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On July 1, 2001, my wife and I took possession of "Mystic," a 36-foot Columbia sloop. The boat was manufactured in 1969 in Costa Mesa. It was purchased at a boat show. I'm not sure of the delivery date. It was sailed around the San Francisco Bay and the Sacramento River Delta by my father-in-law until about 1996, when my brother-in-law took it over. He berthed it in Emeryville for a couple of years.

The boat is practically in original condition. There have been a few modifications, such as added storage spaces, but the electronics, etc., are all 1969 vintage. Many things do not work, such as the relative wind indicator,knotmeter/log, a few lights and the depth finder. We're working on all that and more now. One thing we won't have to replace are the keel bolts, which my brother-in-law replaced at great expense a few years ago, when the boat nearly sank and the keel nearly fell off.

Expenses such as that and the $175 per month marina charge, plus the fact that he rarely used it, led him to turn it over to us.

The first day I owned it, I had to go up the mast while under sail in heavy chop to free a stuck spinnaker halyard. Scary, especially for a powerboater, lubber-type like me.

Now I'm refurbishing it, and all on a public high school teacher's salary.

Contained in this page are various pictures of the boat and the projects I am undertaking related to it.

Also here are scans of brochures and other ephemera related to it. I hope you find it interesting.

Pictures of our 1969 Columbia 36, hull 253


The PO of the Mystic got these brochures at the boat show where he arranged to buy the vessel.

The Columbia Story
 Front Cover  Page Two  Page Three   Page Four    Page Five    Page Six   Page Seven   Back Cover

The Columbia 36

Front Cover  Page Two Page Three  Page Four  Page Five  Page Six Page Seven   Back Page


Atomic Four

Repair Parts List for Universal Atomic Four

This is a link to scans of Form YSM - 2/69, which lists all the repair parts for the A4. It's from 1969, and contains some pictures of old style and new style engines.


Fresh Water Cooling Brochure

The PO considered it as an option, but passed. It's still seawater cooled.

Front Page  Page Two Page Three Page Four

My Rebuilding Project

This is a picture of the 1959 A-4 I bought from a guy up in Yreka recently. That's my brother removing some rust. Here is another, and another. Here's a whole bunch more

Official Atomic Four Photo - This photo was sent to the PO when he had trouble with his oil pressure. Universal had gone to a new set-up which didn't work so well. After complaining to the company, he was sent a new, slightly-larger, pressure control ball. The photo has a note directing his attention to the oil pressure control screw.

complaint letter  Universal's Reply reply to the reply

Atomic Four Spare Parts package

The Columbia Warranty

Front Cover  page two and three page four and five page six and seven  back cover  extra insert on exclusions

The PO complained to Columbia regarding a variety of problems he had with the boat as delivered.

Here's a copy of his letter of complaint (page one, page two), and Columbia's non-reply.

Columbia 36 Standard Equipment list: page one, page two.

These are the original lists from Columbia, circa 1969

Columbia 36 Optional Equipment list and prices: page one, page two

Sailboats Inc. purchase agreement

The Original Cash Register Receipt for the purchase of the boat


A picture Aries Windvane, circa 1969, provided by the maker, Nick Franklin. The vane cost $448 in 1972.

The SeaClos head: page one, page two, page three, page 4

Tillermaster Upgrade page one, page two

Raritan Water Heater: page one, page two, warranty, warranty reverse

Information on the Hillerrange, the alcohol stove/oven on my boat

Racing information, the Columbia 36 class, for the Columbia 28

Water Jacket side plate photo Fuel pump photo

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