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Mohammed Sameer's Homepage

Welcome all to my homepage.
Here you'll find more information about me, More about my thoughts, interests, Bad and Good times!.
Thanks for passing ;-)
I'm a 22 years male from egypt, I'm proud to be one of the Linux users here in Egypt. I'm also one of the moderators on the Linux-Egypt LUG discussion forum. I'm a C programmer, I always wanted and dreamed to be a programmer till i discovered linux, then the wheel went rolling after.
Actually, I have a lot of projects in my mind, maybe i've started on many but there is only one currently taking all the work.
I also consider Perl One of the wonderful & dirty human creations, That's true about MySQL.
I'm also ready for any custom applications you may need.
If you are more interested check the projects page.
All the HTML code here was written by me, Using my favorite text editor Pico, All the images were created with The Gimp "Are there any?". A final word: I'm still filling gaps here, Check on soon.

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