I use their connection to access the net, for it cheap, and what is amazing here, is that they will not find my own connection, so they can't cut me off (LOL) because I donít have a home or an Internet connection. Just the Internet Cafe shops!

Q2) what are you trying to communicate and say in your messages?

A)The truth and only the truth about Saddam, Osama Bin Laden and the UNHCR. The details in my websites and my messages (I can give you the links if you are interesting, just contact me)

Q3) Why the UNHCR and the UN are afraid of your messages?

A)The answer for this question is little long, but Iíll try to make it short as possible.

Iím a refugee I have good experience with UNHCR in Lebanon (For more than 6 years) I found that there are many things not good in the system, and the procedures of the UNHCR in Lebanon, so I started to speak about it publicly on the net. For this I created my website, and I'm using messages to tell my opinions about the UNHCR, since itís one of my rights as a human being, and what democracy let's you do. As result of this, they declared war against me in trying to get me to stop my mission, and because they couldn't find any errors or mistakes in my statements. They didnít agree on all of my offers, for some kind of cooperation to solve the problems that I speak about, or to help me with my efforts to make some arrangement in the system and procedures of the UNHCR, because my thinking was too deep, and frightened for them.

So let me give you some examples of what Iím speaking about, this is from my web site and I stated this at the last year:

My dear friends, all what we need is to ask them; the UNHCR about the problems of the asylum seekers/refugees.

Their situation, their future if they have one, about our right to live in dignity like humans. We are thousands not only me, myself a don't care about the people of the UNHCR I know them too well, and I know I could be targeted and killed, because of what I speak here in Lebanon.

But I'm not afraid! Are you?

The target is to establish one system of connection between all people who need help and the people who want to help, so with this we will not feel we are all alone. And the people at the UNHCR will know that there are people watching them. So we need to work well to help people like  "the asylum seekers and the refugees". So don't be afraid of them, because they are nothing without you.

You are the ones that make them. You are the DONATORS, You are the CONTRIBUTORS, You are also the CONTROLLERS .

So use your rights, you have the right of information. See how they work, ask them. You have this right because this is DEMOCRACY... So choose to be Free or a slave.


******************** Your voice is your freedom************************


This is what they are afraid of:

The refugees have the possibility of using the net to contact the community directly with out any interference or influence of UNHCR. Iím working to create some kind of system to control the performance of UNHCR. For the moment unfortunately this system doesnít exist.

My friends think about yourselves when there isn't any one watching you, and to controlling what you're doing, or putting limits on you, so of coarse you will be happy to do what you want, and to feel that you have the power to do any thing, and at anytime, anywhere you want. And this is the secret: The POWER.

People of UNHCR donít approve of this way of thinking, and how I speak, because that will make them less powerful. This is the problem of the human race on earth with POWER, and because of our history it's full of wars, occupation, poverty and disease.

Think about Jesus when he started to speak about the poor people, and how they can with love and peace, work to improve their life, and make improvements, and with all of this, it causes the most powerful people at that time, to loose some of their influence and power, so they killed Jesus.

And also the same for Mohammed the prophet of Islam when he spoke that all the people are the same, and the only difference is the love that's inside them for God, but the unbelievers refused this, because how possible they will become equal to that of the slaves, and that will make them to less powerful so they fought him back.

And look for Copernicus, Gandhi and Nilsson Mandela the same story:


So do you think the people of UNHCR will be happy with the information I give out?

One more thing; you know that the UN is an organization, depend on the support of the community, and the donors financial help, so do you think they will be happy if you start to look badly at the UNHCR with your help and your money???

Iíll speak more about that subject more in another message.

Notice that there are many more messages you can read in my group if you like.

Q4) why do you use mass E-mailing, or what they call ďSPAMĒ?

A) At the beginning I start sending message normally for example, one or two every week for months with one hope; that one day I repeat that one day  there would be someone from whom I contact in the UNHCR, or the UN or some organization that would work to help the UNHCR will reply to one of my messages.

I spent many days and long nights for weeks and months dreaming that there is some one that will reply to my messages even if by mistake, but nobody did this mistake!

Try to imagine yourself spending your life sending messages, and waiting for some one to answer one of the hundreds message that you sent to hundreds of people around the world and instead reply to one of your messages you get threats and harassment in real life; for people that suppose to help you so how would your feelings react; my friend?

Since nobody from the UNHCR answered "just one" of my messages so I started to send 2 in the same time, after 10, and 100 messages in the same time, but the result was the same; no reply from UNHCR, or the UN from outside of Lebanon, but I received only 3 messages from UNHCR in Beirut.

I sent nearly a million messages and what did I get; only 3 messages in period of 1 year and only 1 message from US for ARC. (What a misery) maybe they will speak: ďOur budget prevent us of reply to your messagesĒ But how come they have money to send many messages to one IP in Lebanon??? Who is the donor who sponsored this big operation to defend the UN and UNHCR and other organizations against my several attacks? SPAM???

I love to know who is this one who have such a big heart to support UN in its struggle against me? And what is the next move? Do I expect the special forces of UN peace keeping to come with the whole air force, parachutes and all? To occupy all the net shops in  Lebanon to prevent me of using it to access the net? so they need to do this, because I can use them all, but please notice that there are small children and girls that use these shops also, so please there is no need to use guns or bombs because we are only armed with mice and keyboards only!!!

What a shame for UNHCR and UN to do such thing AH! This is so painful to speak like this.

Q5) why in your opinion they didnít answer at least one of your thousands of messages that you sent in one year?

A)   One thing my friend, they donít want a debate publicly on the net, and in more that they failed to find anything not correct in my messages so they can't use it against me, because there is no error.

Q6) why do you think that you have the right to do this?

A) For many reasons: The net is for everyone and any one has the right to send a message or messages and it all depends on the nature of the replies to his message, if he gets a reply, to what he has sent, and of what he sends in his message is the same people more and more (Until this moment I didnít get replies to my messages that I sent last year for the UN and UNHCR!!!) so I think I have the right to send the same message to the same recipient over and over until I get a reply even if Iíll keep doing this for the rest of my life, because itís my right as a human being to get replies to my messages.

I have a mission to tell everyone about my truth, so how can I do this with out using the net?!

And I have many questions, and I look to find the answers to these questions.

Also I need to bring attention to our situation as refugees in Lebanon as I feel itís the best way, to express our danger and our pain on the net.

Did you see the movie, Brave Heart, what stayed in your mind from it? I remember every time when I faced risk the end of that movie and the shout of Mel Gibson before they killed him, with this word (FREEDOM) so don't you think that I need to shout for my freedom also, the most precious thing that a human could have and what it needs to be a human being.

I can express my shout by the number of my messages. And itís only one strategy, from many other strategies I used on the net.  Like in every war, and/or struggle in real life.

Over more I think that I have the right to contact any public E-mail that I find on the net

 belonging to any one, that claims works for refugees problems, and has collected money in

 our name and pain as refugees. 

And so we as refugees/asylum-Seekers should have this right to tell him/her about our reality,

 of our dire situation in Lebanon or anywhere ales, as refugees.

So Iíll fight for the right of refugees to contact and tell their own problems on the net or by

 any other possible ways.
I have one advice to any one claimed that he work for refugees: 
Sir, you must put in your mind that the refugees start to use the net as one way to have

existence as human binges have many rights one of these rights is the right to tell about the

problem that they have.


Q7) Donít you think the mass Emails will block their Email system, and  will only get you in

 trouble with law?

A)   No, because I only send messages that are small in size (Less than 10 Kb) and they have
E-mail accounts with lots of memory, so itís not possible to block. And we know as net users

 that itís possible to delete hundreds of messages with one click. 
But if there is any law that will judge me for sending messages more than one time to public 

accounts, so Iíll be happy to submit to this law with 2 conditions 1- not in any Arabic country, 

because there is no respect for human rights. 2- the same law must judge me for sending 

mass E-mails, and that it will judge the UNHCR for attempting to kill me, so every body will 

have justice.




I tried to imagine some questions that I think it will come to your mind when you read this messages and you will be aware that there is a war declared by the UNHCR against one poor Iraqi refugee in Lebanon and they threatened my life directly so I just defend my life and to speak my opinions as a human being (If they will agree that Iím a human being) since who started this war, so they have the right to give it one name if they like to, but since they didnít do so, for some reasons (Iíll speak about that after) I find myself having the right to call this war (WAR of TRUTH) so this war will be in the history of human wars on planet Earth with these simple details:

WAR of TRUTH between UNHCR and the TRUTH WARRIOR OSAM ALTAEE for the sake of POWER.

So if you have more questions Iíll be happy to answer with an open mind welcomed heart but does the other side of this war ready to answer your questions if you have?

I would just love to see.

Now let me to imagine some questions maybe it will come to your mind, or its all ready in my mind so I hope you will ask the UNHCR if you like, and let us consider MR. Stephane Imberton Officer Charges of the Information systems Office of the High Commission for Refugees the United Nations, Geneva since he is in charge of the war council:

Dear Sir,

Q1) what is the job of the Information systems Office of the UNHCR?

Q2) Do you have other wars beside the WAR OF TRUTH and with whom?

Q3) Do you have some kind of strategies to work with, or you just reply to any attacks (Like you spoke in your message)?

Q4) Do you think that the refugees or any one has the right to contact UNHCR and are there any limits for the number of messages that will be sent to UNHCR?

Q5) Why do you think this person (Like you called him) did these attacks in the first place on the UNHCR?

Q6) did you try to contact the person who did these attacks, and to ask him why he did these attacks, before you sent your threats to IP in Lebanon?

Q7) You represent a big organization that deals with nearly 20 000 000 million refugees around the globe, and in this huge number, some of those refugees, maybe they have some kind of problems that the local branch aren't able to deal with, so they started to send messages about their problems, so the question is: Do you think that the UNHCR and your office are able to deal with them peacefully without using ways like wars or threats?

Q8) is it possible for any one to contact UNHCR, or is this information only for the donors.

Q9) Under what circumstances, can a refugee loose the protection (If there is) that he has

 according 51 convention, and is using the Internet to tell the truth about the circumstances of

 all refugees and asylum-seekers one of these circumstances?

Q10) In your message you used the word (Attack) to explain the action that he did, but

 normally, people use Campaign, so why did you use the word "attack" instead of campaign?

Q11) We also saw in your reply to a message in English but with French language; why?


I hope that we will have some answers for these questions. 

But my friends be careful of your connection if you send messages to the UNHCR because maybe they will cut it or they will cut something more if you are a man (LOL) just to make you a slave like in the old times.

But If you think that your are brave enough to ask question about thess issues, you can send your question or any comment to these E-mails: ecu@un.org,inquiries@un.org,Hqpr00@Unhcr.Ch,yves.de.san@undp.org.lb,registry@undp.org.lb,lebbe@unhcr.ch,djemalim@unhcr.ch


Now let me speak little about my feelings and to make some comments on this misery situation:

I would like to tell you why I sent this message to you in the first place.

My friends, members of human being community, you created this organization (UNHCR) over 50 years ago, and you supported it morally and financially, so you are responsible for any harm that happens to me from the illegal action done by the UNHCR, and for what the people of UNHCR tried to do against me until now.

They tried to kill me (Not directly), they refused to do the job that they needed to do for me according to the 51 convention, they closed my web site one time, they abused my right, of using my rights as human being, and they threatened me more than one time of using the power of the authority against me, if I didnít stop my mission, and they tried to cut my connection to the net (Even when I donít have one).

I donít feel sad, because they did this with me, because I know them well like I spoke along time ago, but one thing makes me to sad, and that I think that you are all responsible for that, and that makes me to feel real sad for that they did this, with your money and support.

But what release my pain that Iím aware that you donít know anything about, so my friends now you know everything, and you need to think about it deeply to find if I deserve to be killed with your money and your support.

Do you agree to pay the killers who will kill someone only, because he speaks the truth, and he thinks that with love and understanding, we are the human beings that can live together in peace and happiness, and not with wars and power of bad people who try to control our world, and to make us to live like slaves for them only, because they have the power?

People like Saddam, Osam and UNHCR included.

From this day every one who reads this message will be responsible in front of me and My God for my life, and put in your mind that at the Day of Judgment Iíll be there!!! And the God will tell you that you have my blood on your hands.


I need to tell you why I donít stop my mission, and submit to them totally and completely.

Simply I refused to be a slave for those people who have the power only because they have the power people like Saddam, Osama and UNHCR included.

Saddam wants me to be slave for him and to give me gun to kill innocent people, for Iím an Iraqi.

Osama wants me to be a slave for him, and to believe in his way, and his thinks of killing Osama bin Ladin wants me to be slave for him and to believe in his idea of klling people and to give me a bomb to kill innocent people for Iím Muslim.

People of UNHCR want me to be a slave for them and to submit to them conditions and stop my activities of helping the other refuses only because they have the power and Iím poore.

I refused all of these conditions, and I chose to be a human being working to help other people, who need my help, no matter what will happened to me simply, because I believe in my God and in his words, that I heard from his messengers.

Words like: Love, justice, understanding, peace, helping the people in need and stand in the face of the tyrants and the killers.

I love to tell the people of UNHCR and all the others from another organization whom on my list that I donít beg for your help and if I need something from you so itís only your job not more, not less, and that itís my right. I hope you understand this well so just be honest and do your job that you have been paid to do with out any conditions, because Iíll refuse again to be slave for you or for any one else.

My friends the problem is the power and the question is:

To be or not to be as a human being not a slave.

Sorry my dear friend Shakespeare and my great teacher, sorry again to reveal our small secret, Iím sure if you are here you will agree with what Iím speaking now. You knew that I love you very much, and I learned English to read your words in your native language, and I was one time in my life the King Lear in a play.

So let me ask what you're thinking about your famous question: To be or not to be that the problem. The word BE here mean existence, so every thing has existence like stones, trees, water and every thing, so it makes no sense, because itís not complete and you didnít complete it only to make us think about it, and to have the answer, so we can learn something from you by ourselves.

You are the great warrior who spoke much about the people who have power and how we can defeat them by love you taught us the great lesson of love with Romeo and Juliet so like you see, Iím speaking now about the people who have the power in our time, and itís hard time, so please forgive me to reveal the secret.

Yeas to be or not to be as a human being that is the problem. Yeas really itís the problem!!!

And my answer for everybody just be yourself.


Finally I have small message to Saddam, Osama bin Laden and UNHCR:

I know you have power and I have nothing.

You are strong and Iím weak.

You are wealthy and Iím poor.

You are many and Iím alone.

But I have one thing that you donít have, the TRUTH and Iíll keep telling my TRUTH.

You can cut my connection, my fingers, my hands, my tongue, and my head.

You can kill me, but this will not stop me of telling the truth because Iíll be the SPIRIT OF TRUTH, in God's kingdom, and Iíll tell everyone there my truth. If my God put me in the heaven so Iíll tell every one there my truth and when I tell everyone there Iíll ask my God to send me to hell so I can tell everyone there about my truth.


You created me like what Iím now.

You gave me my life and my mind.

You taught me everything that I know.

You inspired me to be a truth warrior.

You are everything, you are the first and the last, you are the beginning and the end


SPIRIT OF TRUTH (After life)







From: "Nethouse" <nethouse@dm.net.lb>
To: <isdhsiohdfdhshjsdkpjaklbhalhjsmolhsahels@hotmail.com>
Subject: You are abusing our internet connection.
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 17:16:37 +0200

Dear Sir,

Please find hereunder one of many complaints that we have received from Geneva because you have been abusing our cable connection to do all sorts of mail spam abuse which we cannot and will not support. Please consider this as the first and final warning from our side. If this kind of behaviour happens again from you or any other user your cable connection will be stopped definitely and for good. Do understand that in doing this kind of mass mailing you are hurting us which means all the cable users and yourself included. Please understand for the final time that this kind of behaviour from your side is not permitted for any reason you might have. We are monitoring your IP if anything like this happens again you will be stopped and your cable connection dismantled for good.

For your sake please comply.


Nethouse Support

Received: from alcor.unicc.org by gwia.unhcr.ch; Sun, 20 Oct 2002 12:16:44 +0200
Received: from SIRIUS.unicc.org (localhost []) by alcor.unicc.org (Switch-2.2.1/Switch-2.2.0) with ESMTP id g9KAGHj31376; Sun, 20 Oct 2002 12:16:17 +0200
Received: from hotmail.com (f50.sea2.hotmail.com []) by SIRIUS.unicc.org (Switch-2.2.1/Switch-2.2.0) with ESMTP id g9KAGCb30639; Sun, 20 Oct 2002 12:16:12 +0200
Received: from mail pickup service by hotmail.com with Microsoft SMTPSVC; Sun, 20 Oct 2002 03:16:07 -0700
Received: from by sea2fd.sea2.hotmail.msn.com with HTTP; Sun, 20 Oct 2002 10:16:07 GMT
X-Originating-IP: []

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*********** BEGIN FORWARDED MESSAGE  ***********

On 10/30/2002 at 11:02 AM Email Support <EMAILSUP@unhcr.ch> wrote:

>Nous avons fait l'objet de plusieurs attaques SPAM repetees provenant
>d'une adresse identifiee comme faisant sans aucun doute possible partie de
>votre service:
>Cette personne a d'une part envoye plusieurs  message calomnieux que vous
>trouverez des exemples joints et d'autre part envoye une serie de
>plusieurs milliers de mesages a travers Yahoo groups.
>Je vous prie de bien vouloir prendre action dans les plus bref delais pour
>faire cesser ces attaques repetees provenant de votre service.
>Dans le cas contraire je me verai contraint de vous signaler aupres des
>autres organes des Nations Unies dont nous sommes agence afin de faire
>immediatement et definitivement  suspendre la livraison de tout message
>provenant de vos services.
>Sinceres salutations
>Stephane Imberton
>Officier Charge des Systemes d'Information
>Haut Commissariat pour les Refugies
>Nations Unies, Geneve.


Translation Results: With AltaVista translator engine


Hello, We were the subject of several repeated attacks Spam coming from an address identifiee like forming without any possible doubt part of your service: This person has on the one hand envoye several message libelous which you will find of the joined examples and on the other hand envoye a series of several thousands of mesages has through Yahoo groups. Please agree to take action within the shortest deadlines to put an end to these repeated attacks coming from your service. In the contrary case I will verai myself constrained to announce you aupres other bodies of the United Nations of which we are agency in order to make immediately and definitively to suspend the delivery of any message coming from your services. Sincere greetings Stephane Imberton Officer Charges of the Information systems Office of the High Commission for Refugies the United Nations, Geneva


To know more about this person who they speaking about please look here: