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Unholy Alliance..For The Honor And The Glory.

Clan Founded: August 21st, 2001. In Memory of BoneYards.

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Twist Won this Award on December 30/2001. Congratulations Unholy Alliance.

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Summoned Warriors

The Unholy Alliance now has two new members. Everyone please welcome BlueHaze and Instructor. BlueHaze was one of the original warriors and Instructor...well...we FINALLY got him! Their emails can be found in my last clan email I sent out approximately two days ago. The Darien Globe is almost done, artmastercorey is working hard on it as well as Spkrman. I cant wait until we see the finished product. Lately, the WarGods have become good friends of ours. They visit the tavern on a daily basis, I'd like you all to journey over there from time to time if you would. Theyre quite entertaining people. The first RPG session was a success! Monx has created himself quite an interesting world, you should all join in. Im proud to announce that not only was the UA a part of this, but the WG joined in as well. It was an honor to host this session. From now on, every Sunday, starting at 9 am central time, we will have scheduled RPG sessions for all to attend. Concerning the Unholy Treasury, Hades has sent in his $12 and Chronos is about to send his in. We still need more warriors to chip in if at all possible. For details about the treasury, consult ICP. ~~ICP