Union City History

This page is dedicated to the history of Union City and contains a number of history papers on Union City, Washington Township, and the Bay Area. All papers are released under a Creative Commons license so they are free to redistribute.

The Great Earthquake of 1868

This paper covers the details of the 1868 earthquake on the Hayward Fault.

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Air Fields of Washington Township

This paper covers the history of Air Fields in Washington Township from the early days of flying Army surplus Jenny's to the more modern Fremont Airport closed in the 1990's.

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Crash of United Flight 615

United Flight 615, a DC-6 flying from Chicago to Oakland, crashed in the hills in Union City on August 24, 1951. This book will cover the details of the crash, why it happened, who was on the flight, and how it affected the families of the victims.

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Charles S. Eigenbrodt
Alvarado Civil War Hero

Charles Eigenbrodt left his home in Alvarado and joined the Union Army to serve history. After just a year in the field, Charles Eigenbrodt was killed on the battlefield. This paper covers the life of Charles Eigenbrodt, his service to Alameda County, and to his country.

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Union City History Collection

Collection of articles previously published in the Union City Historical Museum newsletter. Articles about the origin of Alvarado, Union City Postmasters, Mutual Aid Societies, Outlook newspaper, and other items of local history.

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Alvarado Boy

A fictional account of living in Alvarado in 1883 throught the eyes of an 8-year old boy. The book has been named “Alvarado Boy” in the same vein as the “American Girl” books

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