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Sean's Website       (sad, isn't it?)
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Hey!  My name is Sean, I am currently attending Schoolcraft College.  I also want to thank the person who signed my guest book that told me about google putting this site on their search engine.  He will recieve a gift basket of JuJuBees and Emu eggs in the mail (i cant be held responsible if it gets lost in the mail).  I've got some cool Simpsons and Seinfeld sounds to download if you want.  But eveyone who comes here HAS TO SIGN MY GUEST LIST!!!!!
A little about me, I like video games (a little too much if you ask me),
and music that no one likes.  Thats pretty much it. O- yea, RED WINGS RULE!
Simpsons Sounds
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Seinfeld Sounds
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UNiBRow 4o9
I should say hi to all my friends, all though they are few and far appart, thats ok, they're cool.
Joe, Jesse, Kyle, Eric, DJ, Adam(x2), Dan, Derik, Tim, Justin, Mikey, David, Chris, Gary, Jake, Brandon, Nick, Jeff, Matt, Rob, Brittany, Kenny the Gook, Jery,   everyone else  at R.U. that I may have forgot, Steph, Sammy, Jeff, and Nick, my whole 8th grade class(ahh yes those were the days) and my cousin Courtney (only cause she would get mad if i did't put her in) You guys rule!!  Also, we can't forget my lovely girlfriend Jillian, even if she is a big dork. If I forgot your name, don't be offended.  Just send me an e-mail and I will put you in (that is, if I like you).
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Joe and Justins International House of Prank Calls
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