We protest the destruction of Union history and farmland.

A Place that destroys its heritage does not deserve to know its history.

"One of the most significant costs of the economic destruction of farm populations is the loss of local memory, local history, and local names.... If the arts and the sciences ever waken from their rapture of academic specialization, they will make themselves at home in places they have helped to spoil, and set about reconstructing histories and remembering names."

Wendell Berry, Life is a Miracle: An Essay Against Modern Superstition, (Washington: Counterpoint, 2000), p. 138.

We have chosen to restore access to this site as it is of benefit to many people. Look at this site and remember that we have only one chance to preserve the past.   Now!

Our Analysis of the Problem: Yankee Imperialism !

Before you enter this site and begin to learn more about the past of this area I would urge you to consider how important it is to preserve and study the area in which you live. In the words of the great Victorian writer, John Ruskin:

". . . think how you have been misled by seeking knowledge far afield, and for vanity's sake, instead of close at home, and for love's sake."

Ruskin, "Yewdale and Its Streamlets," ¶ 21.
Deucalion, (1875-1883) vol. I.

Why is this a Really Bad Plan for Union?

"Where is this going? The place is going to look as bad as Covington when it is over. One more bridge over nothing. Why can't they put a bridge over a creek? At least someone could fish from it."

Miss Martha Lassing Huey

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Union Kentucky History