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Disclaimer:  This site was done purely for my recreation.  If I am offending anyone in any way by displaying copyrighted items, please e-mail me and I will try to resolve it.  Mahalo.

Here you may find numerous pictures or clipart  of the Unicorn.  You may even find some screenshots from the animated movie, "The Last Unicorn".  Click on the thumbnail to see a bigger picture.  These are not my own works so if you use these pictures, please give credit where credit is due.  Artists' names and titles (if they're known) will be shown on the individual pop-up windows.  The horizontal pictures can also be used as wallpapers.  Check back often, you never know what else I might post!


Also, I recently found and restored a unicorn story called "Legend of Misty Valley" I wrote many years ago which can be found on the Library of Legends page.  Additionally, check out my personal Davis and Hawaii Unicorn collections, and my Unicorn Auctions.


It you want to submit a picture that you think should be here, please e-mail it to me or send me the url and I will be happy to post it.


Population:  250



Pictures By Sue Dawe

(She's my favorite artist)











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Screenshots from "The Last Unicorn"














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