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Statistics are correct up to and including the 2002 British Grand Prix.


The Indianapolis 500 counted towards the World Championship between 1950 and 1960. Most regular Grand Prix drivers never competed in the Indy 500, and most drivers competing in the Indy 500 never competed in any of the Grands Prix. Drivers who competed only in the Indy 500 are indicated by the word "Indy" in brackets, in the Details column. A few Indy drivers did compete in a Grand Prix and they are not indicated as above.


Some drivers only entered one or two races a year, usually the race in their country of origin - for example John Love. He started 9 races between 1962-1972.


Some drivers entered races in Formula 2 machines. For a summary, click here.


Some entries have two values for total points. The value in brackets is the all-time points tally. The value not in brackets is the total number of points that counted towards the final World Championship standings. For example in 1989 Alain Prost finished the season with 81 points, but only 76 of these points counted towards the final standings. So he had to drop 5 points. For a guide on the championship points scoring systems over the years, click here.


In bold is the years in which the driver achieved the statistics shown - for example Ayrton Senna, and this is shown as   1984-1994.

Some drivers are obviously still competing - for example Michael Schumacher, and this is shown as    1991- .

Some drivers are still 'active' but are not racing in the Championship at present - for example Alexander Wurz (currently the McLaren test driver). This is shown as   1997-2000. If a driver races in the Championship again, it will be changed to   1997-



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