Seaway Prince

Seaway Prince was built by B.H.P.Company Ltd., Whyalla, South Australia in 1975. Ship was initially registered in Port Adelaide and later changed to Hobart registry. Ownership registered to Union Steam Ship Company of Australia Pty. Ltd., Melbourne,and in 1985 changed to Union SteamShip Co.(U.K.) Ltd. Seaway Prince and her later to be built sister ship Seaway Princess were powered by heavy duty Gas Turbines driving generators which produced electric power for motors directly coupled to each of the twin screw propeller shafts which in turn would produce a service speed of 18 knots. Daily fuel consumption was fairly high at 70 + tons per day but also a fairly cheap commodity at that time. Fuel price escalated over the ensuing years and the ships became uneconomical to run. The ships were eventualy replaced by vessels Seaway Melbourne (formerly Union Lyttleton) and Seaway Hobart (formerly Union Hobart). Seaway Prince and Seaway Princess were laid up at Melbourne on 25 November 1983 and 23 September 1983. On 26 december 1985 Seaway Prince and Seaway Princess were sold to Huang Ta Enterprise Co. Ltd. Taiwan on behalf of Ging Ya Enterprise Co. Ltd. Kaohsiung. Both vessels left Melbourne 3 January 1986 in tandem tow by tug Tiburon 1 arriving at Kaohsiung ship breakers 18 March 1986.

Photo Jim Pyle

Photos of lounge, ship at Melbourne, ship in dock Jim Pyle.

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