Now a New convenient way to help put out the word about your "Special" Stud dog or Brood bitch.

Unique K9 Designs does all the hard work for you, by putting together a comprehensive binder showing off your Stud dog or Brood bitch.

The binder includes:

A 5 generation Pedigree, health information (OFA, CERF, and other testing), Show Record, Show photos--including an age progression from puppy class to the beautiful animal they are today. And photos of the studs/bitches your dog was bred to and including the show potential pups they have produced.

What prospective stud/bitch owner wouldn't want to see what your dog has produced in the past, along with proof of those pre-breeding tests?

And what better way to show off your dog?

Included with the binder are 25 Tri-Fold flyers that you can hand out to prospective stud/bitch owners. These include a 3 generation pedigree, a brief synopsis of your dogs show career or highlights and 2 or 3 small photos of your dog. As well as your contact information. These are excellent tools to 'give out' to those that may be interested in using your Stud dog, or for bitch owners---a way to tell that Stud dog owner/ or bitch owner  what your dog has produced in the past, and to show off those potential show puppies just starting out or even finished get. (Flyers may be purchased separately.)

Unique K9 Designs ...Unique Stuff for Unique Dog Owners

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Unique K9 Designs also creates websites, if you would like to receive a quote from us about a website you have in mind, we recommend that you:

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  • Consider whether commercial banners (pop ups) from a host will detract from your site or message. If so, does your ISP include web space with their connection package? What type sites are allowed?

  • Do you have or will you want a domain name?

  • Are you prepared? Do you have your text ready, graphics on disk or CD online?

  • Do you need maintenance? Will you take over maintaining the site once done?

When or if  you have a 'plan' in mind, we'd love to be considered for your design needs. You may e-mail us or call 480-985-9260 Monday through Friday 9AM - 8PM and Saturdays 9AM-2PM MST or FAX: 480-985-2961.

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