Gryphon Mountian

You walk to a huge mountain and look up. You sigh because you don't want to climb that. Suddenly, blue Taroth glides down beside you.

K'vin smiles at you. "I take it you would like a ride?" You nod happily. "Climb aboard the Taroth Express. Fastest dragon of all!..."

..and the most handsomest

You laugh and K'vin helps you up onto the great dragon. With a powerful leap Taroth spreads his wings and flaps hard. You hold on tight to K'vin and look down at the ground swirling beneath you get smaller and smaller.

Taroth reaches the top and lands. You hop off and wave goodbye as they leave. Almost forgetting, you shout Thank You and Taroth winks at you. Turning around you look around.

You see a black figure moving toward you. You see that it's a gryphon.

"Hello! I'm Talon. This is Gryphon Mountian, home of the gryphons. There are two other gryphons here. High Flyer (you'll meet him soon), and Diver, a rare rainbow gryphon. Let me show you around"

The black gryphon walks across the grass and onto cement. The clicking of Talon's claws sends a shiver down your spine. Talon seems to notice.

"It's ok, no one's going to eat you." You sigh from relief.

"This is the lake that we like to swim in. It has a plenty supply of fish. Are you hungry? Would you like some?" You shake your head no.

"Oh. I like to fly in the sky. It's fun. Below are my stats. When your done reading them I'll let you meet High Flyer."


Name: Talon

Color: Black

Mother: n/a

Father: n/a

From: Gryphon Adoptions

Siblings: a lot

Gender: female

You finish reading them and Talon leads you on.

Talon leads you on and you see a large brown gryphon sun bathing. It stands up and walks toward you. You decide this must be High Flyer.

"Hello traveler! I'm High Flyer. I live here at Gryphon moutntain as you can see. I came from here. I must go back to my sun bathing now. thanks for coming!

As Talon leads you on, a gryphon swoops down and sits on a rock. It expands it's wings and you gasp. The whole gryphon is rainbow colors! Diver smiles at you.

"I see that you enjoy my colors eh? Well I just came down to say hello. I haven't eaten yet and I'm rather hungry. Good bye!"

The gryphon jumps off of the rock and gracfully glides away.


Name: Diver

Age: egg

Colour: Rainbow

Gender: Male

Mother: Queen Zhaneel

Father: King Skan

Mate: None but looking!

Young: None

From: Gryphon Adoptions

You finish looking around here and you climb on talon's back. She soars down and lands.

"Goodbye visitor and thanks for coming! Bye!" Talon spreads her wings and floats back up and over the edge where she disappears. You leave.

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