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I would like to introduce you my to Photo Studio, where you can find your Photo needs, from Restorations, to Background Changes, to Unique Custom Background Effects. Makes very unique Christmas  cards for the Holidays..Below you will find samples of my work. 
Please feel free to browse.
As you see there is no need to keep your precious Photo's hidden away in an old box.
Restore them and display them for family and friends to see. They will be amazed at the Unique Expressions of your old Photo's.
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Craft Expressions By Marlene
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L. D. Hatfield contractor & Designer
Healing Stream Ministries Web Page
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I hope you enjoyed my gallery they will be more coming soon so come back....
Caring About People Arlene Sunlite ministries
God Today Ministries Cherly Curtis
Yes from sitting in Jesus lap to being held in the arms of the Master... comforting to know your children are always in his arms. no Matter where they are at.
Maybe you just want a change of scenry to bring a diffrent  Unique touch to your photo.
You just want to remove someone or some thing from your picture or even add and item.. you decide, and we'll work together to create the photo you desire.
Kids In Need Of Prayer
My Heart desire has been toward the Lord, and doing something that would be comfort and joy to others.. I could not  think of any other way to bring joy then to have your children put into a photo with Jesus, a Keepsake that would last from generation to generations. I have a few sample of  the  work God has allowed me to do. Most of these are my family members, and My Son Justin who is founder of Kids In Need Of Prayer Ministry.
Justin desires to be a Minister of the Gospel so what more fitting then to have him with Jesus feeding the sheep...
Here we have that preicous moment they can share with Jesus and the things He  Made...
We also have the older kids , for no matter what age we need to know that their are in the hands of the  Master...
Even the adults can sit with Jesus have that talk with Him daily..
My Name is Mary and this is the talent the Lord has given me and I would like to share with others...
Jesus said He would make us fishers Of man,  Here Justin's leraning from the Master
We all need that time with Jesus alone in our own personal garden...
How long do you sreach for the right Christmas card to send to family and friends, to let them know just how you feel about Christmas ? Well send them something with the true meaning Of Christmas, a card  that shows Jesus is the true meaning of Christmas....