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Uninhibited is a band that is exactly that...

The band plays a diverse mix of melodies and harmonies that come together based on influences of such groups as Garbage, Evanescence, Pink Floyd, and Angelfish.

The band is based out of Cleveland's Case Western Reserve University and gains inspiration from Cleveland's infamous rock scene.

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Water Under the Bridge

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Walk Away

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(C) Copyright 2005 by Uninhibited
Jeff Rolka
Band Members: Arya Kumar - Main Keyboardist
See Arya's website for more information

Michael Lipzen - Lead Guitarist
27 and from California (where his girlfriend lives). Currently in his last year of law school. He lives in a world of power chords.

Jess Goldberger - Lyricist/Vocalist
23, law student, Jess(ica) also known as Jes(us) as in the Jessica from the US, lives in an ethnic co-op for graduate students. You may listen to her complain at length on her journal

Email: uninhibitedband@yahoo.com