a hidden opening

a hidden opening

Walking down one of the many paths in the thick jungle, a certain spot catches your eye. You stop and stare at the long vines and green plants for a moment. You pull back the thick green vines and after a few moments of struggling, you discover a hidden path. Bending down, you study the tracks on the path. Some appear to be cloven hooves while others are those of horses. Getting back up, you decide to follow the tracks.

You start to wonder if the hidden path will ever end. Suddenly, you see a flash of black and grayish-white. You stop and search for the owner of the thing you saw. The birds stop chirping and the animals stop squeaking and chittering. You look around; eyes wide and full of terror of what might be watching you.

A branch twig cracks and the bushes in front of you shake. You hold your breath as a black and grayish-white form steps out. Letting you your breath, you see that it’s a unicorn stallion. You gulp, seeing that he doesn’t look very friendly.


The black and grayish-white pinto unicorn glares at you with dark eyes. You notice a dark red circle around his eyes along with two tan stripes on his cheek. The stallion snorts and tosses his head, sending his black and white mane flying. As he does so, the stallion also reveals a dangling feather from his mane.

”Who are you?! If you are a poacher or a unruly human, then get out or I shall have to show you the way out.” With that last part, the unicorn lowers his head and points his blue horn at you, eyes dancing with fire.

"" you step back after whispering your name.

Suddenly, the pantheress Brook steps out. She doesn’t look too happy either.

”Now, now Battlecry, won’t hurt the herd. I know you're being protective but won’t you let give you a good excuse?” Brook flutters her silver wings and glares at the pinto stallion. The stallion, Battlecry, seems to sigh and then he turns to you.

”I am sorry, human.” Battlecry says the word ‘human’ using a hard and harsh voice.

”Ahem” Brook shoots a glare at Battlecry.

”Sorry Brook.” Battlecry says quietly. You look from Brook to battlecry, wondering what to do or say.

”Ah yes, This is Battlecry as you see. He is an Indian War Unicorn. Indian War Unicorn’s were made to fight but they really don’t unless if it necessary. Come and follow us to learn more about them and to see the herd. Or mabey even adopt one yourself.” Brook begins to walk on the trail and Battlecry follows her. You wait before you decide what to do.

Follow Them

You could leave and go to the right or mabey to the left. Looking up you see a dark figure in the sky. Off in the distance, you see some mountians.