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Disclaimer:   Warning, this site contains VIOLENCE and NUDITY and BLOODSHED and all kinds of other cool shit that is prob'ly inappropriate for any living person, especially little children and easily influenced teenagers with sawed off shotguns and magnum(b)s and such things. Please do not kill anyone and blame it on my site. Killing people is bad. Blaming it on me is even worse. Well, I suppose now that my legal obligation has been fulfilled, we can move on. 

Welcome, my children!

You have just entered my pretty, little head, or at the very least, a shallow representation of it. I hope that you enjoy this site, but if you don't, well, FUCK YOU, YOU COMMUNIST NAZI NECROPHILIAC PEDOPHILE WHITE TRASH KLAN MEMBER HOMOPHOBIC FAGS!  I think that I've just single-handedly created the largest oxymoron in the history of the English language, yet I am strangely unfulfilled. Oh well, it's good for inspiration. I bet that some of you have come to this site expecting high-quality art and witty, intelligently written stories that challenge the ideals of society. I can deliver 50% of that, and shit, that's better than nothing. Well, I suppose I could blab on for eternity about how great my comics are, but I think that it's probably better to let them stand on their own. So without further ado . . .


HOLY SHIT: A 14 page comicbook that, if nothing else, proves my vanity, because it stars my favorite person in the whole goddamn world, ME! In it I must defeat a crazed homicidal reverend if I wish to continue my own existence. 
Filth of an esoteric nature combined with an intrinsical air of filth heaping with the disaproval of all known Republicanz and other Pharisees of the self appointed ruling class narcisists.

The Story of Mild Manor Super heros gone astray

XXX aCtiOn

Featuring BLOODMAN


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Look upon this photo for longer than 60 seconds and these dead people, actual relatives of the author of these unholy doctrines, will thirst for your blood, they are the undead, trapped within this photograph by circumstances which can only be described as pure, unadulterated, 100% pure liquified, concentrated EVIL.