Welcome. The Unicratic Party was started and registered within Lake County, Indiana as a minor political party. This provides the citizens with a third party option within the Lake County area. The Unicratic Party is an organization led  predominantly by young residents from the city of Gary.
Its primary focus is to address the issues and concerns that have been overlooked within the city of Gary, Indiana.
Also, its focus is to stimulate unity under an agenda to place Gary residents and their development first. The aim of fufilling an objective to develop human beings to their fullest potential is a primary concern.
The following are concepts and programs that are to be implemented by the Unicratic Party for Human Development:

Rebuilding Our Village

Gary 1st

A Voice for the Voiceless

No More Second Class Citizenship

Unity With Purpose

If you wish to have more information, contact us, or attend one of our meetings.
Meeting Schedule:
Public meetings will be held at the Ivy Tech MultiPurpose Room in Gary, 6:30 to 8:00 pm on the following dates:
Our Creed

We believe in the Ideology of Human Development.Our purpose is to aid in the fufillment of human beings to their fullest potential in every aspect of human existence, with submission only to the Creator. Standing firmly on this agenda we are dedicated to the uplifting of those previously and currently victimized from the lack of true Human Development.  We believe that the destiny of mankind should be between them and their Maker and that man's will must be objective and never subjective to the will of another who may profit from this subjective state of mind.
Have you ever wanted to see change in your city but felt that nothing you could do could change it?

Do you wish you had a voice that could be heard and that your opinions and thoughts mattered?

Are you tired of old and new politicians fighting each other and neglecting your best interests?

Are you just fed up and sick and tired of the same political chewed up grass?

Do you trust very little or none of what your current politicians and leaders say?

If yes to any of these questions, time is overdue. The Unicratic Party for Human Development is for you.

Finally a real change is upon us.  You will no longer be denied!
For membership information and registration, call 219.938.9232.

It's time that you be heard!