unheard bitch..version 1.0

sep 6 '05

what am i doing here, why am i typing w/ pretty good spelling, why do i have a pretty pointless site...
dunno. you ask me hun

this site is basically my private diary which isn't really private cause if you can read this than it's damn friggin not private. so what is this anyways?
no one really knows who i am. honestly. what id like to be, who i can be. im just too friggin shy to step up and im too freaked out to suddenly change. ive had some minor bad experiences but I tell ya, once they happen- they happen. and they've all resulted with negative results and those results affect me. some say i'm not at all self-conscious, or depressed but mate, I am. it isn't funny. see how life is already changing? wow. what did I say.

so why would you like to come here. I mean, it's just another friggin gurl bitchin her life out on computer. trust me, this isn't half what I'm like. I used to have a xanguh but everyone in my school is so...not labelish, but like if you change yourself one bit they scream their friggin heads off. wow am I analyzing. so what else? well I usually enjoy posting the regular blinkies/avatars/whatever and ill keep them in my collections right down there. and if you really need to...you can slowly find out who I am. yes i know, it's all private. not cuz i'm scared of someone stalking me, but I just want this...private. because i'm too scared to act like who i want to be. because i'll be a poser or a wanabee. so here goes.

and yes, when i have the time ill post up a bunch of info on a random topic so you can ball yourself and get a good grade. no not copying, just puttin all info from all sites to gether in a big friggin dot point paragraph and let you enjoy w/ the bibliography. yell at me, but nothins gonna change. ill add more stuff later, but now...just gettin started w/ really being me.

pissed w/ my writing? sorry. didn't mean to. but please visit :) its lonely, having friends who dont know shit about me. go to the about me page to find out a bit more, but remember, half is kept private.
gotta go and do humanities :D if any of ya'll know what it is

xoxo unheard gurl

ps. sorry bout the really, REALLY bad layout. it was done in 5 minutes. slightly better ones to come

note:: i am TRYING to put all the links to all sites i borrow from, but if I forget yours and yours is up here: PLEASE PLEASE tell me and i'll go ahead and pop it up. I would never wanna steal, itd just be the love ;)