.the unifil webring


the unifil webring


welcome to the unifil webring homepage. we've had some problems with our former host, crosswinds.net, and has now moved this page to geocities and redesigned the entire thing. we hope you will find it easy to navigate and that you will find the information you need here.

the unifil webring is a webring for sites containing information on and experiences of unifil (united nations interim forces in lebanon). your entire site need not be dedicated to unifil, but some part of it should be. if you have a part of your homepage dedicated to the unifil and your particular experience of unifil, we hope you will join.

if you have a site already in the unifil webring, you can update or change your info here... due to the server change, you will probably want to log in to get your new customized fragment... it can also be found on this page of codes, but then you need to insert your ring id manually. if you have some html knowledge, this should not be a problem.

for the time being and well into the year 2000, the ring master (kjetil) will be in kosovo serving in the kfor. this is also causing a few minor problems, but for the time being his wife (anja) will be managing the ring. please direct all your questions to her.


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