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Art is the Language of Soul

Let the Music be Your Guide

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Art is the Language of Soul.

When you want to speak to your Soul, turn to the Arts. Soul expresses itSelf in imagery and metaphors, songs and dreams, myths and fairytales. Its Language is poetry and drama, music and art, dance and movement. Whenever an image visits you, receive it as a dear friend - play and sing with it, dance and move with it. Feed it - and you will be fed!

Expressive Arts Therapy EAT

Guided Imagery and Music GIM

Mythos - Tales of SoulMythos

On the links below you will find some of my expressions and
reflections on Art and Soul. Do you want to share yours?
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Links to some of my reflections on Art and Soul

Myth - Mirror of Soul
Mythos - Tales of Soul
Poiesis - the making of Images in Words

UniKrea is Expressive Arts, GIM and Art Therapy

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