Thorsteinn's unanswered questions to the leadership of the Unification Church

Note: editor's explanatory comments [in brackets]

Last year after the showing of the infamous 60 minutes programme, Thorsteinn asked the leaders here some very serious questions. He was told that he would get the answers when Mark Bramwell returned from the meeting with Hyun Jin. We are still waiting one year later. As he continued his quest to get these questions answered via the net and members he knew around the world, he was told by the leadership that he should stop causing trouble, repent and just follow RM [Rev. Moon] blindly. He subsequently left the church.

Since then he has continued his quest to find the answers to these questions as several top leaders have publicly stated that they know the answers to these questions but don't have the time to tell the members.

Recently the leader in Iceland said that he welcomed any questions that Thorsteinn had and would try to answer them or get the answers from the Korean NM [national messiah]. The answer he got was "He should repent, rejoin the church and then the answers would be given to him. As a non-member he is not entitled to the answers."

What kind of a way is this to treat the members who have serious questions regarding the central points of their life of faith within the UC [Unification Church]? Most of the information surrounding the topics that Thorsteinn has questions on have been in the public domain for some time now, so why the secrecy? Surely it would be better for the church to "come clean" instead of trying to sweep its dirty laundry under the carpet.

A few of Thorsteinn unanswered questions (some individual members attempted to give their own understanding of the answers but these are private speculation and do not get right down to the bone of the matter):

1) What are the providential reasons surrounding the conception of Sammy Pak [fathered by Sun Myung Moon outside of his marriage to Hakja Han Moon]?

2) Why did father start having children with another woman before giving Hak Ja Han a chance to even finish her first 7 year course [age 17-24, 1960-1967, the first 7 years of their marriage]?

3) Why did father say he had never broken Korean law when in fact he had done so by taking a common law wife Myung Hee Kim when he was still legally married to his first wife?

4) Why is Sammy hidden and not paraded in family pictures like the other "true children" [children of Sun Myung Moon and Hakja Han Moon]? Is he classified as a true child? Are they ashamed of him?

5) Why did father want to personally impregnate the wife of Jesus [a living Korean woman who was Blessed in marriage as the sole, eternal spouse to Jesus by "True Parents," Sun Myung Moon and Hakja Han Moon]?

6) Why was the Kahr gun factory ownership hidden from the worldwide membership?

7) Why does father talk so much about solving world hunger with the ocean providence and the Texas farm when only 13 tons of fish powder have been donated since the providence began 25 years ago -- and nothing from the Texas farm?

8) Where did the Han corporation spring from? Who is in control of it? Why did it go off with the money from the sale of the Texas farm when the members were asked to give money to buy it and be partners in it? (Thorsteinn himself gave approximatly $1000.) Will the members who gave the money for the purchase be reimbursed?

9) What happened to the money donated for the Jung Ju Peace Park? Was the Peace park ever established? If so, where is it?

10) Why are leaders who are known to make the members suffer physically and mentally kept in their position? In case that leader goes in a huff and leaves the church? Meanwhile, the members they are torturing are leaving in droves.

LoVe Pauline

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