Okay, I went and talked to Anox about the days and hours, it was agreed that BD days should be split. The ratio of days of the week for BM & Uber is 3 - 3. The remainder day of the week is a first come, first serve kind of day. Though, there are alot of strict rules around Tuesday and Fridays.

[ BD schedule for ALL WEEKs (for both Uber & BM) ]

Saturday, Sunday, & Monday = Bunny Mafia's Time to BD
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday = Uber's Time to BD (friday has some conditions because BM BDs on SAT)
Tuesday = First come, First serve (some conditions apply)

[ Conditions for Tuesday ]

1. We must get 10 main characters in BD lair when the BD spawns.
2. No Camping. Camping = 5+ main characters in the BD lair. So, if we "camp" BD, that means the BD goes to BM.

Anyways for tuesday's BD, the Bunnies will announce the time they killed BD on Monday night.

[ Friday Condition to BD ]

Fridays is the weird days because Friday is our day and Saturday is BM's. BD spawns at a 24 HR rate, so if we kill BD too late or into a Saturday, BM can not BD on a Saturday properly. Because Anox was nice enough to put through with me neogotiating a bunch of these things out, lets respect abit so that they can BD properly after us. Anyways, here are the conditions:

1. Uber must announce the time they killed BD on Friday (to AnoxDeath or Crim - leaders of BM), so that BM can BD on Saturday.
2. Must not "kill" BD after 11PM server time (just to ensure that we killed it on a Friday, not Saturday)

That's Basically it, this sounds fair enough. Also, if we start BD on a friday and it goes to a Saturday, we must forfeit our Tuesday's First come, First serve BD day. So make sure, you kill it on a Friday.

[ Other Conditions ]

This condition also applies to BM too.

If we are unable to BD on our scheduled days (For Uber: Wednesday, Thursday, &/or Friday), we will tell the other guild at NOON (12PM) server time that we cant. If we BD regularly, then this should not be a problem. SO LETS BD on those DAYs!

At Noon, server time gives everyone 12HRs to decide and plan out if we are ready or not to BD. Remember if BM cant BD, they will do the same. So this is sortof like "if you scratch my back, ill scratch yours" kind of deal.

[ The End ]

Anyways, these are the rules thus far. There may be some additions or revisions to the rules, so keep checking back to these rules or other posts about BD revisions/corrections.