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Moskalev SAM-7 Sigma
1/72 scale
(plus P/P)

A.S.Moskalev was an outstanding Soviet aircraft designer who created a lot of unconventional projects, many of which were built and successfully flew. The SAM-7 was an extraordinary tailless all-metal aircraft featuring the delta wing with two fins on its edges and a short fuselage with the separate pilot and gunner cockpits. The plane was powered with the M-34 engine (750 hp) cooled by the vapouring radiator in flight. The retractable conventional radiator housed behind the pilot's cockpit was used on low speeds and on take-off. The wooden propeller had four blades. Airplane's armament consisted of four 7.62mm ShKAS machine guns : two above the engine and two flexible - in the gunner's cockpit. The SAM-7 was built in 1934-1935 and was initially tested on the aircraft plant airfield. Despite good characteristics the whole program was cancelled by the VVS in favour of the same delta wing tailless bomber K-12 which entered small series production on the same plant a year later.
SAM-7 "Sigma" data:
Length .........................7 m
Span........................9.46 m
Wing area...............20 sq.m
Take-off weight.........1480 kg

Boxtop art
Model/photo by Miss L.C.Mumford
Parts photo (transparent canopy not shown)
Color guide

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