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September 2009   This old site is closing.

Yahoo Geocities have announced that they will close their service on October 26, 2009. I find that this will be a fime time to close the old pages and only leave the new site. You will find the new site at

Please bookmark the new site.

January 2007   I have started a new site

I have started a new site at www.womeninuniform.eu. The new site will start slowly, but will hopefully expand in time.

2001-03-25 Israel

I have removed the pictures of the Israeli soldiers as my humble protest against Israel's ongoing suppression of the Palestinians.


Contact other people interested in Uniforms

Here are some people interested in contact with others interested in uniforms. Write to any or all of them if you want a dialog.
  • Francis from France. Francis has donated a lot of the military pictures on the site, and I am very greatful for the tremendous work he has done.
  • Oleg from Russia. You can write to Oleg in German or English. Oleg is also a frequent contributor to the site.

    Thanks to a programmer.

    I do not intend to start putting commercials on this site. But I wish to thank a programmer, who freely offers a program which has been very usefull for this site. I'm talking about IrfanView, an image viewer and image processing program. This program allows me to create thumbnails for a whole directory in just a moment.

    Read more about IrfanView here.

    mail You can reach me by e-mail at: uniman@womeninuniform.eu

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